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Chapter 289: Not worthy of death
    “However, that man is definitely not so simple… after all, that bastard has the physique of an immortal spirit, haha… if the living body of the immortal spirit is refined into an elixir, it can make my Master ascend in a flash. Say, if this news is spread out, who in the Yanwu Continent wouldn’t want to have this pair of mother and child… in the future, would they still have a place to call home?”
    When he said those words, Enforcer Li could finally feel the man’s mood fluctuate.
    This is the time!
    An ominous glint flashes in his eyes, and he jerks a hand.
    Thick black smoke suddenly puffs out.
    The thick smoke rises up in spirals and touches the door frame, as well as the floor and furniture next to it.
    The room unexpectedly makes an awful creaking sound.
    Simply making contact with this smoke makes the furniture in the room begin to melt.
    This infers that the smoke’s toxicity is very strong.
    Enforcer Li feels the constriction on his neck move and loosen, and he immediately takes a step back.
    Bursting out in loud laughter: “How is it, the Bone Rotting Powder that Master refined with his own hands, it tastes very good, right! Hahahaha… this is extremely poisonous, it can even corrode the body of a Precelestial expert… agh–!!!”
    The arrogant laughter quickly turns into a shrill, panicked screech.
    Enforcer Li’s entire body uncontrollably flies back, and heavily hits the wall.
    After hitting the wall however, he doesn’t fall down, but firmly sticks there instead.
    That’s because there are countless, long steels nails on his limbs, the shoulders and upper body.
    Blood oozes down the steel nails, quickly drenching his clothes.
    The severe pain is making Enforcer Li wish that he could pass out soon.
    Then, he sees two figures appear within the thick smoke, slowly walking out of it.
    That smoke is undoubtedly highly toxic and corrosive, but the pair doesn’t have the smallest bit of reaction when it touches them.
   With each step, the thick smoke even yields to the sides by itself, like a fearful surrender.
   Enforcer Li could finally take a clear look at the appearance of the man in the front.
    A beautiful face that could drive any woman crazy.
    Every inch of that tall figure has perfect curvatures, and power that could make men cough out blood.
    However, the most astonishing aspect about him still isn’t his appearance, but his temperament.
    Grace, nobility, the disdainful sidelong glance, a monarch that overlooks all lands under the heavens!
    When did such a man appear in Yanwu Continent?
    Why has he never encountered him before?
    “You… who are you? Why do you want… want to kill me? You know who I am… kill me… and my Master won’t let you off…”
    A streak of cold light, and Enforcer Li only feels a sharp pain in his tongue, then he could no longer speak.
    Soon after, he sees that man lift up his eyes, sending him a glance.
    One glimpse, but it’s chilling to the extreme, like the other is watching a disgusting insect.
    “You’ve hurt her, so you… are not worthy of death!”
    Taking advantage of the cover of night, Muyan quickly arrives at Enforcer Li’s residence.
    As soon as she reaches the door however, she could feel that something is wrong.
    A thick, fishy smell assaults her senses.
    It’s even accompanied by a man’s low and broken moans, the sound is filled with suffering and despair. Struggle as he might, he can’t break free.
    Pushing the door open,
    Despite Muyan’s usual calm, she can’t quite come back to her wits as she sees the scene before her eyes.
    What kind of ghost is that ball of meat that’s pinned to the wall?
    Sensing it’s breath, it seems to be Enforcer Li.
    However, how could he turn into this ghost-like appearance?
    From a distance, it’s only a lump that’s dripping with blood. The eyes, nose, and mouth are all gone, but he can still produce pained moans.

EMHS – ch277

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T/N: Ru Yan calls Yan Haotian a lump of “stone”. Muyan calls him a lump of “wood”
Chapter 277: A decade of dedicating one’s life
    With a soft sigh, Muyan says: “Are you really willing to disappear from my brother forever?”
    Fang Jingya nods without any hesitation, “I would be willing to never touch deep affection in this life, as to silently watch Shen-brother’s happiness from a distance would be enough for me.”
    “You’ve made up your mind? You won’t go back on it?”
    “I swear on my life that I won’t regret it!”
    The emotions in Muyan’s eyes slowly converge, turning into solemness. With a low voice: “Fang Jingya, I can help you kill Deng Hongfeng and take revenge for you; I can also give you enough power so that, with your own hands, you can protect that which you want to protect.”
    “The condition would be that you would dedicate your life to me for ten years. Do you consent?”
    Fang Jingya snaps her eyes wide open, and she couldn’t come back to herself for quite a while, “You… are you saying that you’ll let me dedicate my life to you?”
    “Are you unwilling?”
    “No! No! I am willing!” with a grunt, Fang Jingya rolls down from the bed, sinking to her knees on the floor, “I am willing to serve and have you as my Master! From now on, Fang Jinya’s life is yours!”
    What is ten or twenty years, even for a lifetime… these days, just how many people in Tianyuan City would be delighted to serve Muyan?
    Not for anything else, but for her reputation as the Enchantress of Medicine!
    Only for her art of healing that could regenerate flesh and bones!
    Fang Jingya, she who has no virtue nor ability, without even the strength to truss a chicken, but riddled with scars, and completely without innocence – but this woman before her eyes is willing to take her in.
    If she’s unwilling, then she is really foolish.
    Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile: “What would I assign you to do? But first, there’s some ugly things to say before anything else.”
    “For those who serve me, they must have enough skills, enough willpower, and pass my evaluation. If you cannot succeed, it won’t matter if you have any relationship with my brother, as I’ll have you leave immediately!”
    Hearing Muyan’s seemingly pitiless conditions,
    Fang Jingya’s eyes are even brighter.
    That’s because this time, she believes that Muyan isn’t pitying her, but she genuinely wants to treat her as a subordinate and cultivate her.
    For the current Fang Jingya, she has practically lost her goals and desire to keep on living.
    But now, Muyan has given her a new purpose once again.
    Become stronger, and for a lifetime, protect the man she is grateful towards.
    Even if one day, you would get married and have children; even if one day, you would have a crowd of descendants – I wish to silently watch you in the dark, guard and protect your happiness until the end of your life.
    Muyan has someone call for Ru Yan. Soon after, she points to Fang Jingya and says: “I’ll hand this person over to you for training.”
    Ru Yan is stumped, not understanding her Master’s intentions.
    She just listens to Muyan continue: “I will give you three month’s time. It doesn’t matter if you search the Ghost City or recruit outside, after three months, I want you to establish a unit with as many people as the Ink Camp.”
    As soon as Ru Yan hears that, her eyes lights up, “What Miss means is that I can also organize a group of experts like the Yan-stone? That’s great, I will go back inside the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku to pick some people!”
    Indeed, she has been jealous of Yan Haotian for quite a while.
     Her strength is clearly no worse than Yan Haotian, but he has the Ink Camp in his hands, and she can only manage the store.
    It should be known that each and every one of the people in the Ink Camp seem like they want to pull the heavens.
    Except for the Miss, the young Master, and that lump of stone, Yan Haotian – they don’t put anyone else in their eyes.
    Those people can’t do much individually, but as it happens, their strength is quite frightening when they move as a group.
    Plus, after entering Tianyuan City, Yan Haotian has been continuing to strengthen the Ink Camp as per Muyan’s orders.
    This really makes her envious, really jealous.
    “No, you’re mistaken.”

EMHS – ch276

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Chapter 276: Implore
    It is solely the marks of inhumane abuse on a woman’s body that puts a dense frost in Muyan eyes, creating a freezing air of death.
    She takes a deep breath, slowly asking: “Who did these to you? Zhao Chunming?”
    If that animal Zhao Chunming did these,
    Then big brother’s final punishment to him was really too light.
    Fang Jingya doesn’t shy away to cover her ugly, dirty, and scarred body. She just shakes her head in distress, “It wasn’t Zhao Chunming. He likes to hit me, and burn me with a candle… but…”
    “It was the godfather that he sent me to, he was the one that used such crazed cruelty to abuse me. The Xuan Medical Pavilion’s great elder, Deng Hongfeng!”
    Muyan’s pupils slightly contract.
    Then she listens to Fang Jingya continue: “Deng Hongfeng likes to forcefully seize women, but not a lot of people know that he… he can’t get it up at all… and because he can’t, he would use all kinds of cruel ways to abuse women so he could give vent to his perverted desires.”
    As she speaks, her tears can’t help but slip out from the corners of her eyes.
    “At the beginning, I still wanted to resist, but the outcome of that resistance is only an incrementally worse misery each time… as a matter of fact, I’ve long thought of ending my life… clearly so filthy, why haven’t I ended myself yet?”
    “Now ending up in such a plight, isn’t all of this just what I’ve brought upon myself?”
    Muyan takes some clothes at the side and securely wraps it around the other.
    Her normally lazy voice has a rare gentleness, “Suicide is the most cowardly way to escape. Don’t cry, I can cure you of your body’s injuries.”
    Fang Jingya lifts up her watery eyes. Her gaze wells up with profound gratefulness as she looks at Muyan, “Miss Jun, thank you, thank you for not disdaining my filthy self, you’re even willing to make a promise to help me. But…”
    She slowly closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath.
    When she opens them again, what remains in the depths of her eyes is only a detached resolve, “But I don’t need to be cured, I only want to leave, leave Tianyuan City forever and disappear from Shen-brother. Miss Jun, can you promise me that?”
    Muyan stares blankly, “Why?”
    Fang Jingya’s tears fall from her eyes, one drop after another, the sorrow, grief, shame and distress – all of them intertwine to turn into despair, “When big brother Shen was facing his greatest hardship, I chose to abandon him and leave.”
    “It’s my fault that I ended up in this condition, but Shen-brother was still ready to disregard everything and save me.”
   “So much so that, for the purpose of righteousness and justice, for the affections of our past, for my current misfortune and distress – he may even ask to marry me.”
    “But how can I marry big brother Shen? To say nothing of Shen-brother not really having any romantic feelings towards me, even if he does, I would still be completely unworthy of him now.”
    The more she speaks, the more her tears flow like a broken dam, she speaks haltingly as she chokes with sobs.
    “My body is already so dirty, and you’re clearer about it than anyone else, that under the ravages of those two animals – Deng Hongfeng and Zhao Chunming – I have forever lost the chance to become a mother. The way I am, how can I be worthy to stand by Shen-brother’s side?”
    “He is so good, so good as he is… he deserves the best and most outstanding girl to be his wife.”
    Fang Jingya takes Muyan’s hand. Her tears a flood, but there is decisiveness in her eyes, without any cowering or hesitation.
    “Miss Jun, I beg you to send me away from Tianyuan City. No matter where I go, it wouldn’t matter if I live and perish on my own, just… just don’t let me stay by Shen-brother’s side.”

EMHS – ch255

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Chapter 255: Sabotage
    Hearing that, the murderous intent on Deng Hongfeng finally retreats.
    His pair of hawk eyes slightly narrow, showing a sinister gleam, “What you mean to say is, if you use Fang Jingya as bait, you could surely pull Shen Jinglin out?”
    “Yes! Yes!” Zhao Chunming nods again and again, “Godfather should rest assured. No matter which scoundrel or slut had offended you, Chunming would definitely give vent for your anger!”
    In reality, Muyan has long since noticed Zhao Chunming and Deng Hongfeng’s eyes.
    They’re just a pair of jumping clowns, and she simply doesn’t attach much importance to them.
    However, there is something that makes Muyan feel strange.
    It’s because she could always feel a scorching and extremely aggressive gaze watching her attentively.
    Occasionally, it would even sweep past Xiao Bao in her arms.
    And when she leans close to Shen Jinglin, that scorching gaze- 
    …becomes as cold as Arctic ice.
    It could simply freeze people down to the bones.
    Muyan operates her Internal Force, raising her whole body’s perception to the limits.
    She wants to locate the source of this gaze, but unfortunately, she can’t find anything.
    She can only knit her brows because of this.
    “Niangqin?” seemingly feeling her unease, Xiao Bao whispers softly, an inquisitive tone in his voice.
    Muyan immediately responds, “It’s nothing, niangqin was just thinking about the drugstore.”
    She originally wanted to continue the Junji Drugstore in Tianyuan City.
    However, the examination and approval of medical centers and the like, is very troublesome in Tianyuan City. It could even take about a year.
    “Miss.” at the side, Feng Haitang starts to talk, “Actually, as long as there’s a Doctor Seal from the Xuan Medical Pavilion, you can directly open a medical center in Tianyuan City.”
    “Oh? So it’s like that?” Muyan raises her brows in surprise, “Opening a medical center is pretty good too. Then let’s go and take a look at the location that you and Haotian chose.”
    In her mind: Fortunately, when she left the Xuan Medical Pavilion earlier, she didn’t immediately lose that troublesome seal and emblem.
    The store front location that Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang chose is really pretty good.
    This is a street filled with medical centers and pharmacies. People who want get medical treatment, or purchase medicine, often come and go.
    And there’s even a courtyard behind the shop.
    The area of the courtyard is five times bigger than their drugstore in Xia’an.
    Even when the dozen or so people from the Ink Camp are placed in there, they would probably just take up less than a tenth of the space.
    At once, Muyan gets someone to hang up a sign that says “Junji Medical Center”.
    Ru Yan and Old Tao would still be in charge of running the shop.
    However, they can’t do something like practice medicine, so Muyan has Old Tao thinking of a way to recruit a few doctors that could sit there.
    Muyan herself doesn’t spend a lot of money, but she needs a large amount of it to support and strengthen the Ink Camp.
    That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to operate a medical center and pharmacy.
    However, three days has passed.
    Old Tao has an ashamed and uneasy face as he kneels in front of Muyan, “Miss, Old Tao had been incompetent, will you punish Old Tao?”
    “Why?” Muyan quirks an eyebrow, “You can’t recruit a doctor to sit on the hall?”
    That would be virtually impossible.
    On account of the fact that Tianyuan City has the Xuan Medical Pavilion, it has the highest amount of Primary Doctors in the entire Chi Yan Country.
    Just a doctor for the hall, how can you fail to recruit one, when you’ve set up a high offer?
    Old Tao creases his brows and says: “There’s someone sabotaging our Junji Medical Center. I heard people giving out news, saying that a very high-ranking elder in Xuan Medical Pavilion had given an order: No doctor can work in our Junji Medical Center*, no patient can receive our treatment, otherwise… otherwise… those doctors wouldn’t be able to mingle in Tianyuan, and those patients would no longer be received by Tianyuan City’s largest medical hall, Hongfeng Medical Center.”

EMHS – ch254

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Chapter 254: Godfather
    Xiao Bao flattens his mouth in displeasure. Before, every time niangqin appears, the first one that she sees would definitely be Xiao Bao.
    But now, she only cares about uncle.
    Muyan bends down to pick Xiao Bao up, and kisses him on both cheeks, “Baby, I’ve made you wait for a long time, did you miss nianqin?”
    Without waiting for Xiao Bao to respond, Muyan continues to say: “Niangqin missed Xiao Bao.”
    Xiao Bao’s little temper is immediately calmed down by Muyan’s words.
    The tiny face is bright red, and it’s a good while before he tilts his head and gives an almost imperceptible nod, “Missed!”
    It’s only a few hours that they couldn’t see each other, however, Xiao Bao really missed niangqin!
    Muyan’s party cheerfully go back.
    Just after these few people have walked some distance away, not far from them, there’s someone headed towards the Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    But this person stops by the entrance, and turns to look at their backs – or more specifically – towards Shen Jinglin’s retreating figure. He shows a suspicious expression.
    Zhao Chunming has a gloomy face as he stares at him, then he can’t help but look at Shen Jinglin’s side, towards the girl who doesn’t look like a mortal.
    Shen Jinglin, this waste, when did he have such a beautiful girl by his side?
    He faintly heard that girl calling Shen Jinglin “brother”.
    But he clearly remembers that Shen Xiaoru isn’t like this.
    Just as he’s thinking that, Zhao Chunming suddenly hears a sharp voice from his side, “Do you know that slut, Jun Muyan?”
    Zhao Chunming abruptly returns to his senses.
    When he realizes just who is standing by his side, he promptly reveals a respectful expression, “Godfather, why have you come out?”
    Before him is a man with hawk-like eyes and a horse-like face, slippery and beardless – Deng Hongfeng.
    Zhao Chunming has a fawning look as he says: “Godfather, I’ve come wanting to ask you if you want to come over tonight? Jingya has already been dressed up at home, waiting to entertain you.”
    Usually, as long as Deng Hongfeng hears him say this,
    He would immediately show an eager expression.
    As long as Zhao Chunming offers his wife, Fang Jingya, for an evening,
    The next day, he would be able to reap great benefits from this godfather’s hands.
    Afterall, this godfather is the Godly Doctor Qian Qing’s disciple, as well as the highest person in charge of Tianyuan’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    Any little thing that spills out from his hand is enough for Zhao Chunming to have a meteoric rise.
    As for Fang Jingya, after she has been tormented by Deng Hongfeng for a night – how worn and miserable she would be, it’s spectacle too horrible to endure.
    Zhao Chunming simply doesn’t care about this at all.
    Since Fang Jingya is his woman, isn’t it as it should be by rights, that she makes some sacrifices for his future prospects?
    However, Deng Hongfeng is very strange today.
    Rather than showing an eager look, he has a fierce and gloomy expression across his whole face instead. He fixes his glare on Zhao Chunming, “I asked you, do you know Jun Muyan?!”
    Zhao Chunming trembles under his stare.
    He immediately tries hard to recall the name Jun Muyan.
    It really sounds familiar, but he can’t remember anything at all.
    “God… godfather… I don’t know what… what Jun Muyan?”
    Deng Hongfeng’s eyes becomes gloomier and colder, “Then why were you staring at her just a moment ago? Speak, did you tell that slut about my secret?!”
    As he’s saying this, Deng Hongfeng’s eyes are filled with a murderous intent.
    Zhao Chunming is so frightened that he’s shaking from head to foot. He’s dripping with cold sweat, and he plops down to the ground.
    Seeing that Deng Hongfeng is about to kill him, he suddenly comes back to himself, “I, I don’t know that woman, but I… I know her brother, that man next to her. His name is Shen Jinglin, he used to travel with me and Jingya to gain experience, he… he still often fools around with Jingya… godfather, if they’ve offended you, as long as… a long as we let Jingya go and lure him, he definitely won’t be able to die a good death!”

EMHS – ch253

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Chapter 253: Doesn’t want Xiao Bao with Uncle around
    “Furthermore, in order to treat this problem, this man had taken all kinds of medications for many years. The acupuncture treatment not only failed to cure it’s underlying cause, on the contrary… it made his body hair fall off, preventing them from growing.”
    “The face is smooth and beardless, just like palace eunuchs that had been castrated.”
    Deng Hongfeng’s entire body is trembling.
    He could feel that the gazes of everyone in the room are gathered on him.
    The ridicule, contempt, surprise, and disgust in those eyes – they’re all making his scalp blow up.
    Now he really regrets it, regrets that he cannot go back to earlier!
    He would have rather let Muyan obtain the title of a Senior Doctor, as well as the rare herbs. He would’ve also never let his unmentionable illness be exposed to others.
    The smile on the corners of Muyan’s mouth couldn’t help but deepen, and she slowly waves around the Senior Doctor emblem.
    “Dr. Deng, do you want to know who this ninth patient is? Or maybe I should give more clues so Dr. Deng can guess this man’s identity.”
    Deng Hongfeng grits his teeth, forcibly squeezing out the words from his mouth: “No! Need!”
    “That’s to say, I’m now a Senior Doctor of Xuan Medical Pavilion?”
    Muyan turns her eyes towards the old man, “Since even Dr. Deng has recognized my status as a Senior Doctor, may I ask if you can give me the Dragon Bone Grass and the Smelted Marrow Flower?”
    Not long after that, Muyan contentedly leaves with an ample amount of Dragon Bone Grass and Smelted Marrow Flower.
    Deng Hongfeng glares at direction of her departing figure. There’s hostility and murderous intent in his eyes, like a tide surging violently, almost overflowing.
    Jun Muyan, wait for me!
    Daring to play with me like this, not only will I never let you mingle with the community of doctors in Tianyuan City-!
    Neither will let you have a good death!
    Outside Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    Shen Jinglin anxiously limps back and forth, trying to peer inside from time to time. 
    And in stark contrast to his frantic and impatient appearance, there’s Feng Haitang’s poise, and Xiao Bao’s indifferent calm.
    Until he could see that Shen Jinglin’s limp is getting worse and worse because of walking around too much.
    Xiao Bao just opens his mouth to talk with a level tone: “Uncle, don’t walk around.”
    The pacing is making him dizzy.
    Having a four-year-old child “teach” him with a commanding tone, Shen Jinglin doesn’t have the slightest bit of annoyance.
    Instead, he gives a hollow laugh and does halt his steps, “Alright, uncle won’t walk around anymore.”
    “It’s just, how come your nianqin isn’t out yet? The Senior Doctor’s Assessment shouldn’t have any danger…”
    Before he could finish his words, his eyes suddenly catches sight of the figure walking out from the door.
    All of a sudden, Shen Jinglin couldn’t think about his leg injury, and he scuttles over, “Yanyan, you’ve finally come out. Why did it take so long? Was there any danger during the exam? Did you get injured?”
    Muyan chuckles, and helps up her teetering brother, “Just a little Doctor’s Assessment, how could I possible be injured?”
    She flips her wrists over, a bunch of Dragon Bone Grass and another bunch of Smelted Marrow Flower appears on her palms, “Brother, see what these are?”
    Shen Jingling suddenly opens his eyes wide, his breathing becomes hurried and shallow.
    Even if he doesn’t know what these two herbs are, he could still feel the powerful Internal Force contained within them.
    “These are… so Yayan could treat me…”
    “That’s right!” Muyan’s brows and eyes bend upwards, having a rare bit of childishness, “Since I’ve already been talking big, saying that I’ll cure big brother’s leg, I naturally can’t eat my own words!”
    Moved, the rims of Shen Jinglin’s eyes redden, and just as he’s about to say something,
    He sees a very small figure ram against Muyan and break into her embrace, small stubby hands clutching and hugging her thighs.
    The exquisite and elegant little face still doesn’t have any expression, but there’s a hint of grievance visible within those ice-blue irises.
    Niangqin has uncle and doesn’t want Xiao Bao.

EMHS – ch252

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Chapter 252: So-called ED
    “Yeah!” Muyan very readily admits to it, “Don’t tell me that it’s not allowed? Or are the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s stipulations merely written for show?”
    “No, please give us a moment!” the old man turns to Zhang Mingkun, “Take the girl’s seal and retrieve all the Dragon Bone Grass and Smelted Marrow Flower from the Herb Warehouse.”
    “Hold on! Who allowed you to sell her rare herbs!”
    Deng Hongfeng’s agitated voice suddenly interjects.
    An indignant flame burns in his eyes, pointing and raining curses on Muyan: “Slut, don’t think that you can swindle rare herbs from our Xuan Medical Pavilion. I now suspect that you’ve cheated in the Senior Doctor’s Assessment, the outcome of the assessment earlier is invalid!”
    “Don’t think you’re so great just because you diagnosed what Ghost Thorn, slut, you must have an colluded with someone to cheat. It’s you, isn’t it, Zhang Mingkun. Weren’t you seduced by this little slut, so you speak out to help her over and over again?”
    “You, you shouldn’t fabricate stories to slander others!!” Zhang Mingkun is shaking out of anger, his face swells and turns purple.
    Deng Hongfeng is immensely proud of himself as he says: “I exposed you so you fly into a rage out of humiliation? Humph, I thought that there’s something queer about today’s matters. Apparently, everything was just a scheme by you two adulterers. You slut, without any real skill or knowledge…”
    Muyan sighs softly, her gorgeous face revealing a helpless expression.
    But in those glimmering peach blossom eyes, there’s a sharp chill, “At first, I really didn’t want to talk about the illness of the ninth patient in this room. But since Dr. Deng thinks that I don’t have real ability and learning, then I see that I should still demonstrate… exactly that.”
    “What? Ninth patient?”
    “Is there still a ninth patient somewhere?”
    Ten people were used as specimens for the examination, and there were supposed to be three among them that aren’t sick, while the other seven are sick.
    Since Muyan later detected that patient no.9 has Ghost Thorn, isn’t it reasonable to say that there are only eight patients?
    Where is the ninth one?
    Muyan’s lovely eyes looks Deng Hongfeng up and down.
    A languid, evil, and arrogant breath seems to appear on her body, making people both eager and fearful.
    “This person is sick. The name of the illness is Erectile Dysfunction. The so-called ED, also known as impotence, the illness is the inability of a man to keep an erection…”
    Hearing Muyan’s words, someone couldn’t help spray out a mouthful of tea.
    It’s unexpectedly this kind of illness!
    There’s also some people with sluggish faces. Soon after, they steal glances left and right, apparently wanting to find the man who has this kind of dysfunction.
    And it’s like a basin of cold water is pouring down Deng Hongfeng’s head. His complexion turns from red to green, from green to purple, and from purple to white.
    At this very moment, there’s only one thought in his mind.
    How does she know?
    How could she possibly know?!
    Then, what Muyan says next further alarms him, that he almost jumps up screaming.
    “Dr. Deng, do you need me to say who is this person with ED, so I can prove my ability?”
    With this statement, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but gather on Deng Hongfeng.
    Cold sweat is pouring down Deng Hongfeng’s forehead, but he puts on a bold face and says: “You, you stop talking nonsense, alarmist talk…”
    “Oh? Dr. Deng is still unconvinced?”
    Muyan laughs once more, her laughter is like a wind-chime of purple cowries blown by the wind, inexplicably sweet-sounding and pleasant to hear, “Then I’ll add a little more.”
    “This person is temperamental as a result of having ED for many years, and he likes to amuse himself by abusing the opposite sex.”

EMHS – ch243

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Chapter 243: Senior Doctor? Wrote it wrong!
    Shen Jinglin takes two steps, wanting to catch up them. However, he ultimately stops in his stride.
    The hands hanging by his side clench firmly into fists.
    After Shen Jinglin came back, Muyan finds that he looks low-spirited and unhappy.
    She asks him what happened, but he refuses to say.
    The strangest thing would be that Shen Jinglin brought some red bean cakes for her, but they’ve been squished and crumbled.
    This really looks like an outcome that’s caused by getting attacked by someone.
    “Brother, did someone bully you?” Muyan slightly lowers her gaze.
    Shen Jinglin stares blankly for a moment, then he shakes his head and responds with a non sequitur.
    “Yanyan, can big brother’s leg really be cured?”
    Muyan has a faint smile as she gets up, saying: “Brother, I’ll go take you somewhere.”
    Shen Jingling: “???”
    Muyan brings Xiao Bao, with Feng Haitang and Shen Jinglin following behind them, and goes straight to the Tianyuan City’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    “Yanyan, what do you want to do here?” She Jinglin is confused, “Are you going to enter yourself for examination as a doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion?”
    Muyan nods with a smile.
    Feng Haitang has already made her way to the registration desk, “Excuse me, taking the doctor’s examination.”
    The person at the registration desk raises his head to look at Feng Haitang. Seeing her cool and elegant features, as well as her noble temperament, he couldn’t help but look some more.
    But it’s also just two looks, as he casually sends her some papers, “Fill out the information, pay the gold, and proceed inside to take the written examination first.”
    Feng Haitang takes the papers and fills out Muyan’s information one by one.
    She makes a duplicate.
    The man takes those two pieces of paper and gives it a skim, indifferently saying: “Who’s taking the exam?”
    “Me.” Muyan slowly steps forward, and Feng Haitang quickly steps back until she’s behind Muyan.
    The man looks up, and is met by an absolutely beautiful countenance. It’s as if those eyes could pull out your spirit and capture your soul. His mind is suddenly unsteady, and even his words have become stuttered, “Plea… please pay the required gold coins.”
    Muyan casually tosses a pouch of gold coins, a tiny lift on the corners of her mouth, “Can I go in now?”
    The young woman in front of him is wearing plain and simple clothes, no makeup or ornaments, but within her smile, there seems to be the freedom of a spring day in the mountains, and a peach blossom face of a beauty.
    The man goes muddle-headed, and he doesn’t even get a clear look at what he’s holding. He just picks up the seal, and directly stamps the paper with it.
    He also hands it back to Muyan, “Ple-please come in!”
    It’s only after Muyan’s figure has completely disappeared through the door, does he look down and read words “Senior Doctor” written on the remaining copy. His eyes widen.
    “Ah, no, wrote it wrong! How could be an examination for senior doctors!”
    This is just an 18 or 19 year old girl.
    How would it be possible for her to pass the examination for Senior Doctors?
    However, looking up, Muyan’s shadow is nowhere to be seen.
    Staying in place, Shen Jinglin is even more disoriented that the man in charge of the registration.
    “Yanyan wants to take the examination for senior doctors? How could this be possible?”
    There hasn’t been a single senior doctor in the entire Tianyuan city for many years!
    Xiao Bao raises his face and looks at him with a wooden expression. Chopping the nails and slicing the iron, he says: “There’s nothing that niangqin couldn’t do in this world.”
    Shen Jinglin is stumped for words.
    “Also, only if niangqin becomes a senior doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion, can she buy Dragon Bone Grass and Smelted Marrow Flower from here.”
    “Why does Yanyan want to buy these two kinds of draught ingredients?”
     Xiao Bao sends a ‘this mortal is really stupid’ expression towards Shen Jinglin, “Of course, it’s because with these two herbs, niangqin would be able to concoct a cure for uncle’s illness!”
    Shen Jinglin’s breathing suddenly becomes sluggish, and he looks towards the direction where Muyan had disappeared. There’s a small trembling on his lips, and he couldn’t speak for a long time.

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EMHS – ch241

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Chapter 241: The one who forgets favors and violates justice*
  • ingrate
    Nevertheless, Shen Jinglin looks calm as he speaks: “Jingya, it’s been a while. How are you and… Chunming these days?”
    The woman in front of him is called Fang Jingya.
    Before, she would often form a small team with Shen Jinglin, travelling for experience in various places, and improving their cultivation.
    There’s also another one who had a close relationship with Shen Jinglin, the one that he had taken care of like a younger brother – Zhao Chunming.
    The three of them could be considered as childhood friends, their relationship wasn’t shallow.
    A year ago however, Shen Jinglin had an accident and was completely crippled.
    These two, who were supposedly like blood siblings to him, suddenly cut off contact with him.
    It’s just that, Zhao Chunming personally delivered a wedding invitation to him half a year ago, with a high and mighty face, he said–
    He and Jingya are getting married, but looking at Shen Jinglin’s appearance as a waste, he’s afraid that the latter couldn’t participate in the pair’s wedding ceremony.
    It’s then that Shen Jinglin knew.
    This man who called him “Jinglin-brother” on the outside, had all along envied and resented him behind his back, and couldn’t wait for him to die.
    To his question, Fang Jingya’s tears fall more freely, but she immediately turns away. She wipes of her tears and forces herself to show a smiling expression, “Shen-brother, I… I’m doing very well… but you…”
    “Jingya, how could you run around by yourself?”
    As she’s speaking, a man’s voice could suddenly be heard from a distance.
   Upon hearing this voice, Fang Jingya immediately trembles from head to foot, her wan and sallow face showing a frightened expression.
    While talking, the owner of that voice is already striding forward.
    His sight sweeps over from Fang Jingya until it eventually settles on Shen Jinglin’s face. Showing a suggestive smile: “Ah, I say, why would Jingya suddenly stop here instead of moving? Turns out she came across an acquaintance. Jinglin-brother, really, long time no see!”
    Shen Jinglin’s complexion turns gloomy all of a sudden.
    He doesn’t want to get involved with this guy who ‘follows the red, pushes the white’*, who forgets favors and violates justice, so he turns around to walk away.
  • cling to someone who’s strong, but when the person loses that power, snob her/him.
    Before he could move however, Zhao Chunming’s gaze, harboring malicious intentions, unexpectedly falls on his crippled leg.
    “Jinglin-brother, seeing that you can walk around outside, I thought that your… disability has already been cured! It turns out that you’re still in this miserable state! Really pitiful, don’t you have money for treatment? Since we’re brothers, say, Jinglin-brother, how about I give you some money for medical expenses?”
    “Chunming, don’t say that.” Fang Jingya pulls on Zhao Chunming, her voice trembling as she speaks, “Let’s go back, okay?”
    Zhao Chunming turns his head towards Fang Jingya, sending her a smile that isn’t a smile, with taunting expression in his eyes.
    All of a sudden, without any warning, he raises his hand and ruthlessly throws a slap to her face.
    Fang Jingya reels from this slap, blood leaks out from the corner of her mouth.
    “Slut, did you forget that you are my woman? Actually daring to be concerned about another man in front of my face, I could see that you’re tired of living, aren’t you?”
    Shen Jinglin abruptly comes back to his senses.
    He couldn’t believe that Zhao Chunming, who had once been eager and attentive as he follows around Fang Jingya, could actually be like this towards his wife.
    He sees Zhao Chunming lifting his foot to ruthlessly kick Fang Jingya.
    He quickly steps forward to stop it, “Zhao Chunming, what are you doing? Beating a woman, what are you thinking?”
    Zhen Chunming sneers: “Do I need you to come and manage me on beating my own woman? Or maybe, the two of you have already fooled around and committed adultery, so seeing your lover suffer hardship is making you feel bad?”
    “No! Not true!” Fang Jingya shakes her head, cheeks streaming with tears, “Jinglin-brother and I, we are clean an unstained, we’ve never been improper, you mustn’t talk rubbish and slander us!”
    “Whore!” Zhao Chunming raises his foot and mercilessly stomps down on Fang Jingya’s face, “Do you have any qualifications to speak here?”

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EMHS – ch236

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Chapter 236: Doesn’t Want Niangqin Sad

    “No no no! No need to comply with it!” Lu Yongli says, fearful that she might demand something detrimental.

    Muyan smiles, the expression indolent and evil, “I’ve always been a stickler for the rules. Since the rules have been determined, it’s only natural to abide by it. Isn’t that right, Shen Xiaoru?”

    Lying half-dead on the ground, the one-legged Shen Xiaoru opens her eyes wide in horror. She glares unwaveringly at Muyan, her eyes filled with resentment and dread.

    “How about it? Master Lu, would you be satisfied with this daughter-in-law?”

    Shen Xiaoru shrieks, “I don’t want to marry a fool! I don’t want to marry that dunce! Jun Muyan, you can’t do this to me. You slut, I want to kill you! I’ll kill you!”

    Lu Yongli hears that Muyan genuinely wants to fulfill the marriage contract, and he immediately feels that he’s gotten a new lease of life.

    Although Shen Xiaoru has become a waste, it’s also only because she’s become such a waste that he could control her now, right?

    What’s more, Shen Xiaoru still has a young and pretty face, maybe she can carry the Lu family’s ancestral line for him.

    Even if she can’t, selling her to a brothel could also allow him to earn a large sum of money.

    “Yes, yes. Many thanks to Miss Jun!”

    “I don’t want to marry! I don’t want to marry a fool! Aaaah–!!”

    Shen Xiaoru’s sad and shrill screams slowly drifts away into the distance, Su Yuexiang has been thrown out of the Shen family, and the Lu family has scattered and is now in shambles.

    It’s also shows that the matter of the Shen family has truly come to an end.

    It’s just that Muyan still has a lot of things to worry about.

    For example, the Shen family’s current servants.

    These people are all Su Yuexiang’s trusted aides. When Shen Jinglin and his father fell into dire straits, not only were they not loyal to protect the master, they also threw stones to those who have fallen down the well.

    Muyan directly drove all those people away, having Ru Yan get a group of gentle people from the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku to come in.

    There’s also the matter of the drugstore.

    Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang have already purchased a courtyard for her. Be it the location or layout, Muyan is very satisfied.

    Cheng Qingfeng, Old Tao and the others have also caught up.

    It’s reasonable to say that they can very easily open shop right away.

    The discovery that rendered Muyan speechless however, is that Tianyuan City has a unique regulation.

    To open a drugstore and sell medicines here, one needs to pass layers upon layers of reviews, it would take at least half a year.

    Of course, this isn’t what Muyan is really concerned about.

    What she really cares about is Shen Jinglin’s and Shen Yicheng’s conditions.

    Shen Yicheng’s case is still manageable. Although the poison had reached his lungs, internal organs, heart, and veins – he can still completely recover eventually – as long as he recuperates with medicinal baths, coupled with expelling the poison out of his acupuncture points, which could be opened with needles.

    What’s troublesome is Shen Jinglin’s injury.

    The bones on his leg have been broken many times, the tendons were severed, and the muscles atrophied.

    His Qi Sea has been pierced and has shriveled, causing his meridians to stagnate and dry up.

    If he’s to make a complete recovery, she must revive dead bones and muscles, as well as regenerate flesh.

    These kinds of injuries, let alone treating it, she’s never even heard of anyone trying.

    Muyan and Xiao Bao flip through the books inside the space for half a day, not finding any method of treatment.

    As she’s thinking on whether or not she wants try alchemy again, she hears Feng Haitang from outside the room, telling her that Shen father is looking for her.

     After Muyan has left, Xiao Bao still remains inside the space, wrinkling his tiny brows to earnestly search for a Pill or draught recipe.

    There’s an unbelievably gigantic bookshelf inside the space, but there aren’t a lot of books on it.

    It doesn’t take long for him to finish flipping through everything that could be flipped through.

    But there still aren’t any leads.

    Xiao Bao’s cheeks slightly bulge out, tender face is like a little steamed bun as he shows a hint of worry.

    He knows that niangqin really wants to cure uncle.

    If uncle doesn’t get well, niangqin will definitely feel very sad.

    Will she cry like she did the other day?

    As soon as he recalls his mother’s crying appearance that day, he feels unwell and he finds it difficult to breath.

    No, he doesn’t want niangqin to be sad.

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