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Chapter 289: Not worthy of death
    “However, that man is definitely not so simple… after all, that bastard has the physique of an immortal spirit, haha… if the living body of the immortal spirit is refined into an elixir, it can make my Master ascend in a flash. Say, if this news is spread out, who in the Yanwu Continent wouldn’t want to have this pair of mother and child… in the future, would they still have a place to call home?”
    When he said those words, Enforcer Li could finally feel the man’s mood fluctuate.
    This is the time!
    An ominous glint flashes in his eyes, and he jerks a hand.
    Thick black smoke suddenly puffs out.
    The thick smoke rises up in spirals and touches the door frame, as well as the floor and furniture next to it.
    The room unexpectedly makes an awful creaking sound.
    Simply making contact with this smoke makes the furniture in the room begin to melt.
    This infers that the smoke’s toxicity is very strong.
    Enforcer Li feels the constriction on his neck move and loosen, and he immediately takes a step back.
    Bursting out in loud laughter: “How is it, the Bone Rotting Powder that Master refined with his own hands, it tastes very good, right! Hahahaha… this is extremely poisonous, it can even corrode the body of a Precelestial expert… agh–!!!”
    The arrogant laughter quickly turns into a shrill, panicked screech.
    Enforcer Li’s entire body uncontrollably flies back, and heavily hits the wall.
    After hitting the wall however, he doesn’t fall down, but firmly sticks there instead.
    That’s because there are countless, long steels nails on his limbs, the shoulders and upper body.
    Blood oozes down the steel nails, quickly drenching his clothes.
    The severe pain is making Enforcer Li wish that he could pass out soon.
    Then, he sees two figures appear within the thick smoke, slowly walking out of it.
    That smoke is undoubtedly highly toxic and corrosive, but the pair doesn’t have the smallest bit of reaction when it touches them.
   With each step, the thick smoke even yields to the sides by itself, like a fearful surrender.
   Enforcer Li could finally take a clear look at the appearance of the man in the front.
    A beautiful face that could drive any woman crazy.
    Every inch of that tall figure has perfect curvatures, and power that could make men cough out blood.
    However, the most astonishing aspect about him still isn’t his appearance, but his temperament.
    Grace, nobility, the disdainful sidelong glance, a monarch that overlooks all lands under the heavens!
    When did such a man appear in Yanwu Continent?
    Why has he never encountered him before?
    “You… who are you? Why do you want… want to kill me? You know who I am… kill me… and my Master won’t let you off…”
    A streak of cold light, and Enforcer Li only feels a sharp pain in his tongue, then he could no longer speak.
    Soon after, he sees that man lift up his eyes, sending him a glance.
    One glimpse, but it’s chilling to the extreme, like the other is watching a disgusting insect.
    “You’ve hurt her, so you… are not worthy of death!”
    Taking advantage of the cover of night, Muyan quickly arrives at Enforcer Li’s residence.
    As soon as she reaches the door however, she could feel that something is wrong.
    A thick, fishy smell assaults her senses.
    It’s even accompanied by a man’s low and broken moans, the sound is filled with suffering and despair. Struggle as he might, he can’t break free.
    Pushing the door open,
    Despite Muyan’s usual calm, she can’t quite come back to her wits as she sees the scene before her eyes.
    What kind of ghost is that ball of meat that’s pinned to the wall?
    Sensing it’s breath, it seems to be Enforcer Li.
    However, how could he turn into this ghost-like appearance?
    From a distance, it’s only a lump that’s dripping with blood. The eyes, nose, and mouth are all gone, but he can still produce pained moans.

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