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Chapter 255: Sabotage
    Hearing that, the murderous intent on Deng Hongfeng finally retreats.
    His pair of hawk eyes slightly narrow, showing a sinister gleam, “What you mean to say is, if you use Fang Jingya as bait, you could surely pull Shen Jinglin out?”
    “Yes! Yes!” Zhao Chunming nods again and again, “Godfather should rest assured. No matter which scoundrel or slut had offended you, Chunming would definitely give vent for your anger!”
    In reality, Muyan has long since noticed Zhao Chunming and Deng Hongfeng’s eyes.
    They’re just a pair of jumping clowns, and she simply doesn’t attach much importance to them.
    However, there is something that makes Muyan feel strange.
    It’s because she could always feel a scorching and extremely aggressive gaze watching her attentively.
    Occasionally, it would even sweep past Xiao Bao in her arms.
    And when she leans close to Shen Jinglin, that scorching gaze- 
    …becomes as cold as Arctic ice.
    It could simply freeze people down to the bones.
    Muyan operates her Internal Force, raising her whole body’s perception to the limits.
    She wants to locate the source of this gaze, but unfortunately, she can’t find anything.
    She can only knit her brows because of this.
    “Niangqin?” seemingly feeling her unease, Xiao Bao whispers softly, an inquisitive tone in his voice.
    Muyan immediately responds, “It’s nothing, niangqin was just thinking about the drugstore.”
    She originally wanted to continue the Junji Drugstore in Tianyuan City.
    However, the examination and approval of medical centers and the like, is very troublesome in Tianyuan City. It could even take about a year.
    “Miss.” at the side, Feng Haitang starts to talk, “Actually, as long as there’s a Doctor Seal from the Xuan Medical Pavilion, you can directly open a medical center in Tianyuan City.”
    “Oh? So it’s like that?” Muyan raises her brows in surprise, “Opening a medical center is pretty good too. Then let’s go and take a look at the location that you and Haotian chose.”
    In her mind: Fortunately, when she left the Xuan Medical Pavilion earlier, she didn’t immediately lose that troublesome seal and emblem.
    The store front location that Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang chose is really pretty good.
    This is a street filled with medical centers and pharmacies. People who want get medical treatment, or purchase medicine, often come and go.
    And there’s even a courtyard behind the shop.
    The area of the courtyard is five times bigger than their drugstore in Xia’an.
    Even when the dozen or so people from the Ink Camp are placed in there, they would probably just take up less than a tenth of the space.
    At once, Muyan gets someone to hang up a sign that says “Junji Medical Center”.
    Ru Yan and Old Tao would still be in charge of running the shop.
    However, they can’t do something like practice medicine, so Muyan has Old Tao thinking of a way to recruit a few doctors that could sit there.
    Muyan herself doesn’t spend a lot of money, but she needs a large amount of it to support and strengthen the Ink Camp.
    That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to operate a medical center and pharmacy.
    However, three days has passed.
    Old Tao has an ashamed and uneasy face as he kneels in front of Muyan, “Miss, Old Tao had been incompetent, will you punish Old Tao?”
    “Why?” Muyan quirks an eyebrow, “You can’t recruit a doctor to sit on the hall?”
    That would be virtually impossible.
    On account of the fact that Tianyuan City has the Xuan Medical Pavilion, it has the highest amount of Primary Doctors in the entire Chi Yan Country.
    Just a doctor for the hall, how can you fail to recruit one, when you’ve set up a high offer?
    Old Tao creases his brows and says: “There’s someone sabotaging our Junji Medical Center. I heard people giving out news, saying that a very high-ranking elder in Xuan Medical Pavilion had given an order: No doctor can work in our Junji Medical Center*, no patient can receive our treatment, otherwise… otherwise… those doctors wouldn’t be able to mingle in Tianyuan, and those patients would no longer be received by Tianyuan City’s largest medical hall, Hongfeng Medical Center.”

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  1. Deng Hongfeng and Zhao Chunming, I cannot wait to see your ending especially Deng Hongfeng. You want to stop Muyan, better make sure you hide all the skeletons in your cupboard.


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  3. When do these two die and who’s the jealous biťch targeting her in background. Find it impossible for her to not find out where that case was coming from


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