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Chapter 252: So-called ED
    “Yeah!” Muyan very readily admits to it, “Don’t tell me that it’s not allowed? Or are the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s stipulations merely written for show?”
    “No, please give us a moment!” the old man turns to Zhang Mingkun, “Take the girl’s seal and retrieve all the Dragon Bone Grass and Smelted Marrow Flower from the Herb Warehouse.”
    “Hold on! Who allowed you to sell her rare herbs!”
    Deng Hongfeng’s agitated voice suddenly interjects.
    An indignant flame burns in his eyes, pointing and raining curses on Muyan: “Slut, don’t think that you can swindle rare herbs from our Xuan Medical Pavilion. I now suspect that you’ve cheated in the Senior Doctor’s Assessment, the outcome of the assessment earlier is invalid!”
    “Don’t think you’re so great just because you diagnosed what Ghost Thorn, slut, you must have an colluded with someone to cheat. It’s you, isn’t it, Zhang Mingkun. Weren’t you seduced by this little slut, so you speak out to help her over and over again?”
    “You, you shouldn’t fabricate stories to slander others!!” Zhang Mingkun is shaking out of anger, his face swells and turns purple.
    Deng Hongfeng is immensely proud of himself as he says: “I exposed you so you fly into a rage out of humiliation? Humph, I thought that there’s something queer about today’s matters. Apparently, everything was just a scheme by you two adulterers. You slut, without any real skill or knowledge…”
    Muyan sighs softly, her gorgeous face revealing a helpless expression.
    But in those glimmering peach blossom eyes, there’s a sharp chill, “At first, I really didn’t want to talk about the illness of the ninth patient in this room. But since Dr. Deng thinks that I don’t have real ability and learning, then I see that I should still demonstrate… exactly that.”
    “What? Ninth patient?”
    “Is there still a ninth patient somewhere?”
    Ten people were used as specimens for the examination, and there were supposed to be three among them that aren’t sick, while the other seven are sick.
    Since Muyan later detected that patient no.9 has Ghost Thorn, isn’t it reasonable to say that there are only eight patients?
    Where is the ninth one?
    Muyan’s lovely eyes looks Deng Hongfeng up and down.
    A languid, evil, and arrogant breath seems to appear on her body, making people both eager and fearful.
    “This person is sick. The name of the illness is Erectile Dysfunction. The so-called ED, also known as impotence, the illness is the inability of a man to keep an erection…”
    Hearing Muyan’s words, someone couldn’t help spray out a mouthful of tea.
    It’s unexpectedly this kind of illness!
    There’s also some people with sluggish faces. Soon after, they steal glances left and right, apparently wanting to find the man who has this kind of dysfunction.
    And it’s like a basin of cold water is pouring down Deng Hongfeng’s head. His complexion turns from red to green, from green to purple, and from purple to white.
    At this very moment, there’s only one thought in his mind.
    How does she know?
    How could she possibly know?!
    Then, what Muyan says next further alarms him, that he almost jumps up screaming.
    “Dr. Deng, do you need me to say who is this person with ED, so I can prove my ability?”
    With this statement, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but gather on Deng Hongfeng.
    Cold sweat is pouring down Deng Hongfeng’s forehead, but he puts on a bold face and says: “You, you stop talking nonsense, alarmist talk…”
    “Oh? Dr. Deng is still unconvinced?”
    Muyan laughs once more, her laughter is like a wind-chime of purple cowries blown by the wind, inexplicably sweet-sounding and pleasant to hear, “Then I’ll add a little more.”
    “This person is temperamental as a result of having ED for many years, and he likes to amuse himself by abusing the opposite sex.”

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