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T/N: Ru Yan calls Yan Haotian a lump of “stone”. Muyan calls him a lump of “wood”
Chapter 277: A decade of dedicating one’s life
    With a soft sigh, Muyan says: “Are you really willing to disappear from my brother forever?”
    Fang Jingya nods without any hesitation, “I would be willing to never touch deep affection in this life, as to silently watch Shen-brother’s happiness from a distance would be enough for me.”
    “You’ve made up your mind? You won’t go back on it?”
    “I swear on my life that I won’t regret it!”
    The emotions in Muyan’s eyes slowly converge, turning into solemness. With a low voice: “Fang Jingya, I can help you kill Deng Hongfeng and take revenge for you; I can also give you enough power so that, with your own hands, you can protect that which you want to protect.”
    “The condition would be that you would dedicate your life to me for ten years. Do you consent?”
    Fang Jingya snaps her eyes wide open, and she couldn’t come back to herself for quite a while, “You… are you saying that you’ll let me dedicate my life to you?”
    “Are you unwilling?”
    “No! No! I am willing!” with a grunt, Fang Jingya rolls down from the bed, sinking to her knees on the floor, “I am willing to serve and have you as my Master! From now on, Fang Jinya’s life is yours!”
    What is ten or twenty years, even for a lifetime… these days, just how many people in Tianyuan City would be delighted to serve Muyan?
    Not for anything else, but for her reputation as the Enchantress of Medicine!
    Only for her art of healing that could regenerate flesh and bones!
    Fang Jingya, she who has no virtue nor ability, without even the strength to truss a chicken, but riddled with scars, and completely without innocence – but this woman before her eyes is willing to take her in.
    If she’s unwilling, then she is really foolish.
    Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile: “What would I assign you to do? But first, there’s some ugly things to say before anything else.”
    “For those who serve me, they must have enough skills, enough willpower, and pass my evaluation. If you cannot succeed, it won’t matter if you have any relationship with my brother, as I’ll have you leave immediately!”
    Hearing Muyan’s seemingly pitiless conditions,
    Fang Jingya’s eyes are even brighter.
    That’s because this time, she believes that Muyan isn’t pitying her, but she genuinely wants to treat her as a subordinate and cultivate her.
    For the current Fang Jingya, she has practically lost her goals and desire to keep on living.
    But now, Muyan has given her a new purpose once again.
    Become stronger, and for a lifetime, protect the man she is grateful towards.
    Even if one day, you would get married and have children; even if one day, you would have a crowd of descendants – I wish to silently watch you in the dark, guard and protect your happiness until the end of your life.
    Muyan has someone call for Ru Yan. Soon after, she points to Fang Jingya and says: “I’ll hand this person over to you for training.”
    Ru Yan is stumped, not understanding her Master’s intentions.
    She just listens to Muyan continue: “I will give you three month’s time. It doesn’t matter if you search the Ghost City or recruit outside, after three months, I want you to establish a unit with as many people as the Ink Camp.”
    As soon as Ru Yan hears that, her eyes lights up, “What Miss means is that I can also organize a group of experts like the Yan-stone? That’s great, I will go back inside the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku to pick some people!”
    Indeed, she has been jealous of Yan Haotian for quite a while.
     Her strength is clearly no worse than Yan Haotian, but he has the Ink Camp in his hands, and she can only manage the store.
    It should be known that each and every one of the people in the Ink Camp seem like they want to pull the heavens.
    Except for the Miss, the young Master, and that lump of stone, Yan Haotian – they don’t put anyone else in their eyes.
    Those people can’t do much individually, but as it happens, their strength is quite frightening when they move as a group.
    Plus, after entering Tianyuan City, Yan Haotian has been continuing to strengthen the Ink Camp as per Muyan’s orders.
    This really makes her envious, really jealous.
    “No, you’re mistaken.”

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