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Chapter 254: Godfather
    Xiao Bao flattens his mouth in displeasure. Before, every time niangqin appears, the first one that she sees would definitely be Xiao Bao.
    But now, she only cares about uncle.
    Muyan bends down to pick Xiao Bao up, and kisses him on both cheeks, “Baby, I’ve made you wait for a long time, did you miss nianqin?”
    Without waiting for Xiao Bao to respond, Muyan continues to say: “Niangqin missed Xiao Bao.”
    Xiao Bao’s little temper is immediately calmed down by Muyan’s words.
    The tiny face is bright red, and it’s a good while before he tilts his head and gives an almost imperceptible nod, “Missed!”
    It’s only a few hours that they couldn’t see each other, however, Xiao Bao really missed niangqin!
    Muyan’s party cheerfully go back.
    Just after these few people have walked some distance away, not far from them, there’s someone headed towards the Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    But this person stops by the entrance, and turns to look at their backs – or more specifically – towards Shen Jinglin’s retreating figure. He shows a suspicious expression.
    Zhao Chunming has a gloomy face as he stares at him, then he can’t help but look at Shen Jinglin’s side, towards the girl who doesn’t look like a mortal.
    Shen Jinglin, this waste, when did he have such a beautiful girl by his side?
    He faintly heard that girl calling Shen Jinglin “brother”.
    But he clearly remembers that Shen Xiaoru isn’t like this.
    Just as he’s thinking that, Zhao Chunming suddenly hears a sharp voice from his side, “Do you know that slut, Jun Muyan?”
    Zhao Chunming abruptly returns to his senses.
    When he realizes just who is standing by his side, he promptly reveals a respectful expression, “Godfather, why have you come out?”
    Before him is a man with hawk-like eyes and a horse-like face, slippery and beardless – Deng Hongfeng.
    Zhao Chunming has a fawning look as he says: “Godfather, I’ve come wanting to ask you if you want to come over tonight? Jingya has already been dressed up at home, waiting to entertain you.”
    Usually, as long as Deng Hongfeng hears him say this,
    He would immediately show an eager expression.
    As long as Zhao Chunming offers his wife, Fang Jingya, for an evening,
    The next day, he would be able to reap great benefits from this godfather’s hands.
    Afterall, this godfather is the Godly Doctor Qian Qing’s disciple, as well as the highest person in charge of Tianyuan’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    Any little thing that spills out from his hand is enough for Zhao Chunming to have a meteoric rise.
    As for Fang Jingya, after she has been tormented by Deng Hongfeng for a night – how worn and miserable she would be, it’s spectacle too horrible to endure.
    Zhao Chunming simply doesn’t care about this at all.
    Since Fang Jingya is his woman, isn’t it as it should be by rights, that she makes some sacrifices for his future prospects?
    However, Deng Hongfeng is very strange today.
    Rather than showing an eager look, he has a fierce and gloomy expression across his whole face instead. He fixes his glare on Zhao Chunming, “I asked you, do you know Jun Muyan?!”
    Zhao Chunming trembles under his stare.
    He immediately tries hard to recall the name Jun Muyan.
    It really sounds familiar, but he can’t remember anything at all.
    “God… godfather… I don’t know what… what Jun Muyan?”
    Deng Hongfeng’s eyes becomes gloomier and colder, “Then why were you staring at her just a moment ago? Speak, did you tell that slut about my secret?!”
    As he’s saying this, Deng Hongfeng’s eyes are filled with a murderous intent.
    Zhao Chunming is so frightened that he’s shaking from head to foot. He’s dripping with cold sweat, and he plops down to the ground.
    Seeing that Deng Hongfeng is about to kill him, he suddenly comes back to himself, “I, I don’t know that woman, but I… I know her brother, that man next to her. His name is Shen Jinglin, he used to travel with me and Jingya to gain experience, he… he still often fools around with Jingya… godfather, if they’ve offended you, as long as… a long as we let Jingya go and lure him, he definitely won’t be able to die a good death!”

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