EMHS – ch236

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Chapter 236: Doesn’t Want Niangqin Sad

    “No no no! No need to comply with it!” Lu Yongli says, fearful that she might demand something detrimental.

    Muyan smiles, the expression indolent and evil, “I’ve always been a stickler for the rules. Since the rules have been determined, it’s only natural to abide by it. Isn’t that right, Shen Xiaoru?”

    Lying half-dead on the ground, the one-legged Shen Xiaoru opens her eyes wide in horror. She glares unwaveringly at Muyan, her eyes filled with resentment and dread.

    “How about it? Master Lu, would you be satisfied with this daughter-in-law?”

    Shen Xiaoru shrieks, “I don’t want to marry a fool! I don’t want to marry that dunce! Jun Muyan, you can’t do this to me. You slut, I want to kill you! I’ll kill you!”

    Lu Yongli hears that Muyan genuinely wants to fulfill the marriage contract, and he immediately feels that he’s gotten a new lease of life.

    Although Shen Xiaoru has become a waste, it’s also only because she’s become such a waste that he could control her now, right?

    What’s more, Shen Xiaoru still has a young and pretty face, maybe she can carry the Lu family’s ancestral line for him.

    Even if she can’t, selling her to a brothel could also allow him to earn a large sum of money.

    “Yes, yes. Many thanks to Miss Jun!”

    “I don’t want to marry! I don’t want to marry a fool! Aaaah–!!”

    Shen Xiaoru’s sad and shrill screams slowly drifts away into the distance, Su Yuexiang has been thrown out of the Shen family, and the Lu family has scattered and is now in shambles.

    It’s also shows that the matter of the Shen family has truly come to an end.

    It’s just that Muyan still has a lot of things to worry about.

    For example, the Shen family’s current servants.

    These people are all Su Yuexiang’s trusted aides. When Shen Jinglin and his father fell into dire straits, not only were they not loyal to protect the master, they also threw stones to those who have fallen down the well.

    Muyan directly drove all those people away, having Ru Yan get a group of gentle people from the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku to come in.

    There’s also the matter of the drugstore.

    Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang have already purchased a courtyard for her. Be it the location or layout, Muyan is very satisfied.

    Cheng Qingfeng, Old Tao and the others have also caught up.

    It’s reasonable to say that they can very easily open shop right away.

    The discovery that rendered Muyan speechless however, is that Tianyuan City has a unique regulation.

    To open a drugstore and sell medicines here, one needs to pass layers upon layers of reviews, it would take at least half a year.

    Of course, this isn’t what Muyan is really concerned about.

    What she really cares about is Shen Jinglin’s and Shen Yicheng’s conditions.

    Shen Yicheng’s case is still manageable. Although the poison had reached his lungs, internal organs, heart, and veins – he can still completely recover eventually – as long as he recuperates with medicinal baths, coupled with expelling the poison out of his acupuncture points, which could be opened with needles.

    What’s troublesome is Shen Jinglin’s injury.

    The bones on his leg have been broken many times, the tendons were severed, and the muscles atrophied.

    His Qi Sea has been pierced and has shriveled, causing his meridians to stagnate and dry up.

    If he’s to make a complete recovery, she must revive dead bones and muscles, as well as regenerate flesh.

    These kinds of injuries, let alone treating it, she’s never even heard of anyone trying.

    Muyan and Xiao Bao flip through the books inside the space for half a day, not finding any method of treatment.

    As she’s thinking on whether or not she wants try alchemy again, she hears Feng Haitang from outside the room, telling her that Shen father is looking for her.

     After Muyan has left, Xiao Bao still remains inside the space, wrinkling his tiny brows to earnestly search for a Pill or draught recipe.

    There’s an unbelievably gigantic bookshelf inside the space, but there aren’t a lot of books on it.

    It doesn’t take long for him to finish flipping through everything that could be flipped through.

    But there still aren’t any leads.

    Xiao Bao’s cheeks slightly bulge out, tender face is like a little steamed bun as he shows a hint of worry.

    He knows that niangqin really wants to cure uncle.

    If uncle doesn’t get well, niangqin will definitely feel very sad.

    Will she cry like she did the other day?

    As soon as he recalls his mother’s crying appearance that day, he feels unwell and he finds it difficult to breath.

    No, he doesn’t want niangqin to be sad.

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