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Chapter 276: Implore
    It is solely the marks of inhumane abuse on a woman’s body that puts a dense frost in Muyan eyes, creating a freezing air of death.
    She takes a deep breath, slowly asking: “Who did these to you? Zhao Chunming?”
    If that animal Zhao Chunming did these,
    Then big brother’s final punishment to him was really too light.
    Fang Jingya doesn’t shy away to cover her ugly, dirty, and scarred body. She just shakes her head in distress, “It wasn’t Zhao Chunming. He likes to hit me, and burn me with a candle… but…”
    “It was the godfather that he sent me to, he was the one that used such crazed cruelty to abuse me. The Xuan Medical Pavilion’s great elder, Deng Hongfeng!”
    Muyan’s pupils slightly contract.
    Then she listens to Fang Jingya continue: “Deng Hongfeng likes to forcefully seize women, but not a lot of people know that he… he can’t get it up at all… and because he can’t, he would use all kinds of cruel ways to abuse women so he could give vent to his perverted desires.”
    As she speaks, her tears can’t help but slip out from the corners of her eyes.
    “At the beginning, I still wanted to resist, but the outcome of that resistance is only an incrementally worse misery each time… as a matter of fact, I’ve long thought of ending my life… clearly so filthy, why haven’t I ended myself yet?”
    “Now ending up in such a plight, isn’t all of this just what I’ve brought upon myself?”
    Muyan takes some clothes at the side and securely wraps it around the other.
    Her normally lazy voice has a rare gentleness, “Suicide is the most cowardly way to escape. Don’t cry, I can cure you of your body’s injuries.”
    Fang Jingya lifts up her watery eyes. Her gaze wells up with profound gratefulness as she looks at Muyan, “Miss Jun, thank you, thank you for not disdaining my filthy self, you’re even willing to make a promise to help me. But…”
    She slowly closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath.
    When she opens them again, what remains in the depths of her eyes is only a detached resolve, “But I don’t need to be cured, I only want to leave, leave Tianyuan City forever and disappear from Shen-brother. Miss Jun, can you promise me that?”
    Muyan stares blankly, “Why?”
    Fang Jingya’s tears fall from her eyes, one drop after another, the sorrow, grief, shame and distress – all of them intertwine to turn into despair, “When big brother Shen was facing his greatest hardship, I chose to abandon him and leave.”
    “It’s my fault that I ended up in this condition, but Shen-brother was still ready to disregard everything and save me.”
   “So much so that, for the purpose of righteousness and justice, for the affections of our past, for my current misfortune and distress – he may even ask to marry me.”
    “But how can I marry big brother Shen? To say nothing of Shen-brother not really having any romantic feelings towards me, even if he does, I would still be completely unworthy of him now.”
    The more she speaks, the more her tears flow like a broken dam, she speaks haltingly as she chokes with sobs.
    “My body is already so dirty, and you’re clearer about it than anyone else, that under the ravages of those two animals – Deng Hongfeng and Zhao Chunming – I have forever lost the chance to become a mother. The way I am, how can I be worthy to stand by Shen-brother’s side?”
    “He is so good, so good as he is… he deserves the best and most outstanding girl to be his wife.”
    Fang Jingya takes Muyan’s hand. Her tears a flood, but there is decisiveness in her eyes, without any cowering or hesitation.
    “Miss Jun, I beg you to send me away from Tianyuan City. No matter where I go, it wouldn’t matter if I live and perish on my own, just… just don’t let me stay by Shen-brother’s side.”

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  1. She really shouldnt be putting him on such a high pedestal, hes a crippled retard that left his sister alone with a cartoon villain for years, he couldnt tell his only friend was a retarded psychopath either


  2. no one in this story is good lmao, maybe xiao bao and muyan but like…. jingya…. honey u live in a time that’s dangerous to women especially those in the working class and u got nothing and no one to back u up. i agree that jingya shouldn’t marry big bro shen since she did ditch him back then. but calling herself dirty because of chunming and dongheng is… wow. i sympathize with her and all that she has suffered, but she needs help to get back on her feet whether it is out of this city or in it.

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