EMHS – ch243

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Chapter 243: Senior Doctor? Wrote it wrong!
    Shen Jinglin takes two steps, wanting to catch up them. However, he ultimately stops in his stride.
    The hands hanging by his side clench firmly into fists.
    After Shen Jinglin came back, Muyan finds that he looks low-spirited and unhappy.
    She asks him what happened, but he refuses to say.
    The strangest thing would be that Shen Jinglin brought some red bean cakes for her, but they’ve been squished and crumbled.
    This really looks like an outcome that’s caused by getting attacked by someone.
    “Brother, did someone bully you?” Muyan slightly lowers her gaze.
    Shen Jinglin stares blankly for a moment, then he shakes his head and responds with a non sequitur.
    “Yanyan, can big brother’s leg really be cured?”
    Muyan has a faint smile as she gets up, saying: “Brother, I’ll go take you somewhere.”
    Shen Jingling: “???”
    Muyan brings Xiao Bao, with Feng Haitang and Shen Jinglin following behind them, and goes straight to the Tianyuan City’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    “Yanyan, what do you want to do here?” She Jinglin is confused, “Are you going to enter yourself for examination as a doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion?”
    Muyan nods with a smile.
    Feng Haitang has already made her way to the registration desk, “Excuse me, taking the doctor’s examination.”
    The person at the registration desk raises his head to look at Feng Haitang. Seeing her cool and elegant features, as well as her noble temperament, he couldn’t help but look some more.
    But it’s also just two looks, as he casually sends her some papers, “Fill out the information, pay the gold, and proceed inside to take the written examination first.”
    Feng Haitang takes the papers and fills out Muyan’s information one by one.
    She makes a duplicate.
    The man takes those two pieces of paper and gives it a skim, indifferently saying: “Who’s taking the exam?”
    “Me.” Muyan slowly steps forward, and Feng Haitang quickly steps back until she’s behind Muyan.
    The man looks up, and is met by an absolutely beautiful countenance. It’s as if those eyes could pull out your spirit and capture your soul. His mind is suddenly unsteady, and even his words have become stuttered, “Plea… please pay the required gold coins.”
    Muyan casually tosses a pouch of gold coins, a tiny lift on the corners of her mouth, “Can I go in now?”
    The young woman in front of him is wearing plain and simple clothes, no makeup or ornaments, but within her smile, there seems to be the freedom of a spring day in the mountains, and a peach blossom face of a beauty.
    The man goes muddle-headed, and he doesn’t even get a clear look at what he’s holding. He just picks up the seal, and directly stamps the paper with it.
    He also hands it back to Muyan, “Ple-please come in!”
    It’s only after Muyan’s figure has completely disappeared through the door, does he look down and read words “Senior Doctor” written on the remaining copy. His eyes widen.
    “Ah, no, wrote it wrong! How could be an examination for senior doctors!”
    This is just an 18 or 19 year old girl.
    How would it be possible for her to pass the examination for Senior Doctors?
    However, looking up, Muyan’s shadow is nowhere to be seen.
    Staying in place, Shen Jinglin is even more disoriented that the man in charge of the registration.
    “Yanyan wants to take the examination for senior doctors? How could this be possible?”
    There hasn’t been a single senior doctor in the entire Tianyuan city for many years!
    Xiao Bao raises his face and looks at him with a wooden expression. Chopping the nails and slicing the iron, he says: “There’s nothing that niangqin couldn’t do in this world.”
    Shen Jinglin is stumped for words.
    “Also, only if niangqin becomes a senior doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion, can she buy Dragon Bone Grass and Smelted Marrow Flower from here.”
    “Why does Yanyan want to buy these two kinds of draught ingredients?”
     Xiao Bao sends a ‘this mortal is really stupid’ expression towards Shen Jinglin, “Of course, it’s because with these two herbs, niangqin would be able to concoct a cure for uncle’s illness!”
    Shen Jinglin’s breathing suddenly becomes sluggish, and he looks towards the direction where Muyan had disappeared. There’s a small trembling on his lips, and he couldn’t speak for a long time.

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