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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 160: Play and Run

  • The term is usually used on people who play with someone’s body, then run after getting what they want

Di Ming Jue fixes his burning eyes at the woman before him, he slowly takes a step forward.

As soon as he moves, the Qin sounds turn into blades. A fierce momentum assaults him directly.

Muyan smilingly says: “Di Ming Jue, are you trying to force me?”

Seeing the coldness in the young woman’s eyes, Di Ming Jue abruptly halts his footsteps.

The blood clogging up his brain slowly calms down as well.

He will naturally never force Muyan!

This is the woman he wants to take as a wife, the woman who will be with him all his life.

How could bear to force her for even a little bit?

What’s more, just who is Di Ming Jue?

Is he unable to pursue the woman that he fancies, so he’s at the point where he can only resort to using force?

Putting it this way, what face does he have left to show in the Xiuxian Continent?!

The lust in Di Ming Jue’s eyes slowly recedes, but the fire of indignation and jealousy burns even higher.

“Is your mind still so occupied by a man who is already dead?”

A man who is already dead? Mind still so occupied?

Muyan stares blankly at first, then she suddenly regains her wits.

Di Ming Jue is actually talking about that groundless story of hers.

“*cough*…” Muyan lightly coughs because she feels somewhat guilty. Raising her head towards Di Ming Jue however, she’s already donned a bold and self-confident demeanor, “He is my baby’s biological father. I have deep feelings and continue to keep him in my mind, what’s the problem with that?”

Di Ming Jue is simply infuriated by this woman!

He is the dignified Monarch of the Polar Domain, the greatest person in Xiuxian Continent, and he is still lacking compared to a dead man!

Compared to him, was that man stronger, was he more handsome, and was he better for Muyan?

Muyan looks at the man’s eyes that are about to erupt in flames, almost bursting with the dense killing intent.

But even if he’s angry to this extent, he still doesn’t harm a hair on her.

Muyan’s heart can’t help but soften to some degree.

Giving a soft sigh, she says in one breath: “Di Ming Jue, I don’t know who you are, or what kind of status you have, but there shouldn’t be a shortage of women who fancy you. Why do you bother me when I’m already married, waste your time with a person who has a child, and insist so much?”

Reliving her life, her heart has already become too hard and too harsh.

Except for Xiao Bao and her vengeance, it doesn’t have room for anything else.

Moreover, she still has those unbearable experiences. Even if more than a decade had gone by, it’s impossible to erase them from her life.

Di Ming Jue and her, their identity, status, even their strength… there’s a difference of the sky and earth between them.

After all is said and done, they are unsuitable for each other.

Di Ming Jue suddenly takes another step forward, towering as he looks down, fixedly staring at her, “And if Ben Jun still insists on wasting time, and insists on continuing so?”

Muyan becomes sluggish, slightly lowering her eyes, not daring to meet the man’s passionate gaze, “Di Ming Jue, you better just give up, I…”

Before she could finish her words, she’s interrupted by the man’s cold voice.

“Jun Muyan, Ben Jun said that if you are not moved, I will pursue you until you are; If there’s someone in your heart, Ben Jun will wait until I’m the only one left… but you’re dreaming if you want to cast off Ben Jun, and run after playing!”

Saying so, Di Ming Jue doesn’t wait for Muyan’s response as he turns to leave.

If he doesn’t leave, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to stop himself from throttling this conscienceless woman!

Left at her spot, Muyan stands dumbfounded for a while, before she suddenly returns to herself.

“Wait wait, Di Ming Jue, tell me more clearly! What did I do, that you’re accusing me of running after playing?”

This man is still so shameless!


“Jun Shang, you’re back? How was Miss Muyan’s food, did you…”

Han Ye’s voice comes to a grinding halt under Di Ming Jue’s murderous glare.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  3. “Wait wait, Di Ming Jue, tell me more clearly! What did I do, that you’re accusing me of running after playing?”

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