EMHS – ch227

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 227: Gra-Gran… Grandfather

If this really explodes,

Su Yuexiang would indeed receive a serious injury, but Shen father would also be like a lamp with it’s oil burned out, and die.

Just as a thousand pounds are hanging by a thread, a sudden thrum of a zither echoes inside the room.

And just as Shen father wanted to deliver that palm strike, before he could even attempt to do it – a very small, fair and delicate hand captures his own.

At the same time, a young woman’s gentle and euphonious voice accompanies the sound of the zither that is permeating inside the room, “Isn’t this a wedding day? Why is everyone venting their anger so much? Why don’t we sit down, so everyone could watch a good show together.”

“Xiao Bao, please have your grandfather and uncle take their seats.”

Shen Yichen dazedly lowers his head, and is overwhelmed with shock as he meets an exquisite little face.

It’s a pink jade-carving, a little child of about four of five years.

However, when he gathered his life’s Internal Force, wanting to deliver a blow-

It was tempered down and made to return back into his Qi Sea, with only a light grasp from this little child.

This… what’s going on with this?

Xiao Bao has a wooden expression as he looks at him, an ice-cold but childish voice speaks out: “Grandfather, niangqin asked you to sit down.”

Gra-gra-gran… grandfather?!!

This little child, more beautiful than the Golden Boy by the gods’ side*, called him Grandfather?!!

The Shen patriarch is struck dumb.

It’s to the extent that he forgets to resist or ask questions, letting Xiao Bao lead him to unsteadily walk back to the bed, and sit down there.

Xiao Bao’s eyes are clear and luminous like sapphires, and they turn to look at Shen Jinglin.

Without waiting for Xiao Bao to open his mouth, Shen Jinglin promptly says: “Alright, alright. Uncle will sit down.”

Xiao Bao sees that grandfather and uncle have taken their seats, so he takes his small hands back.

Then he returns to Muyan’s side like a little grown-up, pulling closely to her.

Muyan is already lazily sitting by the short table since who-knows-when, and has placed a zither on top of it. Unadorned jade-white fingers softly pluck on the strings, making a sweet sound.

From the beginning until now, her appearance is like she’s leisurely watching a play. On her face, there’s isn’t even the slightest bit of dread and terror of someone who’s about to be married to a fool.

On the contrary, there is mockery and ridicule in her eyes.

It’s only as Xiao Bao leans in close to her, that she reveals a tender smile. She strokes his head to say that he’s doing very well.

Looking at this kind of attitude from her, Shen Xiaoru is inexplicably flustered.

In her mind, she can’t help but recall that time in the dining restaurant.

She thought that she could properly humiliate Muyan, but who would’ve imagined that she would be forced by the latter to crawl out at a public place with lots of people.

“Master Lu, what are you still dawdling for?!!” Shen Xiaoru suddenly yells at Lu Yongli, “Don’t you all want this woman to be your daughter-in-law? Tie her up now and carry her back, send her to your son’s bridal chamber at once! If he misses the opportunity to marry this woman, your foolish son certainly won’t be able to take in such a good wife anymore!”

Madam Lu fiercely glares at Shen Xiaoru, “If you dare to vilify my son again, I will tear up your mouth.”

It’s just that she could see her son obsessively staring at Muyan, drooling.

Nevertheless, she speaks to Master Lu: “But this girl is pretty good, really a long night with many dreams*. I think it would be better to immediately bring her back for a ceremony, and get them properly married.”

  • *cough*, when the situation is prolonged, it could have many problems.


Master Lu narrows his eyes and contemplates for a moment, then he waves a hand.

“Tie this woman up for me!”

Hearing the order, the Lu family servants instantly swarm around.

But before they could approach,

Muyan’s hands that have been resting over the zither, suddenly flutters on its strings.

In a split second, dozens of notes turn into sword blades, lightning fast as they shoot towards the Lu servants.

These dozen or so people don’t have the time to lift up their swords.

There’s some spluttering sounds from their chests, blood flies about in all directions, then they fall straight down.

The whole audience goes deathly still.

*Golden boy… it’s that boy here:

(I usually see them in calendars and whatnot)

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch220

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 220: Silly Thing

“Naturally, this old man is the number one Godly Doctor in Tianyuan City. So long as the marriage sedan would lift you to enter the Zhou family, and you and my daughter consummate the marriage, this old man will immediately cure Master Shen’s illness for you.” there’s a coercive light in Dr. Zhou’s eyes. He speaks neither fast nor slow.

At the side, Zhou Huanu trembles in excitement even more, the way she looks at Shen Jinglin, is like how one would look at a fatty meat that’s about to enter one’s mouth.

Shen Jinglin slowly closes his eyes, there’s the loneliness of a heart that has turned into cold ash, “Very well, I…”

Before he could finish his words, the chamber’s door suddenly makes a creaking sound as it’s once again pushed in.

As the door opens, a woman’s silvery sweet-sounding voice subsequently comes through.

“Big brother, I already knew that you were hiding something from me, but I really didn’t expect that it would be such a silly thing.”

Hearing that voice, and seeing her silhouette enter, Shen Jinglin’s eyes snaps wide open, “Yanyan!”

How can Yanyan be here?

Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru also have astonished expression.

It should be known that this room’s door has a mechanism, with each of its hinges weighing a thousand catties. Without a key, an average martial practitioner wouldn’t be able to open it at all.

Just how did this Jun Muyan get down here?

Entering in, it’s precisely Muyan, Xiao Bao following closely by her side.

In front of everyone’s flabbergasted looks, Xiao Bao aloofly claps the dust off his hands, then he holds on to Muyan.

Those iron doors are very dusty.

Xiao Bao definitely wouldn’t want to make niangqin’s hand dirty!

Shen Jinglin immediately comes to his senses, “Yanyan, what are you doing here? Even bringing Xiao Bao along… quickly, quickly leave!”

Muyan doesn’t pay him any heed, opting to crouch in front of the unconscious Shen patriarch instead. There’s a complex expression on her face as she murmurs, “Father…”

“Yanyan!” Shen Jinglin hurriedly raises his voice, “Father is fine, he will be cured soon. Can you leave here first?”

Shen Jinglin’s eyes are already wearing a sad and pleading expression as he’s saying this.

Muyan has a harsh look on her face, her voice cold: “Leave here and then do nothing but watch big brother take in a wife that you don’t love – all for father’s sake, and for mine? Oh, it’s not even taking a wife, but entering her family!”

“Muyan, what are you doing?” Su Yuexiang speaks out, “Your brother has been left with no choice, isn’t it all to save your father? Don’t tell me you want to do nothing and watch your father die from madness?”

“Save father?” Muyan sneers, “Then aunt Su, why don’t you let your own daughter go and do something to save him? Why insist to have big brother do it?”

“You…” Su Yuexiang is just about to refute,

Muyan interrupts her, calmly turning to look towards Dr. Zhou, “Besides, if my big brother enters the Zhou family, would my father’s illness really be cured?”

Dr. Zhou hears this and he replies with displeasure, furrowed brows and blazing eyes: “And just what are you? Saying that much, are you questioning this old man’s medical expertise?”

Muyan chuckles: “Empty words, no guarantees. What if after my brother enters the Zhou family, and Dr. Zhou couldn’t cure the illness? Then who could we turn to and account for that? I say, why don’t we do it like this: Dr. Zhou treats my father first, and once he’s cured, let’s come again and discuss the matter about making my brother enter your family.”

“Do you take this old man as a fool?” Dr. Zhou says in anger, “If this old man does cure him, what’s to be done if you go back on your words?”

“Then Dr. Zhou, why don’t you first say one thing clearly – what exactly is my father’s illness?”

“That’s…” Dr. Zhou stutters all of a sudden, “It’s… it’s obviously just the common hysteria! There’s nothing else to say!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch193

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 193: Xiao Bao has a Father?

At this moment, she feels an unprecedented hatred towards Shen Xiaoru

She detests that woman, demeaning her baby, making him feel deeply hurt.

Xiao Bao slowly lifts his head from the nook of her neck, a pair of deep blue eyes quietly look at her, “Niangqing, is Xiao Bao a bastard?”

Muyan immediately shakes her head, “Of course not, Xiao Bao is niangqin’s most precious treasure.”

Long eyelashes trembling, Xiao Bao clenches his little fists, “Then why do they always say that Xiao Bao is a bastard? Is Xiao Bao shameful to niangqin?”

To the niangqin that he loves the most!

To the niangqin the he wants to protect for a lifetime.

But because of his existence, she gets humiliated, harmed, and carelessly insulted by other people…

“Jun Mochen…” Muyan slowly calls him by his full name.

Her eyes are looking at him unblinkingly, there is no trace of hesitation or evasion, no trace of reservation or deception, “Niangqin doesn’t care what everyone in world says, whatever they do. Niangqin only cares whether or not Xiao Bao is well, whether or not Xiao Bao is happy, whether or not you’re by my side.”

The panic and uncertainty in Xiao Bao’s eyes slowly turns into softness and joy.

As if a bright beacon is shining over a boundless ocean.

Xiao Bao hugs Muyan’s neck and gently rubs against it, “Xiao Bao doesn’t care what everyone in the world says, or whatever they do. As long as niangqin is happy, Xiao Bao will stay together with niangqin.”

Muyan tightly holds his tiny frame, her face showing a smile so soft it’s almost melting.

However, her heart hurts like someone is stabbing it with a needle.

After all, she had let her baby suffer harm.


Xiao Bao is particularly clingy tonight. Even when they’re about to sleep, he’s sticks very close to her chest, then he clutches onto her hands.

Muyan gently pats him until midnight, until she feels that the little figure in her arms is soft and calm. Only then does she allow herself to fall asleep.

In her stupor, she hears Xiao Bao’s muffled voice, like he’s talking in his sleep.

“Niangqin, does Xiao Bao have a father?”

“What does it feel like… to have a father?”

Muyan’s closed eyelashes tremble, and it seems as if there are sparkling and translucent tears faintly discernible between them.

She gathers the child’s soft frame deeper into her embrace, like she’s clutching onto a life-saving straw. For a long time… for a long time, she doesn’t let go.


Jing Chen Country, Royal Palace.

In the middle of the night, Gong Qianxue hurriedly comes out of her bedroom, only wearing an unlined garment.

She sees Zhao Shan kneeling on the floor, and lying next to him is a limbless Yan Lie who is changed beyond recognition. She suddenly opens her eyes wide.

“What’s going on here?” Gong Qianxue lets out a pained cry, and she rushes to Yan Lie’s side, “How did Yan-brother become like this?”

Zhao Shan lowers his head, making it so others couldn’t have a clear view of his expression.

He only says in hoarse voice, “I went to Xia’an to assassinate Jun Muyan, without success. I barely managed to escape, but I discovered that the Commander didn’t die, but was instead reduced to be neither a man nor a ghost.”

“That Jun Muyan is too vicious!” Gong Qianxue shows a terrified and pained expression, sparkling and translucent tears trickle down from her eyes, “Killing is but a head touching the ground*, how can she have the heart to harm Yan-brother so cruelly?”

  • Once the purpose is achieved, don’t overdo it, don’t cause unnecessary pain.

While saying that, Gong Qianxue gets down to a kneel before Yan Lie, her face is filled with regret and compassion, “Yan-brother, I’m so sorry, it’s me…”

Before she could finish her words, Yan Lie’s eyes that were originally tightly shut suddenly snaps open.

From inside one of the gaping holes, a hidden weapon oozing with a blue-green poison, suddenly shoots towards Gong Qianxue’s face.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch182

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 182: Trying Alchemy

  • to concoct pills of immortality/ Dan. Pills and Dan and Elixirs will be interchangeable.

Jun Shang had said that he will only take half a month at most before he comes back.

But a fortnight has already passed, and Jun Shang still doesn’t show any signs of waking up.

It can’t be, did something happen in Xiuxian Continent?

There’s suddenly some sounds of footsteps from upstairs. Han Ye raises his head and looks up, then he hears Miss Muyan’s voice.

Should he go up and talk to Miss Muyan, tell her that Jun Shang hasn’t returned yet?

But thinking about it, Han Ye still restrains himself and stays to guard by Di Ming Jue’s side.

Right now, the most important thing for him is only Jun Shang’s safety.

Han Ye doesn’t know that in the near future, because of this decision, he’d wish that he could knock himself in the head.


Along with the reputation of Muyan’s special draught spreading throughout Xia’an,

as well as Ru Yan-girl’s efficient way of operating the place, Junji Drugstore’s business has become more and more prosperous.

Even when there’s no special draught for sale, it’s still packed and overcrowded.

However, unlike the hustle and bustle in front of the shop,

the small courtyard behind behind it is very quiet at this time.

Inside the space, the green grass is lush and there’s a gentle breeze.

The fat rabbit shifts its body on the meadow. It can’t help but perk its head up and look at a not-so-distance spot.

The mung-bean eyes blink and reveal a trace of puzzlement.

The little master and the female devil, what are they up to?

Why is there a huge tripod in front of them?

The fat rabbit tilts its head to the side. It suddenly stands up and hops towards Muyan and Xiao Bao’s direction.

“Niangqin can only refine the Clear Heart Dan right now.”

“There’s Sky Heart Flower, the Black Tongue Orchid, as well as the nine pieces of Three-tailed Wind Leaf.”

Xiao Bao’s little face is stretched taut, carefully and conscientiously laying out the needed ingredients in front of Muyan.

Muyan shifts her eyes from the Dan Recipe in her hand to her son’s face. She gently pinches his tiny face, “Thank you, Xiao Bao.”

She looks at the tripod furnace in front of her, then at the medicinal herbs by the side. Muyan slightly frowns, there’s a hint of hesitation.

Currently, it can be said she’s already very skilled when it comes to refining draughts.

But making elixirs is actually a field she’s never touched before.

Elixirs and draughts only have the difference of a stage, but it’s the difference between heaven and earth.

In the Yanwu Continent, it can be said that there are a lot of draught refiners, but there are only a handful of people who can make elixirs.

The reason for this is because refining elixirs requires a special inheritance.

Without that special inheritance, you won’t be able to succeed in alchemy even if you have a formula.


Muyan slightly narrows her eyes and raises a hand. She lights up a match and tosses it, then a fire is ignited under the Pill Furnace.

Everyone said that it’s impossible to do alchemy without an inheritance.

But she doesn’t believe this maxim.

Especially when she thinks of Gong Qianxue and Jian Feng in her previous life.

Thinking of how she and her child were refined into elixirs by Jian Feng.

The hatred in her heart becomes turbulent like a torrential river.

In this life, she wants Gong Qianxue and Jian Feng to die without a burial place, and make them completely fall from grace, left without anything at all.

“Niangqin…” Xiao Bao’s voice enters her ears, “you should put the Sky Heart Flower in.”

Muyan returns to her senses. The chill in her eyes and the flood of murderous intent also retreats, turning soft and gentle.

“When niangqin starts refining in a moment, Xiao Bao should step back a little farther, and you mustn’t let yourself get injured, okay?”

This time, Xiao Bao isn’t willfully stubborn as he obediently nods his head.

As the temperature of the Dan Furnace gets higher and higher, Muyan very carefully takes the ingredients and places them inside the furnace.

Next is the most important step.

Dissolve all the herbs in the right order then combine them.

In order to do this, the current Muyan can only use her Internal Force.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch181

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 181: Strangers Coming Together By Chance, Completely Unrelated

“Gong Qianxue sent you?”

The voice is extraordinarily sweet-sounding, but it raises all the hairs on Zhao Shan’s body. He says with a shaky voice: “Who? Come out! Quickly come out for me!”

Something flickers out of the shadows not far from him.

Under the moonlight, a cold-looking young woman in black clothes slowly walks over.

The veil of the dimness of the night couldn’t conceal her gorgeous countenance.

Especially those pair of eyes that seem displeased, yet delighted. A gaze that seems mysterious yet enchanting.

Merely looking at those eyes, Zhao Shan’s whole body stiffens, paralyzed.

Then that young woman unhurriedly walks towards him.

Closer, he sees that her skin is so delicate as if a puff of air could break it, flesh like ice and skin like jade, without any flaw.

Even closer, he can see the young woman’s lashes, thick and long like little fans.

A cold awn glares out with every blink.

Zhao Shan has a sudden enlightenment, and he blurts out: “You’re the Jun Muyan who killed our Commander.”

Muyan has a mockery of a smile on her face as she looks at him, “It turns out to be someone from the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group. Paying a visit to my humble courtyard very late into the night, what did you want to do?”

“I… I… you… you killed our Commander Yan Lie, I… I’ve come to take revenge!”

Muyan shakes her head and sighs: “Who told you that Yan Lie is dead?”

“Wh… what?! Princess Qianxue clearly said that you killed him!”

“You believe whatever Gong Qianxue says?” lightly placing a lily-white hand on her shoulder, Muyan chuckles and says: “If you go to the waste disposal facility near the east entrance of the Ghost City now, maybe you can still see your Commander there?”

Zhao Shang’s pupils abruptly contracts, “Are you telling the truth?”

“If you don’t believe it, why don’t you go there and take a look?”

Zhao Shan’s pulse quickens in suspicion, “You, you’re willing to let me go?”

Muyan spreads out a hand, her smile bright and charming, “Go ahead!”

Zhao Shan gulps, finally unable to resist the bid, he turns around and quickly runs.

He doesn’t notice that on his shoulder, there’s a faintly discernible silver powder.

This powder is a new concoction by Muyan.

This substance will not activate on Zhao Shan himself, but it will flare up on the people he makes contact with.

Moreover, it’s effects are very interesting.

If Zhao Shan finds Yan Lie and knows of the truth about “Gong Qianxue saving Yan Lie” back then, he’ll probably go back and ask Gong Qianxue some questions, won’t he?

Muyan has a smile on her face, but there’s not a trace of it in her eyes.

What Gong Qianxue owes her in her past life, she will collect both principal and interest little by little.

Gently blowing away the powder remaining in her hands, Muyan is just about to leave when she suddenly stops on her tracks.

That’s because she finds this courtyard to be awfully silent and bare.

There’s not even the faintest scent of smoke and fire.

Muyan wrinkles her brows, inadvertently walking towards the house.

She opens the door to the main entrance of the drawing room, and dust falls down from the beams.

She gently slides her fingers over a dusty table.

This has been uninhabited for at least half a month, going by the dust that has accumulated.

So, Di Ming Jue has long since left?

No warnings, not leaving a word or two, come as you please, leave as you please?

Muyan dazedly stands there for a long time, then the corners of her mouth suddenly twitch up, revealing a somewhat self-deprecating smile.

They are just strangers that came together by chance, completely unrelated to each other.

Coming and going as they please? Isn’t that just to be expected?

What does she have to do with Di Ming Jue? Why would that man inform her before leaving?

It’s just a complete stranger, their next meeting uncertain, that’s all.

Muyan brushes her sleeves, easy and relaxed as she exits.

In the basement of that courtyard, Han Ye has a heavy expression as he looks at the still-sleeping Di Ming Jue, the worry in his eyes becomes more and more serious.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch160

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 160: Play and Run

  • The term is usually used on people who play with someone’s body, then run after getting what they want

Di Ming Jue fixes his burning eyes at the woman before him, he slowly takes a step forward.

As soon as he moves, the Qin sounds turn into blades. A fierce momentum assaults him directly.

Muyan smilingly says: “Di Ming Jue, are you trying to force me?”

Seeing the coldness in the young woman’s eyes, Di Ming Jue abruptly halts his footsteps.

The blood clogging up his brain slowly calms down as well.

He will naturally never force Muyan!

This is the woman he wants to take as a wife, the woman who will be with him all his life.

How could bear to force her for even a little bit?

What’s more, just who is Di Ming Jue?

Is he unable to pursue the woman that he fancies, so he’s at the point where he can only resort to using force?

Putting it this way, what face does he have left to show in the Xiuxian Continent?!

The lust in Di Ming Jue’s eyes slowly recedes, but the fire of indignation and jealousy burns even higher.

“Is your mind still so occupied by a man who is already dead?”

A man who is already dead? Mind still so occupied?

Muyan stares blankly at first, then she suddenly regains her wits.

Di Ming Jue is actually talking about that groundless story of hers.

“*cough*…” Muyan lightly coughs because she feels somewhat guilty. Raising her head towards Di Ming Jue however, she’s already donned a bold and self-confident demeanor, “He is my baby’s biological father. I have deep feelings and continue to keep him in my mind, what’s the problem with that?”

Di Ming Jue is simply infuriated by this woman!

He is the dignified Monarch of the Polar Domain, the greatest person in Xiuxian Continent, and he is still lacking compared to a dead man!

Compared to him, was that man stronger, was he more handsome, and was he better for Muyan?

Muyan looks at the man’s eyes that are about to erupt in flames, almost bursting with the dense killing intent.

But even if he’s angry to this extent, he still doesn’t harm a hair on her.

Muyan’s heart can’t help but soften to some degree.

Giving a soft sigh, she says in one breath: “Di Ming Jue, I don’t know who you are, or what kind of status you have, but there shouldn’t be a shortage of women who fancy you. Why do you bother me when I’m already married, waste your time with a person who has a child, and insist so much?”

Reliving her life, her heart has already become too hard and too harsh.

Except for Xiao Bao and her vengeance, it doesn’t have room for anything else.

Moreover, she still has those unbearable experiences. Even if more than a decade had gone by, it’s impossible to erase them from her life.

Di Ming Jue and her, their identity, status, even their strength… there’s a difference of the sky and earth between them.

After all is said and done, they are unsuitable for each other.

Di Ming Jue suddenly takes another step forward, towering as he looks down, fixedly staring at her, “And if Ben Jun still insists on wasting time, and insists on continuing so?”

Muyan becomes sluggish, slightly lowering her eyes, not daring to meet the man’s passionate gaze, “Di Ming Jue, you better just give up, I…”

Before she could finish her words, she’s interrupted by the man’s cold voice.

“Jun Muyan, Ben Jun said that if you are not moved, I will pursue you until you are; If there’s someone in your heart, Ben Jun will wait until I’m the only one left… but you’re dreaming if you want to cast off Ben Jun, and run after playing!”

Saying so, Di Ming Jue doesn’t wait for Muyan’s response as he turns to leave.

If he doesn’t leave, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to stop himself from throttling this conscienceless woman!

Left at her spot, Muyan stands dumbfounded for a while, before she suddenly returns to herself.

“Wait wait, Di Ming Jue, tell me more clearly! What did I do, that you’re accusing me of running after playing?”

This man is still so shameless!


“Jun Shang, you’re back? How was Miss Muyan’s food, did you…”

Han Ye’s voice comes to a grinding halt under Di Ming Jue’s murderous glare.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch159

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 159: You are the Antidote

No, that’s wrong!

Muyan can see the man’s flushed cheeks and the fire filling in his eyes. She says ‘this is bad’ in her mind.

Di Ming Jue didn’t lift the effects of drug. Instead, instead he’s directly resisting it.

His whole body hasn’t been rendered powerless and immobile. But it is still burning with desire.

This time, she really picked up a rock and smashed it on her own foot.

Muyan’s complexion changes, and just as she’s about to open her mouth and say something,

The man has already blocked her words.

In a split second, the flavor of an intense tyrannical invasion wrecks havoc within her mouth.

It’s as if he wants to soak her into his bones, every piece, taken into himself and merged into his flesh and blood.

The hand holding her also begins to misbehave.

Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract, and her pearly white teeth ruthlessly bite down.

The scent of blood instantly seeps through the gaps of her teeth.

A muffled groan comes out from the man, his rationality slightly comes back.

But he’s still watching her like a hungry wolf.

Muyan gulps down, “Wait, wait a minute, let me go. I can give you the antidote, I’ll give you the antidote!”

“No!” Di Ming Jue rejects without any hesitation, “You are Ben Jun’s antidote!”

Muyan: “!!!!”

Believe it or not, I, your great aunt, will castrate you, this smelly hooligan!

Di Ming Jue moves his hand, fingers slowly caressing her soft and supple face. His voice is heavy, as if suppressing an endless current of emotions, “Woman, it was you yourself who provoked Ben Jun first!”

As soon as this statement comes out, Muyan suddenly shudders.

A distant memory returns like a tide violently surging up.

That damp and dark cave, a man’s body burning like fire, the torment, the tearing pain.

After Di Ming Jue says this, she looks on distractedly, and slightly knits her brows.

This scene, this remark, why does it feel like deja vu?

In the next moment however, the light in Muyan’s eyes grows cold.

Slender jade fingers push out and raises up high.


Not far from her, the Tian Mo Qin seems to have sensed the call of it’s master.

It suddenly floats above the table, and hovers in the air.

The strings play along with the movements of Muyan’s fingers, playing on its own, making a noise similar to the hurried sound of rain.

The sudden sound of the zither takes Di Ming Jue aback.

The imprisonment on Muyan is also loosened slightly.

This is the chance!!

Muyan immediately bends her knees, and ruthlessly strikes it against a certain unmentionable part of a man.


There’s a loud thump, and the bed collapses. The dust falls from the beams.

Immediately after, a heaven-shaking roar comes out of Di Ming Jue, “Jun Muyan, you want to murder your husband!!”

Muyan stands a little ways away, Tian Mo Qin on hand, hair fluttering without wind. Her smile is lovely, like an evildoer that can overturn everything under the heavens, “What husband? Could it be that Jun Shang forgot that my husband is still buried beneath the soil right now? What I’m killing now is simply a lecher!”

Di Ming Jue is simply gnashing his teeth in hate.

This woman, why can’t she be like the other women that adore him and want to serve him?

Could it be that in Xiuxian Continent, all the women who are like bees and try to throw themselves at him with a thousand ways and a hundred plans, were they all fake?!

But the more Muyan is like this,

The more he loves her to his bones.

Even if she sets her clothes in order, her expression calm and leisurely,

Di Ming Jue can only stare at her feverishly, wishing he could hold this hateful woman and press her under his body, making her a part of him.

It’s clear that the draught’s effects has long been completely useless on him.

But the strongest aphrodisiac within him, is still his slipping self-control.

Di Ming Jue fixes his burning eyes at the woman before him, he slowly takes a step forward.

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EMHS – ch155

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Chapter 155: Invite Him for a Meal

Muyan stirs the chicken soup. She says in manner which is neither fast nor slow: “It’s fine if you won’t speak, but I’ll just take it that your Jun Shang mistreated my darling son. Hehe, Han Ye, do you know the fate of the last person who wronged my son?”

Han Ye’s mouth twitches, saying to himself: How could I not!

Ghost City’s Lou Fei and Magistrate Xu, they simply said a few words of insult against Xiao Bao and now, their corpses have already begun to rot.

Wuuu… Jun Shang, it’s really not that your subordinate is an incompetent traitor, but Miss Jun is really too awful.

This subordinate thinks that Yanwu Continent is too dangerous, subordinate wants to return to Xiuxian Continent.

After a quarter of an hour.

Muyan is still calmly stirring the chicken soup like before, with a light and clear smile on her face. The light in her eyes doesn’t show, completely hiding her mood from other people.

Han Ye gulps down: “Miss Muyan, you… you’re not angry?”

Muyan curls up her lips and smiles sweetly: “How could I be?”

How could I be angry?

I am very furious!

Di Ming Jue, he actually dared to bully her darling Xiao Bao, even made her baby unhappy.

Hehe, good good, this is really very good!

Han Ye sees her blooming smile, and she really doesn’t look like she’s mad. He promptly speaks with relief: “Miss Muyan, by no means can say that this subordinate is the one who told you of this matter! Or else I will surely die very miserably!”

Muyan nods. She rests her chin on both hands, drawing out her words as she says: “Don’t worry, I’m very grateful for your Jun Shang for rescuing me from the Ghost City! By the way, what about your Jun Shang?”

Han Ye hesitates on how he should answer her question about Di Ming Jue’s whereabouts.

But he hears Muyan continue without minding it: “How about this, you go back and tell your Jun Shang to come to my humble courtyard this evening. I’ll personally cook and invite him for a meal, just to express my gratitude for his kindness of saving me.”

Han Ye snaps his eyes wide open and stares at Muyan foolishly, simply unable to believe his own ears.

The situation changed too fast, he just can’t believe it!

Is Miss Muyan finally moved by Jun Shang, and is now willing to accept him?

Han Ye gets dizzy and exits giddily, leaving Muyan sitting on the same spot. The corners of her mouth slowly hooks up.

Her smile is like soft and balmy spring wind, but there’s a barely discernible flickering within her eyes.


In the evening, Han Ye anxiously guards outside a room.

The moment he hears some movement inside, he immediately bursts in, “Jun Shang, you’re finally back!”

There’s a man as handsome as a deity on the bed, slowly opening his eyes and sitting up.

A presence as majestic as a force of nature radiates out from his body.

This monarch that overlooks the land under the heavens, the grandeur of his disdainful sidelong glance, making each and every creature want to swear their allegiance and follow him,

This is Di Ming Jue, the king of the Polar Domain, as well as the strongest person in the Xiuxian Continent!

Seeing Han Ye rushing in without permission, Di Ming Jue coldly turns towards him.

One look and Han Ye trembles, promptly halting his impatient pace.

“Seeing Jun Shang!” he respectfully kneels to make his salutations, “Jun Shang has returned from attending to the Polar Domain this time, how was the upper bound?”

“Without inconvenience.” Di Ming Jue indifferently replies.

‘Without inconvenience’ should mean that Elder Chang and the others simply made some standard reports, and there weren’t any major issues that required delay before they could be dealt with.

Han Ye breathes a sigh of relief.

Jun Shang’s real body is in the Yanwu Continent right now.

If he separates his soul and returns to the Xiuxian Continent with an avatar, he can only do it for a short time. Moreover, his strength would even be less than ten percent of what it originally was.

It would be considerably detrimental if something happened in the Xiuxian Continent.

Fortunately, nothing big happened.

Han Ye doesn’t speak, so Di Ming Jue asks in a low voice: “You intruded here in a fluster, what happened?”

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EMHS – ch153

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 153: A Truce

This piece of jade is very important, but… marrying Muyan is even more important!

Di Ming Jue extends his hand towards Xiao Bao and slowly opens his palms, “Do you want this jade?”

Xiao Bao raises his small head, looking at him unblinkingly.

Di Ming Jue has a wooden expression as he faces the other, “I will only give you this one chance. If you don’t take it today, there won’t be any more opportunities in the future.”

Sure enough, a keen expression immediately appears on Xiao Bao’s face. Fair, delicate little hands reaches out to snatch the jade.

However, Di Ming Jue moves his hands to the side, saying unhurriedly: “With one condition, you can’t stop me from being with your mother.”

Xiao Bao wrinkles his brows and glares at him, “Niangqin will not agree to marry you.”

“Humph, this is Ben Jun’s affair, and it nothing to do with you! You only have to agree not to obstruct or make trouble, and it’s fine.”

Xiao Bao frowns in hesitation for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t resist the temptation of that vermilion jade, so he agrees to sign a “temporary truce” with Di Ming Jue!


Muyan has an unusually restful sleep. Waking up, she doesn’t open her eyes immediately but directly enters the Space instead.

That’s because she could feel some strange Internal Force fluctuations inside.

This means that her Xiao Bao has already succeeded in advancing.

“Baby, are you done with your closed-door cultivation?”

Muyan is just about to hug her darling boy and pepper him with kisses, when she sees Xiao Bao hastily hide something.

Unhappiness, discontentment and attachment flashes through his little face.

But when he turns around and sees Muyan, he immediately throws himself over to her.

Although his face is still as expressionless as before, those enormous eyes are sparkling, filled with happiness – he missed her.

Before Muyan could hug Xiao Bao, he’s already clinging to her tightly.

The little figure buries itself in her embrace, softly rubbing and rubbing, indescribably unable to let go.

However, Muyan could feel a peculiar mood coming from her son.

She gives it a thought, eventually coming to a conclusion.

She can’t help but soften her expression as she hugs him, and gently says: “Don’t be scared baby. Niangqin is okay, I was just very tired so I fell asleep.”

Xiao Bao nods in her embrace and gives a muffled response. But he still refuses to let go.

Muyan can only carry him, and gently pat her baby in a cajoling manner.

She’s somewhat gratified in her mind, and also a bit amused: she never expected that her darling son would also have this day, where he would act spoiled and willful.

After the mother and child pair have cuddled for a while, Muyan suddenly remembers something, “Baby, what were you looking at earlier?”

Xiao Bao immediately stiffens after he hears her question, silently lowering his head.

“Is it something that niangqin can’t see?”

Xiao Bao’s long eyelashes flutters for a bit, but he only says in a low voice: “Right now, not yet.”

Muyan sees Xiao Bao’s expression and realizes that something must’ve happened while she was asleep.

But since her baby son doesn’t want to say it, she won’t force him.

If she wants to know what happened, she naturally knows where to ask.

After Muyan leaves the Space, Xiao Bao once again takes out the piece of vermilion jade.

Tightly pursing his lips, there’s an unswerving determination within his huge eyes, “This jade, I’ll wait until after I defeat that lecher, then I’ll give it to niangqin fair and square!”

After that, he looks at the fat rabbit at the side.

He places the jade in front its mouth: “Put this away for me, you absolutely mustn’t lose it!”

How can a rabbit eat a jade ornament?!

But in the next moment, something magical happens.

The fat rabbit slightly opens its mouth, and the jade within Xiao Bao’s hands immediately disappears.

When the rabbit has finished swallowing the jade, it scuttles to Xiao Bao’s side, sticking its tongue out to lick him.

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EMHS – ch152

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Chapter 152: Treat it as Draw?

Jun Shang, you… you mustn’t lose your mind a! You also mustn’t go crazy and take your anger out on this subordinate a!

But to his surprise, after a few breaths, Di Ming Jue comes back to himself and he doesn’t fly into a rage.

Instead, he’s expressionless. He says unhesitatingly, “No, it is you who lost. Because the time is up.”

Xiao Bao’s little face immediately sinks, his voice cold, “It’s not!”

“It is!”

The pair turns their heads and fiercely glare at Han Ye, “Say you, has the time ended or not?!”

Han Ye immediately quivers. He has a suffering expression as he stammers: “This subordinate… I… I… I was too nervous at the last moments, and forgot… forgot to count the time!”

Facing the murderous gazes of the two, Han Ye just wants to curl himself up into a ball and find a hole to squeeze into.

But he really doesn’t know!

In the end, when the little gongzi grabbed that vermilion jade, was it already a quarter of an hour or not?

Perhaps no one can be certain, and this will turn into a mystery for all eternity.

Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao simultaneously turn their heads back, and glare at each other.

“It’s your loss!”

“You lost!”

“The time wasn’t up yet!”

“It was!”

“You’re acting dumb, shameless!!”


Han Ye has never seen their Jun Shang bickering and be so childish.

The two appears to be in a deadlock, and who knows when they’ll be able to resolve it.

He gulps his spit, “Jun Shang, little gongzi, why not… why not treat it as a draw?”

Hearing Han Ye’s suggestion, the pair, one big and one small, both reveal hesitant expressions.

Xiao Bao opens his hands and looks at the vermilion jade in the middle of his palm. The refined features slightly pucker.

When he was arguing against Di Ming Jue, he seemed to be in the right, seemingly self-confident.

But Xiao Bao knows in his heart that he actually lost – he was given an unfair advantage in this challenge.

More than that, he feels that making this man never appear before him and his mother again… won’t make him happy either.

Xiao Bao scowls once again.

He’s not reluctant to part ways with this lecher!

Just… just… he still saved niangqin after all.

So, should he admit defeat?

As niangqin said, a man must display strength and discipline by admitting wins and losses, success or failure.

But he really likes this piece of jade.

From the first moment that he saw this vermilion jade, he already felt a sense of familiarity and attachment.

It’s like… like whenever he sees niangqin.

Xiao Bao wants to give this jade to her. He feels that, if niangqin gets this piece of vermilion jade, she’ll definitely be happy.

Unfortunately, he lost!

A loss is a loss, there’s no reason to deny.

Xiao Bao’s small face is cold. He slowly hands the jade over in front Di Ming Jue, “Return to you!”

But there’s a visible reluctance in those huge eyes, vivid and unmistakable.

Di Ming Jue takes the jade and gently strokes it with his fingers.

He could see Xiao Bao’s lingering gaze, and his own face reveals a rare indecisive expression.

If it had been anything else, he would have given this little guy what he wants.

But this vermilion jade…

Di Ming Jue himself doesn’t know where this piece of jade came from.

He only knows that after an incident five years ago, this jade had already appeared by his side.

The piece itself is not at all precious, even if it has those mysterious patterns.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for it to pass through the borders of the three realms, and brought down to the Yanwu Continent.

However, Di Ming Jue doesn’t know why he had been bringing this jade with him for all these years.

There’s always an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

This vermilion jade should be very important to him.

But the longing expression in the little guy’s eyes is now making him hesitate.

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