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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 159: You are the Antidote

No, that’s wrong!

Muyan can see the man’s flushed cheeks and the fire filling in his eyes. She says ‘this is bad’ in her mind.

Di Ming Jue didn’t lift the effects of drug. Instead, instead he’s directly resisting it.

His whole body hasn’t been rendered powerless and immobile. But it is still burning with desire.

This time, she really picked up a rock and smashed it on her own foot.

Muyan’s complexion changes, and just as she’s about to open her mouth and say something,

The man has already blocked her words.

In a split second, the flavor of an intense tyrannical invasion wrecks havoc within her mouth.

It’s as if he wants to soak her into his bones, every piece, taken into himself and merged into his flesh and blood.

The hand holding her also begins to misbehave.

Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract, and her pearly white teeth ruthlessly bite down.

The scent of blood instantly seeps through the gaps of her teeth.

A muffled groan comes out from the man, his rationality slightly comes back.

But he’s still watching her like a hungry wolf.

Muyan gulps down, “Wait, wait a minute, let me go. I can give you the antidote, I’ll give you the antidote!”

“No!” Di Ming Jue rejects without any hesitation, “You are Ben Jun’s antidote!”

Muyan: “!!!!”

Believe it or not, I, your great aunt, will castrate you, this smelly hooligan!

Di Ming Jue moves his hand, fingers slowly caressing her soft and supple face. His voice is heavy, as if suppressing an endless current of emotions, “Woman, it was you yourself who provoked Ben Jun first!”

As soon as this statement comes out, Muyan suddenly shudders.

A distant memory returns like a tide violently surging up.

That damp and dark cave, a man’s body burning like fire, the torment, the tearing pain.

After Di Ming Jue says this, she looks on distractedly, and slightly knits her brows.

This scene, this remark, why does it feel like deja vu?

In the next moment however, the light in Muyan’s eyes grows cold.

Slender jade fingers push out and raises up high.


Not far from her, the Tian Mo Qin seems to have sensed the call of it’s master.

It suddenly floats above the table, and hovers in the air.

The strings play along with the movements of Muyan’s fingers, playing on its own, making a noise similar to the hurried sound of rain.

The sudden sound of the zither takes Di Ming Jue aback.

The imprisonment on Muyan is also loosened slightly.

This is the chance!!

Muyan immediately bends her knees, and ruthlessly strikes it against a certain unmentionable part of a man.


There’s a loud thump, and the bed collapses. The dust falls from the beams.

Immediately after, a heaven-shaking roar comes out of Di Ming Jue, “Jun Muyan, you want to murder your husband!!”

Muyan stands a little ways away, Tian Mo Qin on hand, hair fluttering without wind. Her smile is lovely, like an evildoer that can overturn everything under the heavens, “What husband? Could it be that Jun Shang forgot that my husband is still buried beneath the soil right now? What I’m killing now is simply a lecher!”

Di Ming Jue is simply gnashing his teeth in hate.

This woman, why can’t she be like the other women that adore him and want to serve him?

Could it be that in Xiuxian Continent, all the women who are like bees and try to throw themselves at him with a thousand ways and a hundred plans, were they all fake?!

But the more Muyan is like this,

The more he loves her to his bones.

Even if she sets her clothes in order, her expression calm and leisurely,

Di Ming Jue can only stare at her feverishly, wishing he could hold this hateful woman and press her under his body, making her a part of him.

It’s clear that the draught’s effects has long been completely useless on him.

But the strongest aphrodisiac within him, is still his slipping self-control.

Di Ming Jue fixes his burning eyes at the woman before him, he slowly takes a step forward.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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    • Actually i hate the female lead doing. Why the hell she need to do that. Dmj didnt even bullied her son.

      He saved her in ghost city and this is her repayment.


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