EMHS – ch161

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 161: There’s! No! Need!

Han Ye’s voice comes to a grinding halt under Di Ming Jue’s murderous glare.

He shrinks his neck, then shrinks it even further – desperately trying to reduce his presence.

It’s over!

Miss Muyan must have retaliated against Jun Shang on account of the little gongzi.

If Jun Shang knows that he was the one who confessed to Miss Muyan, then he’s afraid that he won’t be able to see the sun rise tomorrow.

Han Ye is thinking how he can flee and disappear without a trace.

However, he sees Di Ming Jue suddenly frown and slightly raise his hand up.

In a split second, several glowing golden letters appear out of the void.

“Jun Shang, someone found traces of the Shen Musician, quickly return!”

Di Ming Jue’s expression suddenly becomes severe, his whole body going taut.

Despite being angered half to death by that little scoundrel, Muyan,

Information about the whereabouts of the Shen Musician absolutely mustn’t be leaked.

No one knows more clearly than Di Ming Jue how, a thousand years ago, the entire Xiuxian Continent, and even the Xiuzhen Continent, how cruel and decisive they were to pinch off and execute the Shen Musicians.

No one knows more than him, how fearful the major forces of the Xiuxian Continent are of the Shen Musicians.

Although Muyan received the Shen Musicians’s inheritance, she’s still too weak right now.

If those people know about Muyan, about the existence of the heir to the Shen Musicians,

The consequences are too horrible to imagine.

Di Ming Jue says in a low voice: “These next few days, I will return to the Xiuxian Continent.”

Han Ye also completely withdraws his funny demeanor, then asks with creased brows: “Jun Shang, are you going to use the law of [Wan Zong Gui Yuan]?

  • Ten Thousand Temples, Return to Fundamentals

The law of [Wan Zong Gui Yuan], is also using one’s mind to control an avatar.

However, it can solidify into a real entity, and the time he could stay in Xiuxian Continent will be extended by a lot.

But at the same time, Jun Shang’s main body in Yanwu Continent will fall into true suspension of consciousness. It can be said that he will be completely defenseless.

Di Ming Jue nods, and Han Ye no longer pursues the discussion. Instead, he only says: “Rest assured Jun Shang, this subordinate will certainly keep close and guard you.”

“Right, Jun Shang, what words do you want to leave for Miss Muyan?”

For example, sending another love letter to the other and what not?

As for Miss Muyan’s protection,

Hehe, Han Ye contemplates: in this mere Yanwu Continent, people who want to scheme against Miss Muyan, shouldn’t they be mourned instead?

Han Ye asks this because he thought Jun Shang would certainly cheerfully take up the pen and write.

Then just casually make him deliver some trunks of gold, silver, and jewelry to the other once again.

Who would have thought that after hearing this, Jun Shang would only squeeze out three syllables through gritted teeth: “There’s! No! Need!”

Hmph, he wants to properly give that woman the cold shoulder for several days!

Let her know that this Monarch’s sincere heart and sentiments, they’re not something that can be trampled with as one pleases.

In short, our Jun Shang is jealous, and petty, with a spoiled and proud glass heart.


On the other side however, Muyan is completely unaware that it will be quite a long while before she could see that spoiled and proud Jun Shang again.

Early in the next morning, Muyan goes out with Xiao Bao.

“Baby, in order to celebrate your promotion to the middle of Heaven Stage, niangqin will take you out to eat some delicious food and buy some new clothes, okay?”

Muyan beams and squeezes her son’s velvety little face.

Xiao Bao’s exquisitely handsome tiny face goes taut, his expression serious as he lets Muyan help herself in squishing him.

Muyan is tickled by her son’s appearance of acting like a small grownup. She can’t help but bend down and kiss his soft cheeks.

However, Xiao Bao moves his little face away.

Muyan can’t bear it anymore and laughs while swaying to and fro.

This attracts the passers by to look at them.

Seeing the beautiful girl and the little boy who’s as pretty as a painting, the passers-by can’t help but show admiring and good-natured smiles.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. Of course, narrative convention wouldn’t allow for these few days that Di Ming Jue are gone to pass peacefully, but just for fun: imagiine the look on Di Ming Jue’s face if he came back and found out Muyan hadn’t even realized he left.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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