EMHS – ch386

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Chapter 386: Who are you calling a bastard?
    Muyan’s lips lightly tick up, her smile carefree, “Why does it have to be so troublesome?”
    Saying that, under Bai Yichen’s bewildered look, she takes out a porcelain bottle.
    The cover on the dungeon’s entrance is lifted open, and Muyan places the porcelain bottle on her palm, slowly rousing her Mysterious Energy with it.
    Soon, they see a wisp of white smoke spiraling up and out from inside the bottle, snaking it’s way into the dungeon.
    About a tea time later.
    Muyan discards the bottle, and claps her hands, “Alright, let’s go in!”
    “Wait, you could get…”
    Before Bai Yichen could say the word “spotted”, he sees a scene that renders him dumbstruck.
    All the guards in the dungeon, each and every one of them has actually fallen down to the floor, sleeping like dead pigs.
    These guards, each of them is at the peak of Earth Stage or higher.
    The two heads even have higher cultivations compared to Bai Yichen.
    Such a group of death-ready warriors, put them outside and they can make people go pale at the mere mention of them – yet in spite of that, they can’t even endure a tea time under Muyan’s draught.
    With a gasp of surprise, Bai Yichen realizes why Jin Wangye insists on marrying her as Wangfei – even when he knows perfectly well that Muyan is unwilling, fully aware that she has a child.
    The entire dungeon has been completely cleared out by a bottle of draught from her.
    The pair quickly finds the imprisoned Lou Beiyu.
    They see the young man on the bed, sound asleep as he’s lying on his back, even letting out tiny snores, and there’s a suspicious liquid flowing out of the corners of his mouth.
    A smile slowly blossoms on Muyan’s face.
    Bai Yichen sees that bright smile on the girl’s face, but he feels a chill on his body. He can’t help but step back.
    The next moment, he hears a ‘bang’.
    Lou Beiyu, who’s sleeping without a care in the world, is unceremoniously kicked out from the bed, falling down to bite the mud like a dog.
    “Who, who is it? Which bastard dares to mount a sneak attack against this Prince!”
    Lou Beiyu jumps up from the ground, blustering and yelling as he assumes an aggressive pose.
    There’s a slap on the back of his head.
    A sweet-sounding female voice reaches his ears, “Who are you calling a bastard?”
    Hearing this voice, Lou Beiyu first goes rigid from head to foot.
    Then he suddenly turns around.
    Seeing the young woman’s absolutely beautiful features that are almost within reach, the rims of Lou Beiyu’s eyes immediately turn red.
    “Ma… Master? Is it really you? I… I’m not dreaming?”
    Muyan watches him with a smile that isn’t a smile, “I see that you have just been dreaming happily!”
    “Wuuu, wuuu… Master, Master, you’ve finally come to save me! Your apprentice has been so scared! That Jin Wangye is a pervert, Master must never ever marry that deviant… I don’t want that kind of Master-in-law!”
    Lou Beiyu pounces over to hug Muyan’s calf, crying his liver and intestines out.
    Muyan’s lifts up her foot and disdainfully shakes him off, “Alright, stop bawling.”
    “I’m warning you, this is the last time I’m coming to your rescue. Next time, if you’re so useless as to get captured by other people…”
    Lou Beiyu’s eyes are gleaming with tears, “Master, you’ll still save me, right?”
    Muyan coldly sends him a sidelong glance, her smile is gloomy, “Why don’t you guess?”
    Lou Beiyu shudders and trembles, then he continues to cry out loud without tears, “But aren’t I an innocent collateral damage? That Jin Wangye kidnapped me because he’s pining for Master!”
    “*Cough, cough*, anyway, Master, you’re not really going to get threatened by that Jin Wangye to marry him, are you? Don’t! This apprentice – I can break my head, I can spill my blood, but I absolutely cannot hold a funeral procession and burial for Master’s lifelong happiness!”
    Muyan pats his head and brings its closer, and she speaks with a grim smile: “After we get back, immediately look for Yan Haotian and report to him. Get hammered out and forged through the Ink Camp’s final tests, or I’ll kick you out of this apprenticeship.”

EMHS – ch317

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Chapter 317: Stay Put
    Nevertheless, Muyan’s smile is even more splendid, “If you want to know how to solve it, remember to secretly come and find me tonight, zi-shi*”
  • zi-shi=11pm-1am.
    Ying Mei blushes even deeper. What’s once cold as ice and frost, is now tangled up in hesitation.
    From Han Ye’s perspective, he thinks that Ying Mei is blushing, it’s–
    Is he shy from passion and full of tender feelings?!
    No! This won’t do! It cannot continue like this.
    Otherwise, if Jun Shang sees this scene, he’s afraid that Miss Muyan and Ying Mei won’t have a way to live.
    Han Ye is just about to step forward and force the two apart.
    Meanwhile, Muyan doesn’t know when, but she only notices that the flower in front of her suddenly appears behind her.
    And when Muyan still wanted to reach out her hand and tease Ying Mei, someone grabs her collar, pulling her into a chest.
    Muyan only feels that her body has crashed into a rock-like embrace.
    Her shoulders are in pain from the bump.
    Looking up, she immediately comes into contact with Di Ming Jue’s pitch-black eyes.
    Her eyes go bright, “How come you’ve returned so early today? How is Xiao Bao? Is he eating well, is he sleeping well? How’s his progress in his cultivation? Does he miss me…”
    Di Ming Jue’s face is as black as a pot!
    He doesn’t say a word in answer, but lifts up Muyan by the collar and pulls her straight into the house.
    “Hey, Di Ming Jue, don’t you know what it means to be gentle! I’m not resisting but you’re still dragging, you think your hauling a sack!”
    What piques Muyan’s curiosity is how Di Ming Jue doesn’t bring her back to the bedroom this time, but he takes her into a peculiar room instead.
    The kitchen!
    Why would Di Ming Jue bring her to the kitchen?
    Big hands direct her to sit at a chair by the table.
    Muyan is just about to stand up, but Di Ming Jue coldly sends her a glare, “Stay put.”
    Muyan blinks. This man’s anger isn’t small – just how did she provoke him this time?
    In the end, she still sits down and stays put anyways.
    Soon after, the scene that she sees… renders her dumbstruck.
    She watches as Di Ming Jue takes out a blue apron from who-knows-where, and throws it in front of Muyan.
    Slightly raising his chin, he has a proud face as he says: “Put it on Ben Jun!”
    His speaking voice is awfully cold, the grandeur of his entire body is very imperious, very dashing.
    But wait a minute!
    What ghost is making her put the apron on him?
    Apron, Di Ming Jue… this… is this combination also supposed to go side by side and fly under the sun?
    Muyan is dazed and perplexed as she stands up, and ties the apron on Di Ming Jue.
    Afterwards, the golden noble, Jun Shang-daren stands in front of the stove, and begins to skillfully cook.
    Muyan, “…”
    Wait a minute! Is she really not hallucinating?
    Di Ming Jue actually, personally goes to the kitchen to cook?
    Muyan rubs her eyes, and rubs them again.
    And yet the scene before her eyes doesn’t change at all.
    Oh God!!
    Di Ming Jue is actually cooking, even wearing an apron as he does!
    The most remarkable point is how this man is doing something so incompatible, and wearing such a feminine apron – but for some reason, he still seems so handsome and incomparable; the temperament is so aloof and proper, like he’s simply sitting on his throne, overlooking his territory.
    Muyan goes sluggish for a while.
    Then the delicious food is already coming over.
    Di Ming Jue looks cold and detached, even having a faint wrinkle on his brows. He has personally scooped out a bowl of soup, setting it in front of Muyan: “Not eating?”
    “Eat! I’ll eat!”
    Muyan abruptly comes back to her senses, and tastes a mouthful of soup.
    The delicious and savory flavors flood her whole mouth.
    She snaps her eyes wide open and incredulously looks at Di Ming Jue, “The meals during the first few days, did you cook them yourself?”

EMHS – ch312

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Chapter 312: Cover half the face with a lute*
  • referenced from a story = a woman hiding half of her face with the pipa/lute she’s playing, in order to hide her true feelings; Shyness.
    “Better-looking than your guards?”
    Without a doubt!
    “Better than Xiao Bao’s real father?”
    Muyan is startled. Her expression somewhat resumes to being sober and calm.
    Di Ming Jue sees how she regains her wits at the mention of Xiao Bao’s father.
    It’s obvious how much influence Xiao Bao’s father has on her.
    A certain Jun Shang can only fume with rage between gritted teeth.
    He captures Muyan’s small hand and presses it over his belt, “Why don’t you continue?”
    Muyan’s sight falls on her own hand, and her fingers can’t help but tremble.
    Because of that slight shake, her palm could feel the smooth, supple and strong muscles underneath it.
    It’s feels really nice, it’s making her nose feverish.
    “No! No need! This is enough!”
    If she goes and continues to strip him, she would feel herself turning into a she-wolf, and might directly pounce on this evildoer before her.
    “This is enough?” Di Ming Jue discontentedly quirks up his brows, “But I recall that when Muyan was painting those other men, weren’t they all stripped naked?”
    Muyan forces a laugh: “How can Jun Shang-daren be mentioned on in the same breath as those ordinary folk? Even if they’re all stripped bare, they couldn’t compare with Jun Shang, even when you’re covering half your face with a lute! Don’t you think so too?”
    Di Ming Jue’s complexion goes black.
    What ‘covering half your face with a lute’? Is he a woman?
    In the end, is this little woman complimenting him or not?
    However, he sees Muyan’s face redden so suddenly that water might start to drip out.
    Her eyes are looking at the ceiling and then the floor, not daring to make contact with his eyes.
    Di Ming Jue’s mood gets a little better.
    He releases Muyan’s hand and casually half-leans on the couch. He holds a wine cup in his hand, and lightly takes a sip.
    The man in front of her clearly has a cold and detached expression, his eyes are also not showing any trace of emotion.
    Yet every inch of his entire body, every cell, is oozing with incomparable sensuality and charm.
    Muyan composes herself and animatedly sets out to try and find what looks like black gauze, a semi-transparent outer garment. She loosely drapes it over Di Ming Jue.
    The perfect chest and abdominal muscles are still clearly bared.
    Not only does the semi-transparent outer garment fail to cover anything, on the contrary, the man’s evil charm and arrogance is vividly put out on display.
    Muyan’s eyes are bright in their astonishment.
    All the distracting thoughts in her brain fade away and disappear without a trace. She takes up the brush and begins to paint on the paper.
    Time goes by little by little.
    From nightfall to deep into the evening.
    And the man’s figure on the paper has also become a little more vivid and distinct.
    For the whole duration, Muyan has an extremely focused expression.
    Even the hunger in her stomach, her parched mouth that’s chapping her lips, the exhaustion that’s making her complexion go wan – none of them is giving her a thread of distraction.
    A few strands of hair falls down from both sides of her temples, framing and contrasting her pale features.
    Not the slightest bit does it show haggardness, but instead, it’s making the girl’s snow white skin glisten and shine brightly like precious jade under the moonlight.
    Such a focused Muyan, without her usual laziness and mischief, she exudes a type of beauty that exists between pure and seductive.
    Merely looking at her like this, it could make people’s blood rush – it’s unbearable.
    Di Ming Jue lightly sips his wine.
    Little by little, those pair of ice-blue irises are catching a red fire.
    Indeed, it’s of extreme longing and desire.
    Looking at his beloved woman, it’s as if a beast is roaring to break out.
    Just then, not far from him, the girl puts the brush down, a relieved smile showing up on her face.
    Her clear and exquisite features shine like a bright moon, her beauty is suffocating.
    It appears that Di Ming Jue couldn’t endure it anymore.
    He suddenly gets up, and in a blink of an eye, he’s already right in front of Muyan.
    Muyan shrugs her somewhat sore wrist, contentedly sighing her praises, “Di Ming Jue, this may be my life’s best work… mmph–!!”

EMHS – ch311

Chapter 311: Isn’t Ben Jun the most attractive
    When she comes back to her senses, she finds that Di Ming Jue has brought her in front of a table.
    And a brush has been stuffed into her hands.
    Muyan stares blankly. What is she supposed to do with this?
    An evil smile emerges in Di Ming Jue’s eyes: “Didn’t you want to paint Ben Jun?”
    Muyan looks at his face, so beautiful under the candlelight that it doesn’t seem to belong to a mortal, and she then looks at the painting brush in her hand. She can’t help but gulp.
    Paint the man before her eyes half-naked, when he’s more handsome than an evildoer?
    Only imagining it, she could feel her nose somewhat heating up.
    “What? Muyan can paint other men, but dare not paint Ben Jun? Say, does Muyan harbor ulterior motives?”
    “That… why wouldn’t I dare.” Muyan grits her teeth, weak-kneed as she makes a show of strength by saying, “Then I’ll paint!”
    “As long as you won’t regret it later!”
    If she can draw such an enchantingly beautiful man into a painting, what would she be sorry for!
    Paint, of course she’ll paint!
    Who wouldn’t paint in this situation is a fool!
    A smile quickly flashes through Di Ming Jue’s eyes, “As long as it’s for Muyan to see, how can Ben Jun regret it?”
    Saying that, he opens his arms once again.
    He has the appearance that says ‘do as you please’, waiting for Muyan to come and undress him.
    Muyan bites her lower lip, her eyes like glimmering water under the candlelight.
    There seems to be a fire burning in her body, the heat scalding the hollows of her palms.
    For some reason, she who fears neither the Heaven nor the Earth… actually wants to shrink back.
    But the man has a smile that isn’t a smile, like he’s taunting her with his gaze.
    Muyan holds her heart tight, and directly reaches out to grab the front part of his clothes.
    Being encroached upon, the man pays it no mind, while she is well embarrassed.
    The outer garment comes undone.
    The man’s clean chest and abdominal muscles have become completely exposed.
    Under the light of the candle, they seem to be coated with a tempting layer of honey.
    Muyan’s eyes brighten all of a sudden, even somewhat captivated by the man’s body in front of her.
    Yesterday, Di Ming Jue also half removed his clothes, trying to making her paint.
    But at that time, she was completely preoccupied with blushing from shame, completely not knowing where to put her eyes.
    So she only had a vague look of the man’s perfect muscles and those flowing, sensual lines.
    Now that she could have a clear look, a fire seems to burn in her soul.
    This man before her eyes is an evildoer!
    Stunning to the extreme, it could make everyone under the heaven go crazy.
    Muyan believes that if this man is used as a model for a painting, it would inevitably bring about the most outstanding work of art in the world.
    The girl is almost within Di Ming Jue’s reach, so he could naturally see the fascination in her eyes.
    He can’t help but be happy, but also be indignant.
    He’s happy that he really is attractive enough.
    Those women in the Xiuxian Continent that have been crying and screaming that they want to marry him – they weren’t shouting falsehoods.
    This little woman in front him, the mouth may always disregard him, but the body is still honest.
    Yet he’s indignant.
    This woman looks at his body, and only has pure fascination and admiration in her eyes.
    There’s not the smallest bit of that bashfulness and longing as a woman.
    She’s really treating him as a scenery for a painting!
    She’s only stunned and fascinated, so what about it?
    There will come a day where he will turn the fascination in this little woman’s eyes, into an obsession that only holds him.
    Di Ming Jue reaches his out his hand, gently lifting Muyan’s delicate, snow white chin.
    His eyes falls on those captivating red lips, “How about it? Is Ben Jun’s body to your satisfaction?”
    Muyan nods again and again, her eyes loitering on his body and twinkling brightly.
    Di Ming Jue leans a little close again, his voice lowering, “Say, isn’t Ben Jun the best-looking?”
    Muyan nods again.
    “Better than Ying Mei?”
    Nod, nod!
    “Better than your guards?”

EMHS – ch295

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Chapter 295:
    “Good, good! Really so sensational! Master, they’re truly worthy of being your people, they’re more majestic compared to the guards in the palace. Hurry and arrange yourselves into good poses, I’m going to paint!”
    He lifts up his brush as he talks.
    After a few strokes however, he slightly frowns once again, “I have this feeling that something isn’t quite right, they seem to lack a core point, one with a more explosive strength. Isn’t that right, Master?”
    Muyan nods in agreement.
    There’s nothing good to be said about her apprentice’s martial training, but his talent in painting is excellent.
    Seeing Muyan’s approval, Lou Beiyu’s eyes immediately shines brightly as his gaze shifts to the rest of the Ink Camp members.
    Those people from the Ink Camp who have been gloating all this while, suddenly become dumbstruck. Their complexions changing in color as they make contact with Lou Beiyu’s line of sight.
    They wish they could run.
    Under Muyan’s smiling gaze however, each and every one of these men have their legs shaking, and they don’t dare to budge.
    “Wuu, wuu… Miss, spare us! We didn’t do anything wrong!”
    “Yes, yes! We really didn’t do anything wrong ah! There’s no need to receive punishment, is there?”
    Lou Beiyu has an emotional face as he says: “You guys would be devoting yourselves to art, how can you say that it’s a punishment? Isn’t that right, Master?”
    Muyan’s mouth curls up, her smile is like a flower, her face is resplendent like the blazing sun, and luminous like the moon.
    “Miss.” a deep and low voice suddenly speaks from behind her.
    Chang Yu slowly walks up before Muyan, and kneels down on one knee. With a slight bow, “This subordinate is willing to enter the painting.”
    In an instant, the whole audience goes quiet.
    The Ink Camp’s people blink, and then they pick their ears… but they still can’t believe it.
    Could it be that their Ink Camp’s most outstanding elite, Chang Yu, is stupid?
    However, Chang Yu doesn’t care about anyone’s reaction.
    He simply gets up, directly and efficiently taking off the clothes on his body.
    It reveals a capable, tall, slender, and clean body.
    Chang Yu’s face is covered with knife wounds, rough and unattractive; it’s strange that his figure is exceptionally good.
    The skin is fine, smooth and tight – the expanse filled with honey-colored appeal.
    Even the normally calm Muyan is also somewhat dumbfounded.
    What’s with this turn of events?!
    “Good, good, good! Incredibly good! This is the fulcrum that I want, a unique and unmatched core!”
    Nevertheless, Lou Beiyu is so moved that he jumps up from his seat.
    He sets out in a flitter to take a piece of black cloth, tying it on the other’s waist.
    Chang Yu is pushed to the center of the eight individuals, and he assumes an ambiguous drunk-like pose.
    A stance like this, along with his thin-waisted and long-legged build, it’s actually indescribably fascinating – it could make people’s blood boil.
    Guan Hu and the others, who were originally lacking in cohesion like loose sand, also seem to melt into a whole under his impetus.
    Looking quietly, each detail is the interpretation of the true essence of power and beauty.
    Muyan withdraws her astonished expression from just a moment ago, and her admiring gaze sweeps through this scene, ultimately falling on Chang Yu.
    This is really a scene of beauty that could stir people’s souls.
    Since she could be Lou Beiyu’s Master, her attainments in the field of painting is naturally extremely high.
    That’s why she understands better than anyone, how this seemingly shameful scene can jolt and move a painter.
    Moreover, under such a shock, there’s a faint hint of insight in her heart.
    Her cultivation that has been stagnating for a long time seems to loosen.
    Muyan has a focused expression as she looks at this scene, looking at Chang Yu who’s acting as a fulcrum.
    However, she doesn’t notice how Chang Yu’s drooping lashes faintly quiver.
    He lifts up his eyes every now and then, the gaze looking at her filled with a kind of passion and sentiment.

EMHS – ch294

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Chapter 294: Wearing too much

The unsettling premonition in their hearts is like a runaway wild horse galloping over.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Lou Beiyu claps his hands and excitedly says: “Didn’t you guys just say that you want me to punish you?”

“There’s no need for a punishment, all of you should just model for me for one day.”

“Just like my guards, take off your clothes and assume various kinds of poses, I swear it’s very easy. I draw very fast…”

Guan Hu feels the overflowing cold sweat oozing out from his head.

He takes a step back, and then another, “Hehe… there’s… there’s no need, it would be better for us to accept the Miss’ and the Little Master’s punishment…”

After saying that, the group looks at Lou Beiyu like they’re looking at a ghost.

They brace themselves to run.

Who knows that it would be at this time that Muyan’s silvery sweet-sounding voice is heard from behind them, “I actually think that this punishment is pretty good.”


Guan Hu’s form goes frozen all of a sudden, the fine cold sweat turns into a waterfall.

Like struggling on the deathbed, “Little Master, we’re willing to receive hellish drills.”

“Right, right! We’re willing to receive hellish practice!”

Xiao Bao looks at them expressionlessly, then he coldly says: “Niangqin says it’s good, then it’s good!”

“Owowow… don’t, aaah–!!!”

“Save me–!!”


While they’re wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, the several people from the Ink Camp who had beaten up Lou Beiyu and his guards – they’re all stripped off of their clothes.

Only leaving a few suggestive ornaments to cover up the important places on their bodies.

Some have pink scarves.

Some have red maple leaves.

There are even some that have shells with inlaid pearls, specially covering up the three crucial points.

Yan Haotian forcefully suppresses Guan Hu and the others who want to resist.

As soon as he turns around, he sees Feng Haitang standing beside Muyan, and she’s staring attentively at this scene.

Those eyes that have always been indifferent well up with a smiling expression, brimming with interest.

Like a child, curious and innocent.

Yan Haotian hasn’t seen this lively Feng Haitang for a long time.

Since they met again, Yan Haotian has been refusing to accompany Feng Haitang, making her reticent, almost completely losing the smile on her face.

Looking at this scene, Yan Haotian is supposed to be gratified and happy.

However, seeing that Feng Haitang’s eyes are practically stuck to those men’s naked bodies-

Yan Haotian’s heart can’t help but burst into flames. He almost doesn’t think about it, as he steps forward and cover Feng Haitang’s eyes, pulling the other to go out.

Feng Haitang is startled at first, and she wants to resist.

But after she discovers that the person pulling her is Yan Haotian, the corners of her mouth immediately curve up into a gentle smile.

Like that, she obediently follows him to leave.

The pair’s departure doesn’t have any effect on the painting’s progress inside.

Each one in Guan Hu’s group seem like they’re mourning a deceased mother, wishing they could knock their heads and die.

If they knew that beating up that weak chicken would ultimately result in this plight, they would absolutely never touch a hair on that chicken.

Seeing Yan Haotian leave, Guan Hu’s eyeballs spin round and round, secretly wanting to slip away.

Before he could take a step however, he hears Muyan’s smiling voice, “I say, Guan Hu, you seem to be wearing too much clothes on your body. Why don’t you pull down that outer layer of black muslin!”

“Don’t!” at once, Guan Hu is only short of kneeling to this great aunt, “Laozi won’t run! I won’t run, don’t do it!”

The other members of the Ink Camp, those that aren’t receiving punishment – there’s no way that they would worry about the other’s anguished wailing.

Each one of them is snickering and laughing, going over to tear that cloth on him, letting his majestic body be completely displayed in front of others.

Lou Beiyu’s excited eyes are shining.

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EMHS – ch293

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Chapter 293: In the end, what ARE you studying?
    Although Lou Beiyu and his guards have been beaten miserably, in the end, it’s still just wounds.
    They’re easily cured under Muyan’s hands.
    Lou Beiyu frowns as he drinks a bowl of medicine.
    Just as he puts his medicine bowl down, he sees the robust men of the Ink Camp standing in a row in front of his bed.
    Each one of them are fierce and frightening, looking at him like they’re itching to skin him alive and chop up his corpse.
    “You… what are you guys up to?!” Lou Beiyu’s voice unintentionally trembles a bit.
    He’s really scared from the recent beating.
    Bewildered, he listens to the man who was the first one to throw a punch at him just a while ago, the other’s voice coarse and gruff: “Speak, how do you want to punish us?”
    “‘Ah’ what ‘ah’? If you don’t punish us, Little Master will surely peel off a layer of our skin later.”
    Seeing Lou Beiyu put on a clueless face, Guan Hu gets even angrier that he steps forward.
    All throughout, Guan Hu sizes him up from left to right, and the more he looks, the more dissatisfied his expression becomes.
    If he looks at this appearance of a weak chicken, and thinks that this man is the Miss’ apprentice, he might as well be seeing a ghost*.
  • unbelievable
    You can’t blame them for beating him up!
    “You’re really Miss’ disciple?” the disdain in his tone is almost overflowing.
    As soon as Lou Beiyu hears this, his hair immediately stands on end, “Of course I’m Master’s apprentice!!”
    This group can question his identity as a prince, but they can’t question his relationship with his Master and Little Senior.
    Guan Hu curls his lips and says: “With your appearance of a weak chicken, what part of you looks like the Miss’ apprentice? And which part looks like the Little Master’s junior?”
    Who would’ve thought that after he gets scolded by other people as a ‘weak chicken’, Lou Beiyu doesn’t show the slightest bit of shame or annoyance.
    He looks righteous and self-confident instead, “What I’m learning under Master isn’t martial arts anyway, what does me being weak have anything to do with being her apprentice?”
    “Not martial arts? Then what it is? Medicine?”
    Lou Beiyu has a profound and mysterious expression as he shakes his head.
    “Not medicine? Is it refining draughts?”
    He goes on with shaking his head.
    At this time, the Ink Camp’s men have really become curious.
    “In the end, what are you studying under Miss?”
    Lou Beiyu shows a mysterious smile, then he has people fetch over a parcel from the side. He takes out a decorated Hanging Scroll from within it.
    As the scroll slowly unfurls, the crowd of rough men from the Ink Camp finally gets a look at the vivid and lifelike painting on it, then everyone is petrified.
    “Th-thi-this… what is this?!” Guan Hu’s rough voice quacks madly like a duck, letting out a yell that’s as shrill as a court eunuch’s.
    All of the other members of the Ink Camp are also dumbstruck, looking sluggish.
    Really, the scene on this display is too hard to accept.
    The painting is of a man who is seven-foot tall like them, but wearing light muslin clothes, and adopting a drunken and alluring pose.
    The scene is still very beautiful. That seven-foot man has a hazy face, but his stance is a perfect combination of grace and strength.
    That picture is so vivid and lifelike, as if it will jump out of the paper.
    Goddamn realistic!!
   Guan Hu has a lifeless look in his eyes as he turns to Lou Beiyu, “You… what you’re studying under Miss…”
    “It’s this!” Lou Beiyu’s face is in awe as he exclaims in admiration, “Master’s painting skills are much better than mine. She originally gave me a few paintings of guards drawn as beauties, and every roll seems to have a soul. At this time, even though I’ve already been working hard to practice, I have yet to reach a tenth of Master’s skill.”
    His voice suddenly halts.
    He looks up and down, sizing up Guan Hu and the others, the light in his eyes getting brighter and brighter.
    And Guan Hu’s group has each of their scalps go numb, and they can’t wait to break into a run and escape.

EMHS – ch292

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Chapter 292: Master, Senior Brother, Save me!
    Each of their eyes glow green, exceedingly excited.
    “Come, this group of Xuan Medical Pavilion brats, you finally have the guts to drop by and cause trouble! Laozi has been waiting, they have been waiting, we’re all going to get moldy soon!”
    “That’s right, getting drilled day by day without fights, it’s just living death!”
    “Brothers, the fat sheep have come to deliver themselves, go and beat them up for me. Just don’t kill them so we don’t get bored!”
    Lou Beiyu has just pushed his guards aside, and he opens his mouth to talk: “Who are you people? Dare to be in my way, hurry and step aside, I want to look for my Mas…”
    He still hasn’t finished saying “Master” when a huge fist is already coming over to punch his face.
    “Ooww–!” a scream!
    It’s immediately followed by the sound of fighting.
    It only takes the time of a few dozens of breaths, and Lou Beiyu and the guards he brought are already lying on the ground.
    Each of them has a bloody nose and a swollen face, exhaling better than they could inhale, completely unable to crawl up.
    Guan Hu sits right on top of Lou Beiyu, laughing grimly: “Say, who sent you? What do you want to do by running to our Junji Medical Center?”
    Lou Beiyu ferociously glares at Guan Hu, gnashing his teeth, “You… you group of scoundrels! You dare to do this to me, my Master and Senior Brother won’t let you off!”
    “Owwie, I’m so scared!” Guan Hu picks his ears, “Why don’t you tell me what are the names of your Master and Senior Brother, take a look if we Laozis would be scared or not!”
    “Hahaha!” the surrounding people of the Ink Camp bursts into a roaring laughter.
    Just as they’re laughing, they suddenly hear a sudden disturbance from the crowd.
    Someone shouts, “It’s the Enchantress, the Enchantress and the Little Gongzi have come back!”
    Soon after, they see a young woman in black clothes, her complexion like snow, and she’s leading along an adorable, snowy jade child. They’re slowly coming over.
    The instant he sees the two-
    Lou Beiyu’s eyes suddenly turn red, and he tears a loud shout from his throat: “Master, Little Senior, save me!”
    Everyone seems to hear the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.
    Guan Hu’s body goes stiff, he turns his head and woodenly looks at Lou Beiyu, “You… who are you calling Master?”
    At this time, Xiao Bao has already broken from Muyan’s hand, gradually walking over before him.
    His eyes look from Lou Beiyu’s crying face, and slowly shifts to fall on Guan Hu, who’s already frozen from head to foot and couldn’t budge.
    “Little… Little Master, you…”
    Xiao Bao slightly narrows his eyes, and uses that distinctive ice-cold childish voice to say: “What do you want to do to my stupid junior?”
    Lou Beiyu still wanted to contain the tears within his eyes at first, but hearing the other say that, the tears rush out all of a sudden.
    “Little Senior, you must get justice for me ah!”
    Xiao Bao turns his head away in disgust, then he spits out the word “stupid”.
    However, the little hand still stretches out to grab Guan Hu’s collar, and he directly throws the man out.
    During all of that, Muyan is all smiles as she stands watching by the side, and there’s a peculiar light dancing in her eyes.
    Xiao Bao may seem cold.
    But to those that he regards as his own people, he will cover up for them.
    For example, this three-day apprentice of hers, the stupid prince that didn’t even learn half a stroke from her.
    Only because Lou Beiyu calls him “Little Senior”, and trusts him wholeheartedly.
    “Mi… Miss!” the Ink Camp’s men tremble with fear as they stand in a row and bow before Muyan, shrinking their heads, looking pitiful and listless, “We really didn’t know that he’s actually your apprentice.”
    Mainly because the Miss and the Little Master are obviously so valiant.
    But this apprentice is too weak!

EMHS – ch291

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Chapter 291: It’s my Master!
    Lou Beiyu is just extremely satisfied with his own masterpiece.
    He thinks to himself that Master is so clever for making him draw a burly man, and not a beautiful woman.
    Sure enough, his painting skills has improved by leaps and bounds.
    When he sees Master, he must let her have a proper look, and make her praise him!
    And the youth looking at the painting can’t help but twitch his mouth, wanting to say something but couldn’t.
    It’s at this time that a small eunuch hurriedly rushes in and sees the pair. He bows his head and pays his respects: “Eldest Prince, Third Prince, this humble one has something to report.”
    “What is it?”
    “There… there’s news from Tianyuan City.” the small eunuch raises his head, looking excited and emotional, “A famous and outstanding doctor has reportedly appeared there, with the ability of curing intestinal blockage that has already reached the final stages, even capable of treating the dead. Some people even say that her medical skills are more amazing than the Godly Doctor Qian!”
    “Which doctor? More amazing than Dr. Qian, you say?” Lou Beiyu’s eyes brighten, “What’s the name, the backing? Since it’s within my Chi Yan Country’s territory, ask the individual to come to the Palace and treat my eldest brother.”
    “This…” the eunuch shows a hint of hesitation, “I’ve heard that the Godly Doctor has a very eccentric temperament, only seeing a few patients a day, can’t be bought on anyone’s account. I’m afraid that it won’t be so easy to invite…”
    Lou Beiyu wrinkles his brows all of a sudden, “What’s up with that? Even daring to not answer the summons from our Imperial Palace? Talk, what is his origins? Is it another individual from Xuan Medical Pavilion? Related to Qian Qing?”
    The little eunuch shakes his head, “The informer in Tianyuan City said that this doctor, she’s called — the Enchantress of Medicine. The idea being, an otherworldly enchantress with life-saving hands. This phrase doesn’t just pertain to that doctor’s miraculous medical skill, more than that, it’s because she is a young woman with an extremely beautiful, country-destroying appearance.”
    “Young woman?!” Lou Beiyu’s eyes suddenly widens.
    It’s as if he thought of something, as there seems to be some sort of fire burning in his eyes.
    “What’s her name?”
    “The Enchantress-daren is called… Jun… Jun Muyan.”
    Lou Beiyu trips on his feet, stumbling to the ground and cutting a sorry figure.
    “Third Brother!” the young man on the bed cries out in alarm, wanting to reach out and help the other up.
    But he sees Lou Beiyu rapidly get up to stand, the face that he fell on is still a quite red, with an irrepressible smile that’s bursting with excitement, “Brother, it’s Master! The Enchantress Jun Muyan is the Master I’ve been telling you about!”
   “I say, Master can definitely cure you! Just you wait, I will go to Tianyuan City at once, go to Master and ask her to come over and see you for treatment! Trust me, Master is all-powerful, she’ll definitely be able to cure your illness!”
    Tianyuan City, Junji Medical Center.
    “Step aside, step aside! Don’t block the path, let our Royal-… let our young master pass!”
    The thronging crowd of people outside the medical center are suddenly pushed out of the way by a few robust men, which are dressed similarly to each other.
    Each one of these men is at least at the Profound Stage of cultivation, they have a fierce expression in their eyes, and their momentum is compelling. One look can tell you that they’re not to be trifled with.
    One after another, the people in the crowd move to the side, but they have worried looks on their faces.
    “How come some people have dropped in to cause trouble again? Don’t tell me it’s the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s people wanting to start with the Enchantress again?”
    “This is really going too far, the Junji Medical Center has clearly done nothing wrong, but people come to make trouble over and over.”
    This commotion has also alerted the Ink Camp guarding the medical center.
    They’ve already been called out, prepared that they might receive the counterattack from Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    Hearing the commotion now, they rush out to see a group of fierce-looking big men.

EMHS – ch290

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Chapter 290: Not Meet
    Isn’t this just… torture that’s worse than death?
    Her enemy has mysteriously been dealt with already?
    Although she very much wanted this dog leg* of Qian Qing to die without a burial site-
  • one who follows a villain
    But… in the end, who is it that’s a step ahead of her?
    Muyan slightly knits her brows, taking two slow steps into the room.
    Suddenly, a strange scent hits the tip of her nose, making her breath falter a bit.
    However, she very quickly comes back to normal, and leaves with a puzzled face.
    After Muyan has left, two figures emerge.
    Han Ye can’t help but quietly ask: “Jun Shang, don’t you intend to meet with Miss Muyan?”
    He sees the man beside him turn his head away, his expression just as cold and unapproachable as ever.
    However, those blue eyes contain a trace of fuming resentment.
    “I won’t meet with her!”
    Han Ye can only roll his eyes in secret.
    Say you won’t meet her, but aren’t you actually deeply worried that you’re unable to stand still! You’ve even engaged in such a thing like stalking.
    Say you won’t meet her, but you don’t want to see Miss Muyan getting close to other men, immediately getting madly jealous!
    Say you won’t meet her, but you don’t want to see Miss Muyan get hurt, hurriedly storming over to take revenge for the other!
    Chi Yan, Royal Palace.
    “Cough, cough, cough….” the sound of violent coughs, along with the pungent scent of medication, fills this room.
    As soon as Lou Beiyu hears that coughing sound, he promptly abandons his painting brush to rush over, helping to prop up the man on the bed. With deep concern on his face: “Big brother, how do you feel? Are you okay?”
    The young man on the bed shakes his head and shows a weak smile. He looks up towards Lou Beiyu.
    The young man has a handsome face, but an extremely pale complexion.
    Those pair of beautiful eyes even seem to be covered with a layer of cloudiness, making him look like he can’t see clearly, like he’s blind.
    Particularly whenever he coughs, this layer of cloudiness becomes even thicker.
    Lou Beiyu looks at the young man’s deathly pale face, the sweat on his forehead, and the worsening whiteness in his eyes. Lou Beiyu’s gaze becomes worried, “Brother, isn’t your illness getting worse and worse? Listen to me, why don’t you come with me and see my Master? Maybe Master can cure you?”
    “Cough cough” the youth briefly coughs twice, then he shakes his head with a forced smile, “You also said that your Master is an apothecary, not a doctor. My illness can’t be cured by medication. Even the Godly Doctor Qian Qing can’t do anything about it, how can someone else cure me? There’s no need to run around and be trouble with this, is there?”
    Lou Beiyu wants to argue that his master is all-powerful.
    But thinking about it, he also hasn’t seen Master work except for sewing chicken legs… ah ptui, the art of healing that is sewing his own legs – he has no knowledge of her other medical skills.
    If he makes his big brother go through all the trouble, but still get deemed incurable, then his brother will definitely feel deeply hurt.
    Moreover, there’s the problem that he doesn’t know where his Master is right now!
    “Don’t say that. Brother, look at this painting that I had just drawn, how about it? Quite great improvements, right?”
    Since it’s a dilemma, Lou Beiyu just opens up another topic, “Look, look. This is Emperor Father’s Imperial bodyguard. His body is the most satisfactory among all my work.”
    On the paper that Lou Beiyu has spread out, there’s a detailed drawing of man that’s almost completely naked, only having leaves and vines to cover those important bits.
    That man’s tall and sturdy stature is riddled with muscles.
    But made to assume a gentle and beautiful posture by Lou Beiyu, it’s really, truly strange.
    Putting this kind of strange pose into a painting shows an unusual aesthetic of strength and beauty.