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Chapter 528: Fulfilling the terms of the wager

Shi Lanling’s whole body shudders, and she fearfully lowers her head.

She sees the Ghost Slave’s hideous face, covered in blood, as it stops by her feet.

A pair of turbid, bloodshot eyes are firmly staring straight at her.

Within, there’s confusion, dread, as well as desperation for what’s about to befall him.


Shi Lanling lets out a shrill screech, her butt falling down to the floor.

Han Ye simply and casually wipes the blood off the sword in his hand, sneering: “As I said, if you dare to covet my family’s Lady, you’re simply courting death.”

Saying that, he beams at Liu Se, “Ghost King Liu, excuse me, I directly dealt with your subordinate on your behalf. You don’t have any objections, do you?”

Liu Se’s complexion is ashen, but she couldn’t come up with a single word to say.

Han Ye continues: “So what about that one? Do you still want me to go on and handle it for you?”

As he speaks, his sword is pointing at Shi Lanling, who’s on the brink of falling apart.

Liu Se slowly walks over, until she’s next to Shi Lanling.

Shi Lanling raises her head, looking at Liu Se with hope across her whole face, “Ghost King Liu, help me, save me! I don’t want my meridians destroyed, I don’t want to turn into a cripple…”

Before she could finish what she’s saying, Liu Se’s hand presses down on the crown of her head.

Along with a chilling breath, a powerful energy suddenly pours down from the top of Shi Lanling’s head.


There’s suddenly sounds from Shi Lanling’s body, like a leakage from a rubber water sack.

Soon after, everyone watches as Shi Lanling’s eyes, ears, mouth and nose, her five orifices; as well as the surface of her skin — they all have blood seeping out.

No, saying that it’s ‘seeping out’ would be inaccurate, it should be described as ‘gushing out’.

A few short breaths later, Shi Lanling limply falls down and lies on a pool of blood.

At this very moment, she not only has her meridians destroyed.

Even the bones on her limbs have fractured from the shaking.

And her appearance which could originally by regarded as outstanding, it has also become riddled with holes and sores, bloody pores.

The Great Hall is as silent as a grave.

Even the crowd of doctors who so hated Shi Lanling just a moment ago-

As they see her miserable state now, they couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

The magnificent Fairy of the Ghost City, the alchemy genius that every person in the Yanwu Continent reveres, praises and envies-

In but a short instant, she’s completely crippled, turned into a mushy living lump that is no better than being dead.

And the one who did it is Ghost King Liu Se, this individual who should originally be on the same side as Shi Lanling.

Liu Se’s heart is so hard and black!

Liu Se takes out a handkerchief and wipes the hand that had just touched Shi Lanling’s head. There’s a smile on her face, “I wonder if this fulfills the terms of the wager? Is it to your satisfaction, Miss Jun?”

Muyan also responds with a smile.

But this smile simply doesn’t reach her eyes, “Ghost King Liu, now that the alchemy competition is over, and the bet has also been fulfilled, shouldn’t you let me examine the Ghost Lord’s illness?”

“Of course.” an obscure light flickers within Liu Se’s eyes, “Miss Jun, you’ve already proven your medical expertise, you’re naturally qualified to treat the Ghost Lord. Then please, Miss Jun, come and follow me!”

That said, not waiting for the other to respond, she turns around and walks to the back of the Hall.

The doctors see that Muyan wants to follow, and they immediately get anxious.

“Little girl, don’t go! That person is so vicious and merciless, who knows if she wants to do you harm!”

“That’s right! See how viciously she dealt with Shi Lanling, you must absolutely not believe this person!”

“The Ghost Lord is neither your relative nor your friend, there’s no need for you to take risks in order to save him!”

Muyan smiles softly, “Elders need not worry, I would naturally be careful and vigilant against this person.”

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EMHS – CH524

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Chapter 524: Broaden your horizon

That’s because all the medicinal effects have converged inside the Pill, without the smallest leak to the outside.

Otherwise, a Xiuxian Continent Immortal like him wouldn’t thicken his face and follow behind Muyan all the time, hoping to get more Pills.

The Ghost Slave quickly steps forward and picks up a Pill, sniffing and closely examining it. Soon after, he frowns.

“Ghost King, this slave couldn’t tell what exactly this Pill is, neither can I determine it’s level.”

The slave looks at Liu Se, “This slave has never encountered this Elixir before.”

“Ha… haha…” hearing what he said, Shi Lanling immediately laughs, “As expected, Jun Muyan, you’re really just playing around with some junk, wanting to fool everyone! You really take us all for fools?”

Muyan indifferently says: “Just because he couldn’t determine the level of the Elixir, it already means that these Pills are junk? What are his credentials?”

“Hmph, stop this deathbed struggle!” Shi Lanling viciously says, “Even though alchemy isn’t something that just anybody can do, when it comes to Pills, everyone in the Yanwu Continent knows all about them. Since nobody could recognize the Elixir that you’ve made, and even this Ghost Slave couldn’t determine its level, it must certainly be useless trash.”

“Ah…” Muyan lets out a low chuckle, her exquisite peach blossom eyes slightly turning up, painting a languid and charming arc, “The frog at the bottom of the well, ill-informed and narrow-minded, yet still have the nerve to croak so much here.”

“Don’t you want to find out if this Pill is truly garbage? Why don’t I broaden your horizons right now?”

Saying that, she walks several steps forwards with a leisurely gait.

Then she stops just beside the still-unconscious Magistrate Liu.

She stuffs the only remaining Pill in her hand into Magistrate Liu’s mouth.

At this moment, the Magistrate is already moribund, on the verge of death.

The black fog that Liu Se had released on him earlier was the Poison Smog.

The reason why Magistrate Liu, unlike that doctor, didn’t die on the spot-

It’s merely because his cultivation is quite high.

For the time being, his Internal Force is resisting the onset of the Poison Smog.

But it’s also just stalling whilst at death’s door.

A quarter of an hour more, and he will inevitably be like that doctor, his entire body will rot and he will die.

Seeing Muyan’s actions, Shi Lanling stares blankly at first, then she laughs out loud, “Jun Muyan, you don’t really think that you can solve the Ghost Wind Valley’s Poison Smog by just relying that junk Pill that you’ve refined, right?”

“You should know that this Poison Smog has already been around for hundreds of years, and nobody has ever been able to solve it. It couldn’t be that, since you know you’re going to lose, you’ve lost your mind and have gone insane?”

Muyan pays no mind to her heckling.

After directing the Pill to enter Magistrate Liu’s body, she immediately stimulates the Internal Force to dissolve the Elixir within him.

At the side, Shi Lanling and the Ghost Envoys are still unscrupulously jeering at Muyan.

But all of a sudden, an exclamation of surprise echoes within the Great Hall, “All of you, look at his face!!”

It is Dr. Wang who has spoken up.

He looks like he’s seeing the most fantastic sight in the world, “The… the dark blotches on his face are slowly fading, his breathing has also become stable… gods! Cured… the Poison Smog in his body is really clearing out.”

In a split second, Shi Lanling and the Ghost Envoys-

Their laughter suddenly gets stuck on their throats, sounding like the loud quacking of a duck.

It’s like Shi Lanling is staring at a ghost, she wouldn’t believe it even if you kill her, that Jun Muyan could really counter the Poison Smog.

Liu Se is even more tensed than Shi Lanling.

She’s practically pouncing towards Magistrate Liu, wanting to grab and examine him.

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EMHS – CH523

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Chapter 523: Face thicker than a city wall

Afterwards, she turns towards the blank-faced Shi Lanling, lips curling up in a faint smile: “Shi-xianzi, earlier, you said that I was imitating how you do alchemy?”

Shi Lanling’s body suddenly jolts, then she fiercely glares at Muyan, “How is this possible? You’re clearly unable to perform alchemy! How could you possible Condense Pills!”

Muyan quirks up a brow, “When did I say that I couldn’t do alchemy?”

“If you could, then why did you ask for me to refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan from back then?!”

Before Muyan could speak, Han Ye responds coldly: “That’s naturally because our family’s Jun Shang couldn’t bear to have the Madam work hard, so we just searched for an alchemist to come and do the hard labor. Anyway, so long as we provide the coin, how could we not find someone who could perform alchemy? It just so happened that Shi-xianzi was in the Ghost City, your services were convenient and cheap, and so Jun Shang chose you. We didn’t expect, tsk, tsk… being cheap meant shoddy work, for three Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, you actually just managed to refine a single Nine-Holed Golden Dan!”

Those words are just blatantly saying that Shi Lanling is cheap trash.

Shi Lanling’s face turns green then white, her eyes are completely bloodshot, like she wishes she could devour a person.

Unfortunately, it seems like Han Ye hasn’t provoked her enough.

He continues: “Oh, that’s right, I just remembered someone was praising Shi-xianzi? Something about already being able to concoct Pills while she’s on her early thirties?”

“Haha, thirty years old, is being able to perform alchemy when you’re already so old such an amazing feat? Our lady is not even twenty, and she can concoct Pills! And the Elixirs she refines are still a hundred times better than yours. Some people view the sky from the bottom of a well, but they still want to boast around, really, their face is thicker than a city wall!”

“You… shut up!!” Shi Lanling couldn’t bear it any longer, raving, “Just what does this slut amount to? The Elixir she refines, how could they be better than mine?!”

“So what if she produced a dozen Pills? Look at the color and luster, the scent, how could it be mentioned in the same breath as my Vein Shield Dan?!”

While talking, Shi Lanling slowly calms down.

Her gloomy gaze flicks over to the Pills in Muyan’s hand, then she becomes more and more assured and confident.

If this was before, when she can only refine a level three Pill at most, perhaps she would still be a little afraid of the outcome.

But now, after she took the medicine that Liu Se gave her-

Not only was the White Jade Purple Frost removed from her body, and her appearance has become more beautiful, even her abilities in alchemy has received an enormous improvement.

Today, she easily produced a level four Elixir, when she couldn’t refine it before.

Moreover, it’s a level four, mid-ranked Vein Shield Dan.

Just taking it out would make the martial practitioners of the Yanwu Continent break their heads fighting over it.

Who knows what trick this slut Jun Muyan had used, pretending to refine an Elixir.

But there’s absolutely no level four Pills on the market, so the Pills that Jun Muyan has taken out are definitely of lower quality compared to hers.

The ultimate winner is still her, Shi Lanling!

Shi Lanling takes a deep breath, and she looks towards the Ghost Slave at the side, “What are you doing just staring blankly over there? Hurry up examine it, just what is the level of that Elixir?”

“Some people don’t really think that a dozen level one Pills could be compared to my fourth level Vein Shield Dan, do they?”

This sentence one again raises everyone’s hearts to their throats.

Right, the Pills refined by Muyan are indeed many.

But from their appearance, they’re completely inferior to the luster and appeal of Shi Lanling’s Pills.

Among everyone present, Han Ye is the only one who believes in Muyan one hundred percent.

That’s because he knows better than anyone else, the Pills made by Muyan, that the more ordinary and unremarkable they are on the outside, the more stunning their effects would be.

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EMHS – CH522

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Chapter 522: Inconceivable

There’s only the debris of that shattered Pill Furnace below, as well as the sporadic flames jumping about.

Earlier, not a single person cared about these flames.

Thinking that they would just die out before long.

But as they look closely at this time, they find that not only are the flames still burning-

They also seem to be covered with a layer of a soft silver glow.

With the melodious sound of the zither, the blazing flames, those sediments of the decoction condenses just a little bit.

It’s at this moment that the faint form of the Elixirs emerge.

Pill Condensation!

In spite of everything, it really is Pill Condensation!


Muyan’s fingertips flick gently, and the Qin music suddenly becomes sharp and resounding.

The next moment, the silvery light seem to get even more brilliant, wrapping the Elixir, coating them with a layer of silver.

Then a rich, alluring scent comes out.

Seeping into everyone’s nostrils, their pores.

“Sss–! This, what is this scent, smells so good, I’ve never smelled an Elixir that’s as fragrant as this!”

“I- I really want to swallow that Pill into my belly now. Smelling this medicinal fragrance, I could feel my body’s Internal Force flaring.”

In the waves of discussion, the sound of Muyan’s zither slowly comes to an end.

The flames in the detritus of the furnace tripod slowly die out as well.

But there’s about a dozen silvery lights that shoot up like meteors, finally falling before Muyan.

Muyan reaches out to grab them, then slowly spreads out her hand.

All of them get to see a dozen black Pills lying on the hollow of her palm.

The whole audience immediately sinks into a deathly silence, you’d hear it if a needle were to fall.

After a long time, it bursts into a loud rumbling applause and gasps of admiration.

Made it, she really made it, without that disgusting Chi Gu, she’s able to refine Pills.

Dr. Song and the others, all of their faces are flushed with excitement as they encircle Muyan.

Just now, they were truly drenched in cold sweat because of Muyan.

Fearing that this young girl with boundless prospects would really have her meridians destroyed, and get sullied by that hideous beast.

Beyond their expectations, she actually refined Pills.

And after the Furnace explosion, she used such an outrageous method!

Whoever heard of anything like being able to control flames with the absence of a Dan Furnace, using just the empty air, and being able to refine an Elixir?

“When the Furnace blew up just now, it really scared this old man to death. Little girl, I thought that you’re truly going to lose!”

Dr. Du strokes his beard, speaking with lingering fear.

“Right? Why did that Pill Furnace explode?”

In the face of these Elders protecting her, Muyan reveals an indulgent smile, explaining: “That’s because my method of alchemy incorporates too much energy, this bronze furnace tripod is too lacking in its ability to withstand it. As a result, the Furnace was unable to bear it and ultimately blew up.”

It’s actually because the energy incorporated while concocting Pills was too strong?!

Everyone takes a look at the shattered bronze Furnace, then again at Muyan, their faces are overwhelmed with shock, horror and amazement.

Does this little girl know what she’s saying?

This bronze tripod is the most popular alchemy furnace in the market. Even the Heavenly Road Sect uses this kind of furnace tripod to refine Elixirs.

How did they never hear of anyone who could blow up this furnace while concocting Pills?

Just how powerful was the energy that was poured into it?

Furthermore, normally, it’s already considered a lot if a furnace was able to refine five or six Pills.

What about Muyan? Clearly blowing up the Pill Furnace, left with an extremely small amount of Dan Fire, but still able to refine about a dozen in one go.

This… this is simply too unimaginable!

The only strange thing is that the Pills that were emitting a rich fragrance just a moment ago have now turned black, looking very ordinary, and one simply couldn’t see anything special about them.

Muyan offhandedly distributes these Pills to the doctors present.

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EMHS – CH521

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Chapter 521: Furnace Explosion

The Pill Furnace seems to be unable to withstand some powerful energy, as it’s shaking nonstop.

Then before anyone could react, they hear a loud boom.

The whole furnace tripod bursts open with an explosion, sparks flying about in all directions.

The people in the Great Hall are somewhat blinded for an instant.

Shi Lanling’s incredulous voice comes to grinding halt, going silent for a brief moment, then she suddenly erupts with absolutely unrestrained laughter, “Hahaha… a furnace explosion, it’s actually a furnace explosion. Jun Muyan, you’ve lost!!”

Didn’t she say, without the secret method of Pill Condensation, and only relying on Internal Force, how could Jun Muyan possibly be successful?

Just now, ‘using zither sound to perform alchemy’, it was just this slut bluffing.

The doctors look at the Dan Furnace that has already turned into broken pieces of copper and iron. All their faces are filled with hopelessness.

It’s over. This time, it’s really over.

Just a moment ago, they really thought that Muyan would be successful.

The greater the hope, the bigger the disappointment.

Among everyone there, only Muyan’s expression hasn’t changed in the slightest. Her fingers are still moving gently on the Tian Mo Qin.

Dense Internal Force coils around her fingertips, pouring into the Tian Mo Qin.

During that period of time, there’s also another unseen energy mixed in.

Along with the Internal Force seeping into the Tian Mo Qin,

Indeed… it’s Spiritual Power!

“Haha, Ghost Slave, why are you still just staring blankly? From now on, Jun Muyan is definitely yours!”

Shi Lanling reveals a sadistic smile, darkly saying, “Wait until her meridians are destroyed, and however you want to play with her or abuse her, it would all be at your liberty!”

Hearing what she said, the Ghost Slave has his pair of turbid yellow eyes burn brightly.

He licks his lips, zit-covered cheeks slightly shaking from excitement. He makes his way towards Muyan, “Madam Enchantress, a moment of Spring Night is worth a thousand gold. Since you and I are already husband and wife, I think there’s no need to wait, follow me into the bridal room now!”

“Fuck off! You disgusting beast!” Dr. Song immediately steps forward, his body is still on the verge of collapse, but it suddenly releases pressure all over, “As long as I’m still alive, I won’t let your filthy hands touch Jun Muyan!!”

More doctors up the ante with their lives, wanting to guard in front of Muyan.

But Han Ye’s movements are faster than theirs.

The long sword strikes out, firmly pressing against that Ghost Slave’s chest. With a grim laugh: “If you have the ability, move another step forward.”

To actually dare to covet the future Mistress of their Polar Domain, haha, he’s truly tired of living!

Liu Se sneers: “Han Ye-daren, what are you doing – if you agree to bet, you must accept to lose. Even if you are the Dark Lord’s subordinate, you still have to be reasonable.”

“If the Dark Lord, as well as Han Ye-daren, really want to force people, I’m afraid that the Dark Lord’s prestige in the Ghost City would be completely obliterated from now.”

Shi Lanling immediately goes along, “The gamble is Jun Muyan’s to deal with. Don’t tell me that you’re going to back out now that you’ve lost?”

The atmosphere is on a state of mutual hostility, tensed for action.

“Ah–!” from the direction where Muyan is playing, they suddenly hear Dr. Wang cry out in surprise, “Pill Condensation, it’s still at Pill Condensation! The process of Alchemy is still not over!”


“What joke is that?! The Dan Furnace has exploded, how could it possibly still be at Pill Condensation?!”

With this shout, everyone’s attention is immediately drawn towards it.

No one believes that a Pill Furnace that as already blown up might still continue refining Pills.

But the scene that enters their eyes next-

It overturns everyone’s imagination.

Each and every one of them are made to widen their eyes in shock, simply unable to believe what they’re seeing.

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EMHS – CH520

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Chapter 520: Playing the Qin for the Dan Furnace

With fingers on the Tian Mo Qin, Muyan gently strums.


Then there’s a flash of light, and that Chi Gu is already in two pieces, falling midair.

Disregarding Liu Se’s unsightly complexion, Muyan waves a hand, and those burning halves of the Chi Gu flies straight into the Dan Furnace.

Joining the fire.

She smoothly sits down in front of it, calmly and unhurriedly placing one herb after another into the Dan furnace.

Neither fast nor slow, she says: “Whether I’ll lose or not, how could we know without trying?”

Liu Se glares fiercely at Jun Muyan, the expression showing in her eyes is unspeakably bitter.

But Shi Lanling suddenly bursts out laughing: “I thought you had some sort of ability, but as it turns out, you were really studying my alchemy from scratch! Hah, in a little while, I’d like to see how you’re going to Condense a Pill!”

With those words, everyone notices it-

The drug ingredients that Muyan has selected, as well as their quantities, they really are exactly the same as Shi Lanling’s.

With that move, all the surrounding doctors show looks of anxiety.

On the contrary, the people on the Ghost City’s side are all jeering and scoffing, overflowing with disdain.

“So she really couldn’t refine Pills! Still, she actually dares to compete against Shi-xianzi in alchemy, simply too ignorant about the immensity of heaven and earth.”

“Ghost Slave-daren really has great fortune! After this, such a lovely woman will certainly be yours!”

The Ghost Slave creepily laughs, making the doctors at the side all turn deathly pale.

At last, the handling and placement of the herbs are finally done.

With the burning flame, the drug ingredients begin to dissolve.

Next, Internal Force would be introduced, and Pill Condensation will begin.

At least half of the entire Great Hall is waiting to see Muyan make a fool of herself.

But beyond everyone’s expectations-

Muyan doesn’t place a hand over the furnace to pour her Internal Force.

Instead, she picks up the Tian Mo Qin next to her, and starts to gently pluck the strings.

Everyone is immediately struck dumb, not understanding what she means by doing this.

Shi Lanling stares blankly, then she suddenly laughs heartily: “I’ve never witnessed someone play music to a cow*, and I’ve never even heard of playing the Qin to a furnace. Jun Muyan, you don’t honestly think that after those herbs listen to the sound of your zither, they will just gain sentience and move by themselves to condense? Hahahaha…”

idiom: doing good to an unappreciative/deaf audience

All the people around Shi Lanling laugh.

Almost everyone believes that Muyan is in a death-struggle.

They’ve never before heard of someone being able to concoct Pills by playing the Qin.

But along with the sound of the zither reverberating through the area,

The flames within the Dan furnace roars higher and higher.

And it faintly emits a clear and pure silver glow.

Unexpectedly, those now-dissolved herbs are slowly starting to show signs of condensing.

“How… how could this be? Just by playing the Qin, how could it possibly prompt the Dan Fire to condense the herbs?!”

“Can’t you guys feel it? The sound of Dr. Jun’s zither contains Internal Force.”

“Could… could one truly be able to condense Pills through the sound of the Qin?!”

In a split second, the insolent smile on Shi Lanling’s face freezes.

Seeing this scene, each and every one of the doctors show expressions pleasant surprise.

“I’ve heard that Dr. Jun is also called the Music Healer. That’s because whenever she treats a patient, she can get rid of the ailment through music. I didn’t expect that she could also use the zither sound to refine medicine.”

“This is really brilliant, a godly skill!”

Shi Lanling stiffly stares at the slowly condensing Elixir inside the Dan Furnace, willing it to crack under her glare, “Impossible! How could this happen?! How could this slut possibly condense a Pill by just playing the Qin…”

She has yet to finish what she’s saying,

When that bronze furnace tripod suddenly starts to shudder violently, producing a creaking sound.


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EMHS – CH519

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Chapter 519: Fighting Chance

For if it is at third level, Muyan might have had a fighting chance.

But if it’s a fourth level Pill…

That’s fourth level ah!!

Even Master Jian Feng of the Heavenly Road Sect, the best Elixir that he could refine so far is only at fourth level as well.

Furthermore, the success rate isn’t high at all, and normally, in one furnace, he could only refine a single one.

But Shi Lanling has refined two level-four Elixirs in one go.

How could this not make the crowd of doctors feel despair for Muyan?

Perhaps it’s because of that bet:

This time, the one who steps up to check the level of the Elixir isn’t the usual Ghost Envoy.

Instead, it’s that ugly Ghost Slave beside Liu Se.

He strides forward, takes a Pill, sniffing and carefully examining it.

Then his splits his mouth open, revealing yellow teeth in his widening smile: “Fourth level, Vein Shield Dan. Taking this Pill, one can withstand a full strength attack from a primary Precelestial Stage practitioner.”

As soon as he says that, the whole audience goes silent.

Then an uproar erupts through the Ghost Envoys.

“It’s actually a fourth level Vein Shield Dan, able to withstand a full-strength attack of a primary Precelestial practitioner, that is truly a life-saving Elixir indeed!”

“Shi-xianzi really proves herself to be the most talented alchemist of the Yanwu Continent. Only at her early thirties, but an alchemist that has already reached the standard to refine fourth-level Pills. She’s truly someone that would leave others in the dust.”

Words of high praise wash over Shi Lanling like a tide.

Even those doctors who had just disparaged her, each and every one of them turns pale, hopelessness across their faces. They couldn’t say another word.

Shi Lanling just feels that the resentment she has accumulated for the past three days, it now loosens up, dispersing as it is vented clean.

She stares darkly at Muyan, saying in ridicule: “Jun Muyan, you’ve been watching for so long, have you learned my secret method of Pill Condensation? Haha, could it be that you didn’t? Would you like me to give you another demonstration?”

Muyan gives her a profound look, a trace of comprehension in her eyes, but also slivers of astonishment and pity.

It seems like Shi Lanling is infuriated by that hint of pity in her eyes.

Her face suddenly transforms, sneering: “What are you staring at? Jun Muyan, even if the draughts you refine really are of the best quality, this is alchemy. Do you think you can do it after just watching?”

“If it’s really so easy, the number of people who can perform alchemy in the entire Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn.”

“My advise, it’s best that you just step down now, admit defeat and don’t waste our time. I reckon that sky is already bright outside, that’s just great, I think we could have Ghost King Liu officiate the wedding for the two of you.”

At the side, that Ghost Slave promptly grins once again, the way he looks at Muyan is filled with depravity.

It could be because his mouth is split wider this time, that he not only reveals two rows of dark yellow teeth, but also red mincemeat stuck between the teeth.

“Madam Enchantress, this slave very much looks forward to having the wedding festivities with you, to tie the knot!”

Han Ye couldn’t help but unsheathe the long sword in his hand.

A grim and sinister chill spreads throughout the entire Great Hall, “Could you say that one more time?!”

The dense aura of death changes the look on that slave’s face, and with a mocking laugh, he retreats all the way back.

It’s at this time that Liu Se steps forward, and with a smile that isn’t a smile: “There is no need for Han Ye-daren to get angry, Miss Jun herself has agreed to the terms of the wager. It can’t be that when things come to a head, you’d want to back out?”

Saying that, she turns to Muyan, her gaze deep, “Miss Jun, if you really want to win, I suggest you behave and take the Chi Gu. This way, you might still have a fighting chance.”

Proceeding with what she said, she waves of a hand. That disgusting bug that had just crawled out of her mouth flies towards Muyan.

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EMHS – CH518

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Chapter 518: Stealing the method?

The rules of the match are very simple.

The Ghost Wind Valley will provide two identical sets of drug ingredients.

These sets contain as many types of herbs as possible, and most of them are rare ingredients of considerable value.

Using these herbs, Muyan and Shi Lanling could make almost any Elixir they want to refine.

Shi Lanling disdainfully glances at Muyan, and takes the initiative to stand before her Dan furnace.

Her hands are slim and good-looking, but her nails are currently painted the gaudy red of balsam extract.

As she takes the herbs beside her and places them into the Dan Furnace, her fingernails shine and gleam, like scooping up a handful of blood, exceptionally ominous.

Following the first two drug ingredients entering the Dan Furnace, Shi Lanling’s movements get faster and faster.

In selecting the herbs and throwing in the right quantity, she barely hesitates or pauses.

Even those doctors who extremely loathe her at this moment, they also cannot help but exclaim in admiration at her proficient movements in alchemy.

Just then, Shi Lanling turns her head to look at Muyan, and sees that the other still hasn’t started yet, just looking at Shi Lanling with intent eyes instead. She could only scoff and smirk.

“Jun Muyan, I thought you had some ability, for you to think that you could beat me?”

“So it turns out that you plan to observe and steal the secret method of Pill Condensation while I refine Pills!”

“Hahaha… put that thought to rest. If the method of Pill Condensation was so easy to learn, it wouldn’t be called a Secret Method.”

“Slut, you’re bound to lose today!!”

Shi Lanling continues with the task on hand while unrestrainedly taunting Muyan.

But Muyan’s expression doesn’t change in the slightest, looking quite inquisitive as she watches Shi Lanling attentively.

She really is quite curious.

By conjecture, Alchemy requires Spiritual Power in order to condense the Pills.

That’s the secret key that she only figured out after reconstructing her Spiritual Root.

And there’s no Spiritual Power in the Yanwu Continent.

She really wants to know what method Shi Lanling is going to employ in order to condense a Pill.


After taunting Muyan, Shi Lanling haughtily snorts and no longer pays attention to her.

She goes on with performing alchemy instead.

As she urges the flame, the drug ingredients begin to blend.

At last, it’s finally the last step, the most important step.

Pill Condensation!

“This… why is the flame blue-green?” everyone around suddenly cries out in surprise.

That’s because they discover, after injecting Internal Force into Shi Lanling’s Dan Furnace,

The flames actually begin to change color.

Along with the change in color of the Dan Fire, Shi Lanling’s skin also becomes clearer and more lustrous.

Seeing this scene, Muyan slightly narrows her eyes, looking indescribably dark and gloomy.

A brief quarter of an hour later, a faint medicinal fragrance wafts out of the Dan Furnace and spreads throughout the entire Great Hall.

The doctors that are already worried for Muyan, they become even more uneasy at this moment.

“This… this scent? Could it be a third level, first-ranked Elixir? But it doesn’t seem like that either!”

“I once happened upon a third level Elixir in the Ghost City, but this scent is richer and more enticing than that third level Pill.”

“Im… impossible, if it’s richer than a third level Elixir, don’t tell that it’s at fo… fourth level?!”

Shi Lanling raises her chin, standing up proudly.

Soon after, a Ghost Slave comes forward and opens the Dan Furnace, taking out two shining, white-as-jade Pills from inside.

Examining the appearance of these two Pills, as well as the medicinal fragrance that they emit-

The crowd of doctors immediately go ashen, their eyes filling up with despair.

“Two… in one breath, she has actually refined two.”

“That… that is just a third level, first-ranked Elixir, right? There’s no way it could be at fourth level, yes?”

Some are unresigned as they ask, hoping to get an answer that they want.

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Chapter 517: The Price of Losing

“What nonsense are you saying?!” Han Ye immediately bellows, preparing to charge towards that slave and Shi Lanling.

But Muyan pulls him to stay.

From what they’ve discussed, Muyan knows that Han Ye and the others couldn’t interfere too much with the affairs of the Yanwu Continent.

More than that, they cannot just casually harm a person of the Yanwu Continent, or they will suffer Heavenly Retribution.

The doctors at the side are also talking all at once, raining curses on Shi Lanling.

“Shi Lanling, don’t push too far. If you’re going to have an alchemy competition then do that. To actually come up with such a sinister scheme against a little girl, you’ve no sense of shame!”

“Humph, I remember that man from a few nights ago, the one Shi Lanling tried to seduce with her naked body – he was probably Dr. Jun’s man. This woman must be jealous of Dr. Jun, so she came up with such a method!”

“Little girl, you must never agree to her!”

Just then, Liu Se’s terrible, gloomy face finally reveals a smile, “What? Miss Jun, you don’t have that much confidence in your own standard in alchemy? Now, you wouldn’t dare to make a wager?”

“Since Miss Jun herself thinks that she’ll lose, and doesn’t have the guts to gamble, then I’ll just forget about it. I just didn’t expect that the so-called future wife of the Dark Lord would actually be such a gutless weakling, unexpectedly throwing away even the Dark Lord’s face!”

Shi Lanling grinds her teeth and sneers: “Jun Muyan, what do you amount to, how are you worthy of that man! Since you wouldn’t dare to make a bet against me, I think it’s better for you to obediently leave the Dark Lord’s side. How could trash like you be worthy of the Dark Lord?”

Before Shi Lanling could finish what she’s saying, the young woman’s low, sweet-sounding laughter suddenly echoes within the Great Hall.

This laughter makes Liu Se and Shi Lanling stare blankly, when the pair have just been spurred into responding to the negative remarks.

Soon after, they see Muyan raise her head, beautiful peach blossom eyes curved with overflowing ridicule, “You two could really go on and on with so much nonsense. But after talking for quite a while, haven’t you only spoken of what would happen should I lose?”

“What if you lose, Shi Lanling? What price do you intend to pay?”

Shi Lanling is stumped at first, then she soon huffs a laugh, “Me, lose? You think I could lose? Jun Muyan, where did you get that self-confidence, to think that I could be outdone by a waste like you, who has never concocted a Pill before?!”

But Muyan looks calm beyond words, “How would you know that I couldn’t do alchemy?”

“Haha, if you could really do alchemy, you needn’t look for me to refine that Nine-Holed Golden Dan from back then. Jun Muyan, did you think that bluffing would scare me? Are you an idiot?”

At the side, Han Ye couldn’t help but roll his eyes: If you’re not the idiot, who else could it be?

Muyan is as calm and unruffled as before, speaking neither fast nor slow: “Since Shi-xianzi is that confident, let’s do it like this,”

“If Shi-xianzi loses, I won’t demand to have your flesh and blood consumed by the Chi Gu, such an ugly death. But proper behavior is based on reciprocity, I’ll only want your meridians destroyed, and never be able to practice medicine or do alchemy. What do you think?”

A change comes over Shi Lanling’s complexion.

That’s because Muyan really looks too calm, too confident.

Could this woman really perform alchemy?

No! Absolutely impossible!

That Dark Clouds Spirit Flower was so precious, and this woman desperately wants to draw Di Jun’s attentions. If she could really concoct Pills, why would she possibly let Shi Lanling refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan?

Moreover, at the Ghost City back then, Jun Muyan had a very unhappy expression when the topic of alchemy was mentioned.

It’s obvious that she couldn’t concoct Pills!

Thinking of this, Shi Lanling speaks through gritted teeth: “Fine, it’s decided!”

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EMHS – CH516

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Chapter 516: Wager

“How is this possible?! Hasn’t Dark Lord’s token disappeared for more than a thousand years?”

Han Ye says: “Now, do you still have any further doubts about the Dark Lord’s existence?”

Liu Se’s complexion bursts into green and white, her eyes fill up with restraining fear, and she couldn’t come up with a single word to say.

Han Ye puts the token away, instantly restoring the freedom of movement to those kneeling Ghost Envoys and Shi Lanling.

Then Shi Lanling’s eyes suddenly light up, her face is filled with adoration and infatuation, “So it turns out that Di Jun is the founder of Ghost City, the Dark Lord!”

It’s no wonder the man is that handsome and powerful.

Making her so deeply infatuated at practically the first sight.

But unfortunately, such a great man has actually taken a fancy to Jun Muyan, this slut who had already lost her innocence.

On the contrary, he spurned and humiliated Shi Lanling in every possible way!

No! No! The Dark Lord didn’t reject her, it was merely because there’s Jun Muyan creating an obstruction from within, that’s why the Dark Lord had misunderstood her.

That’s right, it’s precisely so!

As long as… as long as she eliminates Jun Muyan, as long as she lets the Dark Lord see Jun Muyan as a fickle woman, her ugly and filthy nature-

She believes that the Dark Lord will surely come around and be fond of her.

Shi Lanling stifles her excitement and stands up, she suddenly speaks in a loud voice: “Even if you’ve proven the existence of the Dark Lord, you still cannot certify that this woman is the Dark Lord’s intended!”

“Furthermore, Jun Muyan, you yourself had just agreed to have an alchemy competition against me. Could it be that you want to back out now?”

At first, Muyan was still steeping on the issue that Di Ming Jue is actually the Ghost City’s “Dark Lord”, so she’s not paying attention.

Now hearing Shi Lanling’s words, she couldn’t help but quirk her lips up, “Yes, I’ve agreed to have an alchemy competition against you. If I win, I’ll be allowed to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness, isn’t that right!”

She is answering Shi Lanling’s words, but she’s looking at Ghost King Liu Se.

Liu Se nods, “Yes, as long as you beat Shi-xianzi in alchemy, it would prove that you have the ability to treat the Ghost Lord. I’ll naturally let you go in and minister to the Ghost Lord.”

“If Miss Jun couldn’t refine a Pill, or couldn’t win against Shi-xianzi in alchemy, then it proves that you simply cannot cure the Ghost Lord. Even if you’re the Dark Lord’s wife, haha… that still wouldn’t qualify you to go in and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness.”

Muyan nods, “Good, then let’s start right away.”

Shi Lanling glares at her, lightly asking, “You really refuse to take the Chi Gu, yet you’re going to compete against me in alchemy?”

“But this way, wouldn’t it be too dull? Why don’t we make a bet! I wonder if you’d dare, Jun Muyan!”

Muyan raises her brows, “Oh? What kind of bet?”

Shi Lanling laughs lowly.

But this smiling expression is without the slightest bit of elegance and purity. On the contrary, it’s brimming with cold bitterness and savagery, “If you lose, then your cultivation will be abolished, you will be married to that slave next to Ghost King Liu, and you will serve the Ghost City forever. What say you?”

Saying that, she points a finger to someone behind Liu Se.

She’s referring to a man standing behind the Ghost King.

He also has the Ghost City’s symbol embroidered on his clothes, but he’s different from the other Ghost Envoys.

He’s not a Ghost Envoy, but a mere Ghost Slave deployed by Liu Se.

And so, almost everyone in the room pays more attention to him.

That’s because the appearance of this slave is extremely ugly, he could even be compared to Liu Se.

Hearing what Shi Lanling said, that Ghost Slave immediately splits his lips open, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth. His smile is very wretched and depraved, “Many thanks to Shi-xianzi, if this slave could really marry Enchantress of Medicine, I’ll surely make her properly serve the Ghost City and the Ghost King!”

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