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Chapter 554: Master Recognition
    Muyan’s fingers softly trail along the slightly cold strings under her hands. She finds it somewhat incredible.
    A sentient being such as a Device Spirit, she’s only ever seen them within legends in ancient texts.
    She never thought that an inanimate thing like a zither could actually give birth to a real, living person.
    “You… woman, have you no sense of shame!!”
    While she’s being absent-minded, she suddenly hears the young man’s flustered and discomfited voice.
    As soon as she raises her head, Muyan sees that the beautiful young man across from her is flushed, his lovely eyes are glazed.
    Slightly pink due to his indignance, the originally pretty countenance appears all the more charming and uniquely attractive, alluring even.
    Muyan shows a confused, blank look, “What did I do?”
    That said, her fingers still subconsciously strokes the zither.
    “Oh–!” a low moan, like a whimper, escapes from the young man’s mouth. Soon after, he flies into humiliated rage, loudly roaring, “Woman, you don’t have any sense of honor, do you? How could you just touch my body as you please?!”
    “Your… body?”
    Muyan repeats in a mumble. Soon after, she comes to a slow realization. Her fingers once again fiddle with the strings.
    Only to watch the youth in front of her once again muffle a moan. His skin, sparkling and clear as jade, flushes a sweet pink. But even in his anger, he seems to laugh intermittently – that is, furious one moment and impassioned in the next.
    Ho… hold on!
    Dumbstruck, Muyan pulls her hand back, “You… you can’t mean, when I touch the zither, it’s like touching you?”
    Qi Huang furiously glares at her, “Woman, I’m warning you. You, you, you… behave your hands for me. Don’t just casually touch this Sage’s body again, you hear?”
    Muyan is sluggish for quite a long time, before she comes back to her senses, “But this Tian Mo Qin is my attack weapon, I can never touch it anymore? Moreover, when I played this zither before, I didn’t see you react in any way!”
    “Hmph, that’s because this Sage was originally inside the Tian Mo Qin, and was merged with the zither. Without any physical senses as a Device Spirit.” Qi Huang grinds his teeth and says, “Bear this in mind for me – later on, whenever this Sage is outside, you are not allowed to touch that zither, do you hear? Otherwise, this Sage shall tear you into pieces.”
    The young man across from her speaks of savage threats, but his appearance is just too bright, too good.
    Like this, not only are his threats unconvincing, it instead makes Muyan’s hand itch, very much wanting to pinch his face.
    However, she still manages to restrain her impulse to laugh. With a wave of her hand, she puts the Tian Mo Qin away and stands up, saying: “Why haven’t you appeared before? Does everyone who were named to be owners of the Tian Mo Qin know of your existence?”
   “Hmph, what a joke. Do you think that just about anyone could make this Sage recognize them as Lord?”
    Qi Huang gives her a disdainful, cold look, “For the past thousands of years, the only ones who have seen this Sage are two individuals. One is the founder of the Shen Musicians, Baili Liuyin, and the other one is you.”
     For thousands of years, the Tian Mo Qin had been used by countless people. Eventually, it had also been used by the disciples of the Shen Musicians.
    But after Baili Liuyin, no one was able to call Qi Huang out again.
    That’s because, as far as Qi Huang is concerned, the blood of all those previous owners were not hot enough, their minds were neither sharp nor strong enough, their wills were not tenacious enough.
    Insignificant commoners, how could they possibly qualify to become his Lord?
    Therefore, after Baili Liuyin’s death, Qi Huang had fallen into a deep slumber.
    Even later, when the Shen Musicians were destroyed, he still didn’t wake up.
    Until Muyan’s scorching blood was poured over the body of the zither.
    It was at that moment that Qi Huang knew, the new Master that he’s been waiting for has finally arrived.


EMHS – CH508

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Chapter 508: Failure

“Except for within this Great Hall, there’s not a single living thing in the entire Ghost Wind Valley.”

“As for you all, once you take a single step outside the Great Hall, you will become exactly like him.”

It is indeed the Poison Smog!

Muyan’s complexion becomes increasingly heavy, she could hear her pounding heartbeat.

She knows perfectly well that Di Ming Jue and his group shouldn’t have any issues, but she still couldn’t stop worrying.

She has already given the three of them the Elixirs to counter the Poison Smog, so they shouldn’t be impaired by it, right?

At this time, Liu Se is condescendingly looking around, sneering: “Now then, anyone else wants to leave?”

Everyone is as silent as a grave.

“Haha, wouldn’t it better if you were all this obedient earlier!”

Liu Se claps her hands, “Since there’s no further objections, let’s start the match now!”

That said, she casually points with a finger, “Starting from you!”

She’s actually pointing at Dr. Chen, who had just successfully concocted a Pill just a moment ago.

What he had just refined is a level one, low-ranked [Qi Nurturing Pill].

Shi Lanling takes the Pill that he refined. Disdain on her face, “If you want to compete against me, you have to at least refine a level two Pill. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be worth my undertaking.”

“Hear that?” Liu Se looks at Dr. Chen, “Concoct a Pill that’s at the second level or higher.”

“No! No… this is my first time performing alchemy… it’s simply impossible for me to refine a level two Elixir…”

Before he could finish speaking, a Ghost Envoy lifts him up by the neck.

“If you don’t want to concoct Pills, then just get thrown out of the Great Hall.”

What’s outside the Great Hall?

It’s the Poison Smog that can instantly turn a person into a corpse.

“I’ll do alchemy! I’ll perform alchemy right now!” Dr. Chen has tears and mucus flowing profusely as he weeps, he scrambles frantically to go before the Dan Furnace and start concocting Pills.

An hour later, Dr. Chen has almost exhausted all the Internal Force of his body.

Muyan also sees that the Chi Gu has sucked a his heart’s blood little by little.

The whole person is losing mass at a rate that is clearly observable with the naked eye.

But after an hour, there’s a loud bang.

The Dan Furnace explodes, and the alchemy is a failure.

This is just as expected!

Even with the assistance of the Chi Gu, Dr. Chen is a first-timer in alchemy after all, there’s no way he could just easily refine a level two Elixir.

Dr. Chen vacantly looks at the exploded Dan Furnace.

Then he turns to stare at Liu Se in horror, shaking like a sieve from head to foot.

The corners of Liu Se’s mouth slowly go up, revealing a row of ghastly white teeth. Her smile is really indescribably cheerful, “Dr. Chen has failed to concoct a Pill, that is just a useless waste. As a result, you will now turn into food for my adorable Chi Gu!”

“Spare… spare me… ah–!!”

A sad, shrill scream comes out of Dr. Chen’s mouth for a little while, then it abruptly stops.

The whole person is straight and stiff as he falls down to the floor.

The wizened body shrivels up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His eye socket has become sunken, only a layer of skin wraps around his skeleton, overall resembling a dried corpse.

Then, at the location of his heart, the little black bug has grown several times larger. It eats its way out of his flesh and clothes.

It opens its wings and flies to Liu Se’s hand, then it burrows into her body.

The place where Dr. Chen’s heart should be is already hollow and empty.

Everyone present once again falls into a deathly silence.

Looking at this scene, even the Ghost Envoys of Ghost City, as well as Magistrate Liu, all of them have unsightly complexions, their faces betray their unease.

All the invited doctors are even more fearful, their faces an unnatural color as they tremble harder.

“Well, this is one is already useless. Next, who’s turn shall it be?”

Liu Se’s cold and gloomy eyes sweep through, all the doctors fearfully retreat, avoiding her gaze.

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EMHS – CH507

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Chapter 507: To die

It was only at this moment that everyone wakes up from their burning desire towards the secret skill of alchemy.

They remember just what a terrible thing a Gu bug is.

In an instant, all of them recoil their hands, keeping away from that small goblet like one would avoid snakes and scorpions.

The happy expression on Dr. Chen’s face drains away, returning back to terror.

Shi Lanling grinds her teeth and ferociously glares at Muyan, “Slut, you’re meddling in other people’s business!”

But Muyan feels disinclined to care about Shi Lanling, so she merely fixes her attention towards Liu Se.

Liu Se doesn’t show the slightest inclination to refute it, openly laughing. The way she looks at all of them is like one who’s looking at insects that she could trample and kill at any time.

“If you fail, of course it would only be a dead end.”

“These Chi Gu, I’ve spent a lot of time preparing them for you all, I’ve only finished the preparation this evening. How could it be put to waste?”

“Anyone who loses to Shi-xianzi will have their meat and blood turn into food for the Chi Gu. It is your honor that you can help Ben Wang with the advancement of these adorable Chi Gu.”

Liu Se’s malicious gaze turns to Muyan, and with her rough and cackling voice: “I wonder if the Enchantress is satisfied with this explanation? Looking at the appearance of your soft skin and tender flesh, my Chi Gu would surely love it.”

“No… I don’t want to take the Gu bug, I don’t want to be eaten by it!” someone finally couldn’t help but let out a screech of alarm, “Let me go, I don’t want to treat the Ghost Lord, nor do I want the secret skill of alchemy, hurry and let me leave!”

Saying that, he rushes like mad to go outside the hall.

As soon as he gets to the doorway however, he’s blocked by a Ghost Envoy.

“What do you people think you’re doing? Do you want to force me into taking the Gu? I’m telling you, I’m a senior doctor, there are many Practitioners out there who would throw their lives for me, if you people dare to lay a hand on me, I swear I’ll raze your Ghost City to the ground!”

Liu Se lets out a low sigh, “You would really go against us?”

“Of… of course I would!”

A strange smiling expression appears on Liu Se’s ugly face, “Well then, let him leave. Our Ghost City will not force anyone.”

Hearing Liu Se’s words, the Ghost Envoy guarding the door immediately withdraws to the side.

After the initial panic, that doctor thinks that Liu Se is scared of him. He immediately shows a smug expression, and struts out.

As he departs, he still leaves behind some haughty words, “Liu Se, Shi Lanling, just you wait! I will absolutely not let this matter slide!”

Everyone watches as he leaves the hall, and that he’s really safe and unharmed.

The desire to follow his example floats and drifts in the minds of quite a few doctors.

It’s at this moment that there’s a sudden and abrupt change.

They watch, just as that doctor has taken ten steps away from the hall, he suddenly clutches his own throat.

His body sways unsteadily.

And from within his throat, bursts of disjointed gurgling sounds come out.

Immediately after that, he turns around while wobbling and teetering.

In the night, the lights outside the hall dimly shine upon his face.

Just then, the crowd screams in terror.

They see on his face, black-colored pits appear.

It looks as something is rotting and spoiling it.

Not only that, a thick and smelly dark-brown liquid keeps on flowing out of his gaping mouth.

In but the short span of an instant, the senior doctor who was refined and spry just now, has become even more terrifying than Liu Se.

Breathing his last!

The entire Great Hall descends into deathly stillness.

The next moment, someone shakily asks: “What… what is the meaning of this?”

With her twig-like finger, Liu Se gently tidies her own hair, unhurriedly saying: “Oh, I forgot to tell you. The Poison Smog of the Ghost Wind Valley is completely released. The inner and outer halls are already brimming with it.”

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EMHS – CH495

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Chapter 495: Why unhappy
    But this glance makes her heart sink down a bit.
    That’s because this is the first time that as she looks at Di Ming Jue,
    And Di Ming Jue is looking at another woman–
    Shi Lanling!
    One can say that the rooms provided by the Ghost Wind Valley to the doctors are very luxurious.
    The furnishing inside are incredibly extravagant, everything that should be there is on hand.
    Each room is allocated with four elegant, clever and intelligent little servant girls.
    Muyan waves them away, and after making certain that nobody is spying around, she flashes into the Space.
    “Niangqin!” Xiao Bao pounces into her embrace, attachment filling up his raised little face, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao has been properly cultivating.”
    The fat rabbit also hops twice, letting out howling sounds: Me! I’ve also been properly cultivating!
    Muyan reveals a gentle smiling expression, stroking Xiao Bao’s head, as well as the fat rabbit.
    “Nianqin is now going to refine a type of Elixir, so look out for me. You must warn me if anyone approaches.”
    Xiao Bao nods seriously.
    Holding the fat rabbit, he sits next to Muyan, but he places his full attention outside the Space.
    Muyan takes out a furnace tripod, and ignites the Dan Fire.
    This time, she wants to refine an Elixir that can suppress the miasma of the Ghost Wind Valley.
    From the moment she entered the Valley, she immediately felt the wisps of gloomy cold air eroding her muscles and veins.
    Perhaps it wouldn’t matter for a short period of time, long-term exposure on the other hand…
    Or if the miasma becomes a little denser, she’s afraid that it will bring about a bad effect on her.
    When the Yin air that she breathes into her body becomes too much, it could also corrode the Space.
    Of course, Muyan will not allow such a thing to happen.
    Zither sounds ring out little by little, and the Dan Fire within the furnace burns more vigorously.
    A good while later, six Pills eventually take shape.
    They are unlike that first batch of Elixirs that exuded a fragrance that awed countless creatures over a great distance.
    The six Pills this time are very ordinary.
    Muyan stuffs one to Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit.
    Then she also swallows one herself.
    Xiao Bao obediently swallows the Pill down, then he turns to look at Muyan. He hesitates for a moment before saying: “Niangqin, why are you unhappy?”
    Muyan stares blankly.
    She’s unhappy?
    Why is that so?
    Is it because Di Ming Jue looked at another woman?
    She knits her brows, strokes Xiao Bao’s head, and pulls out a smile, “Don’t worry, baby. Niangqin isn’t unhappy. I was just thinking on whether to give Han Ye and Ying Mei some Pills as well.”
   Hearing that, Xiao Bao immediately nods, “Give. After taking the Pill, Xiao Bao feels the cold and uncomfortable feeling on my body disappear.”
    “Niangqin is so awesome!”
    Xiao Bao’s “Niangqin is so awesome” phrase is purely his willful adoration and faith towards Muyan.
    Indeed, if this kind of Elixir becomes known to the other people in the Ghost Wind Valley-
    They would have their jaws fall off from shock.
    See, what about the Ghost Wind Valley has always frightened people the most?
    It isn’t the strong guards within in, but this [Poison Smog] that corrodes people’s lungs and internal organs.
    Without the appropriate antidote, if someone inhales a certain amount of the Smog, he would feel pain and be limp all over, left without any power to resist.
    This is also why, even if it’s someone on the Precelestial Realm,
    Once they enter into the Ghost Wind Valley, they might not be able to come out alive.
    The Valley’s [Poison Smog] has existed for hundreds of years, and it has been studied for the same amount of time, yet there’s never been anyone outside the Ghost City who has deciphered it.
    But at this very moment, Muyan refined an Elixir that could resist the [Poison Bog], only on using her body’s contact with it as a basis.
    If something like this is spoken out loud, who would believe it?

EMHS – CH494

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Chapter 494: Separate
    She fiercely glares at Muyan, her face filled with twisted resentment. But in the end, she still clenches her teeth and says: “It… it was my mistake, I ask Miss Jun not to take offense.”
    Muyan looks at her with a smile that isn’t a smile, “I’m sorry, Shi-xianzi, but I don’t see the sincerity in your apology.”
    Shi Lanling’s white face turns green, green turns to purple, purple to black. Ultimately, she has no choice but to stiffly make salutations towards Muyan, “My mistake, I ask Miss Jun to forgive me!”
    The Valley’s guards at the side, as well as Dr. Wang and his medicine boy, each and all of them have their eyes open wide. 
    They look like they’ve seen a ghost.
    These two, one is the Ghost King of Huang Yao, and the other is Shi-xianzi, who is the only one who can do alchemy within the Ghost City.
    But now, in order to urge a young girl to stay, they go as far as to humble themselves and apologize.
    This… this Enchantress of Medicine, is her skills in medicine really so formidable?
    The draughts that she refines, are they really so miraculous?
    Even the Elixirs that Shi-xianzi refines, are they actually no better than hers?
    It’s only natural that Shi Lanling could feel the curious and pitying gazes of the surrounding people.
    With how high and unattainable her position is within the Ghost City, never has she received this kind of humiliation.
     At this moment, she seriously wishes she could pounce over and dismember this slut, Jun Muyan, into ten thousand pieces.
    But unfortunately, she must bear it.
    Muyan is calm and unruffled as she looks at Shi Lanling in mockery for quite a while.
    Only then does she heedlessly borrows a donkey*, “Since Shi-xianzi is so sincere in her apology, then I’ll accept it. However, Shi-xianzi has committed such a low level mistake over and over again, it really makes me doubt – with this level of intelligence, can you really concoct Pills that could help people? When you’re doing alchemy, you don’t make mistakes in handling the main drug ingredients, do you?”
  • exploit an advantageous position
    “Perhaps, I should be so bold as to guess that the Ghost Lord’s illness has now turned for the worst because you, Shi-xianzi, had given improper medical treatment?”
    “Haha, if so, the Ghost Lord is really too pitiful!”
    Muyan’s words sound like a joke, but the Valley guards uniformly turn to look over at Shi Lanling.
    On the faces of quite a few guards, there’s even the color of suspicion showing.
    Shi Lanling already has a purple complexion, and after hearing those words, she feels her vision go black. She’s on the verge of a break down, almost to the point of fainting.
    Jun Muyan, this slut, slut, slut!! She must kill her as soon as possible!
    Deriding Shi Lanling enough, Muyan enters the Ghost Wind Valley at Ghost King Liu Se’s invitation.
    “The Nether Hall in the Ghost Wind Valley is divided into the the inner and outer chambers.”
    “The ill-stricken Ghost Lord is currently convalescing in the inner chambers. All the doctors are also going to stay in the inner chambers.”
    “However, your entourage is not allowed to go inside the inner chambers, so they can only stay on the outer chambers.”
    Behind the mask, Liu Se’s eyes subtly watches Muyan, “Miss Jun surely wouldn’t mind, I hope?”
    Muyan has yet to say anything, when Ying Mei and Han Ye are already protesting: “How could this be allowed? By yourself, Miss Jun, if there’s any danger…”
    “Haha, our Ghost Wind Valley has sincerely invited Miss Jun to come and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness. How could there be any danger here!”
    Shi Lanling snorts, as she casts a glance towards Muyan, her eyes are brimming with disdain and provocation, “Or do you mean to say that Miss Jun doesn’t even have a drop of courage, that she would absolutely insist on having someone by her side, and only then dare to stay in the Ghost Wind Valley?”
    Muyan slightly raises her long eyebrows, stopping the protests from Han Ye and the others.
    Matters that must occur will always come to be.
    It’s not her style to shirk and cower.
    She would actually like to see, for Shi Lanling and Liu Se to insist on separating her from Di Ming Jue and the others, in the end… what do they want to do?
    Before turning around, Muyan couldn’t help but look towards Di Ming Jue.

EMHS – CH493

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Chapter 493: She has Di Ming Jue
    Furthermore, unlike the last time they saw each other, those ugly white patches on Shi Lanling’s face have already completely disappeared.
    Her appearance is even more beautiful than before the White Jade Purple Frost Powder.
    Seeing Muyan, Shi Lanling clenches her teeth, killing intent from bitter resentment filling up her eyes.
    But Muyan doesn’t even deign to spare a peripheral glance to her, opting instead to fix all her attention towards the masked person who’s completely wrapped from head to toe.
     This individual slowly makes their way out of the Ghost Wind Valley, and that cold and gloomy atmosphere from inside the Valley seem to twist around the person’s body.
    This makes the initially strange and malicious breath become even more sickening.
    “I’ve long looked forward to meeting you, distinguished Enchantress of Medicine. This humble one is Ban Yue City’s Ghost King, Liu Se.”
    Liu Se–!!
    Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract.
    Could she be that “Liu Se” that Muyan had heard of in her previous life?
    She truly didn’t expect that Gong Qianxue’s hands had actually stretched out this far already.
    Not just Jing Cheng Country, even Huang Yao’s Ghost City has entered into her pocket as well.
    So apparently, this time’s “Treating the Ghost Lord” is probably the real trap.
    Muyan slowly narrows her eyes, subconsciously holding out a hand, wanting to grab something.
    Had she only been by herself right now, she wouldn’t be afraid.
    But Xiao Bao is inside her Space.
    In case something bad happens to her, Xiao Bao would surely be exposed before people, and he will come to harm.
    This is something she will never allow even if she dies.
    This small hand that had reached out in panic is suddenly held by a warm, large grasp.
    A man’s body slowly draws near, and his deep and low voice is almost imperceptible as it reaches her ears, “Don’t be afraid, Yanyan.”
    “I am always by your side.”
    As soon as his voice falls, Liu Se’s form immediately goes stiff, she even recoils a step back.
    A pair of cold, harsh eyes dart between Muyan and Di Ming Jue.
   They show a tint of alarmed suspicion and restraining fear.
    The body pressing up against her is making Muyan have a clear awareness of Di Ming Jue’s body temperature, his heartbeat, as well as his unique and incomparable scent.
    That small bit of uneasiness that remains in her heart, at this moment, it fades away and disappears.
    That’s right!
    She still has Di Ming Jue.
    Xiao Bao and her, they also have Di Ming Jue.
    Immediately after, her thoughts abruptly come to a halt. She becomes a little annoyed, and somewhat absent-minded.
    Just when did she start to become so trusting of this man, becoming so dependent on him?
    Indeed, she already swore that in this life, what’s most important is only Xiao Bao and vengeance.
    Before she’s finished with revenge, in no way could she be infected with such an unstable factor like feelings!
    Muyan takes a deep breath, and breaks away from Di Ming Jue’s hand, resuming her usual languid calm.
    As this is her enmity-!
    Of course, she must avenge it herself!
    The corners of her mouth rise up to a shallow arc, “The way Ghost City shows it’s warm welcome, time and time again, is to disregard my good faith, and play me for a fool? This way of expressing how you ‘long looked forward to meet me’, my humble self couldn’t afford it. What Shenshu, what cooperation, I think it’s better to forget about it from here on out!”
    Saying that, she moves to walk away.
    Liu Se never thought that she would just leave this simply.
    Her brows couldn’t help but crease, “Wait!”
    Liu Se quickly opens her mouth to call for Muyan to stop, “Today’s issue is of my Ghost Wind Valley’s incompetence in handling matters, yet I ask that Miss Jun mustn’t take offense. Your name was accidentally deleted by Shi-xianzi. Shi-xianzi, why are you still idling about, hurry and apologize to Miss Jun.”
    “You’re making me apologize to this… apologize to her?!” Shi Lanling screeches out incredulously.
    However, Liu Se’s eerie and callous gaze sweeps over to her.
    Shi Lanling’s complexion turns white, showing a look of obvious fear.

EMHS – CH492

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Chapter 492: Another Misunderstanding
    “Don’t tell me you guys don’t know who she is?” Magistrate Liu reproachfully says, “Ghost City’s newly-named Shenshu-daren, Tianyuan City’s Enchantress of Medicine who [Stymies the Underworld from Seizing Life], the one you’ve all been hearing of, you guys don’t know?!”
     “Enchantress of Medicine?!!” the first one who cries out is Dr. Wang, “You-you’re that Enchantress from Tianyuan City, who is said to be capable of regrowing dead flesh and bones?!”
    That’s right! This girl’s method and level of medicine just now, wasn’t it precisely to regrow dead flesh and bones?
    Magistrate Liu ignores him and continues to say: “Even if you haven’t heard of the Enchantress’ name, I presume you should’ve heard of the Godly Apothecary before? The finest draughts sold in Ghost City these days, most of them are refined by this Miss Jun. Have you all eaten bear hearts and leopard guts? Actually daring to doubt her identity, even daring to stop her outside?”
    “If you delay the Ghost Lord’s treatment, even if you have ten lives, I’m afraid that they wouldn’t be enough to compensate!”
    As this was said, Dr. Wang’s body sways and he falls to sit on the ground with a thud.
    Each of those Valley guards are even more frightened, their complexions turning deathly pale as they all sink to their knees.
    How could they have expected it?
    That Enchantress of Medicine who could regrow dead flesh and bones.
    That Godly Apothecary who refines the draughts that are sold in the Ghost City for an extremely high price.
    That it would actually be this girl in front of their eyes, who appears no more than eighteen or nineteen years old.
    Listening to Magistrate Liu’s incessant fawning and blabbing, and watching as the guards repeatedly kowtow to beg for forgiveness-
    Muyan looks indifferent.
    She lightly pats off the grime and blood that have stained her hands.
    The blood has dried up and she couldn’t pat it off. Just as she’s about to give up,
    Someone suddenly grabs her hand and wraps it with a soft wet cloth, gently wiping.
    Very quickly, the blood has been wiped clean.
    Muyan subconsciously raises her head, looking at that cold and handsome face of Di Ming Jue.
    To her surprise, as she makes contact with the man’s eyes, she couldn’t see beneath their depths.
    For they are filled with her own reflected image.
    Muyan’s heart jumps, and she unconsciously pulls her hands back. It takes her quite a while to calm her own mind.
    She softly coughs to cover up her drumming heartbeat.
    Turning towards Magistrate Liu with a cynic gaze, “I just want to know one thing. This guard said that I’m not in the list of invited doctors. May I ask if the Ghost City doesn’t wish to work with me from now on? Or does the Ghost City have any complaints with me?”
    “Since there are some gripes about me, it would be better that we don’t force ourselves to work together.”
    Saying that, she turns around with hardly any reluctance, “Then ‘till we meet again- oh, wrong. We probably wouldn’t anymore!”
    “No, no, no, Miss Jun, it’s not like this! Please listen to me, this is a misunderstanding, really just a misunderstanding!”
    Muyan acts like she wants to leave, like there’s no room to save the situation this time.
    Right at this moment however, she hears a hoarse voice.
    “Please stay, Enchantress of Medicine!”
    Muyan stops on her tracks, slowly turning towards it.
    Not far from them, an individual slowly makes their way over. The whole body is completely wrapped up, and the face is covered with a mask, that one couldn’t tell if it’s man or a woman.
    As this person comes near, Muyan’s heart rises up in warning.
    Her instinctive reaction to crisis is tightening every nerve on her body.
    This person is very strong!
    With an even higher cultivation than her.
    More than that, this kind of strength is emphatically not just from reaching the peak of Precelestial cultivation.
     It’s more because of a certain, suspicious and sinister breath coming out from the person’s body.
    This kind of breath is somewhat similar to that Enforcer Li from before, the Poison Man that Qian Qing made.
    But this is far stronger than Enforcer Li.
    Following behind this person, wearing an elegant goose yellow clothing, Shi Lanling flutters with the air of a fairy.

EMHS – CH491

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Chapter 491: Pig Teammate
    “You… what are you playing at?!” Dr. Wang shrieks, “My hand is severed, you people cut it off, how could it possible be healed? I’ve been practicing medicine for decades, and I’ve never so much as heard of such a medical technique! She-devil, release me at once!”
    But Muyan no longer pays attention to him.
    Instead, she aligns the palm with the wrist, takes out needle and thread, and begins to sew them up.
    Conscious and without anesthesia- muscles, veins, and skin are sewn together. One simply couldn’t use words to describe this kind of pain.
    The entire Ghost Wind Valley echoes with Dr. Wang’s miserable, pig-like, blood-curdling howls.
    Later, it reaches the point where he couldn’t scream out at all.
    Only the sound of pleas remain, “This old man is wrong, I was wrong, please let me go… it hurts… it hurts, it’s really too much for me, wuuu…”
    Just at that time, Muyan finally cuts the excess thread and reveals a satisfied smile, “All right, suture complete.”
    Each and every one of the Valley guards are green-faced from horror and shock. Coming to their senses, “You… you don’t really think that sewing together severed limbs like that is already considered a medical procedure, do you?”
    Muyan slowly raises her eyes.
    Flipping a wrist, a porcelain bottle appears on her hand.
    She slowly pours out the medicine from the bottle unto Dr. Wang’s hand.
    Soon after, the scene that takes place renders them dumbstruck.
    They watch as that bloody wound on Dr. Wang’s hand, which is stitched together with some thread, actually begins to fuse and heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    As Muyan pours the draught, she removes the thread from the stitches.
    After a number of breaths, only a scar, which seems rather like a centipede, remains on Dr. Wang’s wrist.
    Dr. Wang’s eyes go wide, incredulously looking at his own hand.
    Subsequently, he subconsciously moves his fingers.
    “Aaah, they move! The fingers move!”
    “How… how could this be?! How could a disconnected palm be sewn back, and how could it just be just as good as before?!”
    Dr. Wang is overwhelmed with shock as he looks at Muyan, then he looks at his own hand again.
    There still seems to be some remnants of that awful pain on his wrist.
    But as he moves his fingers, he truly, genuinely feels the existence of his own hand.
    Moreover, along with the passage of time, his awareness of this hand is getting stronger and stronger.
    It’s as if he’s never seen it fall off.
    “Im… impossible… in this world, how can there be such a medical procedure?”
    Furthermore, the one who had used this technique is… is a girl who’s still under twenty.
    Dr. Wang raises his head, fixedly staring at Muyan, his voice trembling, “You… who exactly are you?”
    “Shenshu-daren, you’re here! Why do you stand there and not come in?”
    From within the Ghost Wind Valley, they hear the sound of an old man yelling in pleasant surprise.
    With large strides, Magistrate Liu comes up to welcome them. Hands held in front, he repeatedly bows towards Muyan, inviting her to enter. He looks indescribably respectful and ingratiating.
    “Shen… Shenshu?” every one of the Valley guards are quite dumbfounded.
    They know what the ‘Shenshu’ signifies.
    However, it’s already been a long, long time that the Ghost City is without a Shenshu.
    How could they suddenly have one today?
    And it’s even such a young girl?
    “Magistrate Liu, just who is this girl in the end…?” finally, there’s a guard who couldn’t help but say, “She has an invitation card, but there’s no record of her name here, that’s why we didn’t dare let her in.”
    “Imbecile!!” hearing what the guard said, Magistrate Liu wishes he could just thrash this pig teammate number two.
    As if it wasn’t enough to have Xu Fu in the Ghost City-
    Now, how is it that even these Ghost Wind Valley guards as all so unreliable?

EMHS – CH490

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Chapter 490: A demonstration for you
    Faced with such a battle, even for a Heaven Stage master-
    It wouldn’t be possible to gain the upper hand.
    However, the smug expressions still haven’t fully settled on the faces Dr. Wang and his medicine boy, when their faces go stiff all of a sudden.
    Bam bam bam!
    One after another, they hear the sounds of fist and flesh hitting each other, as well as the shrieks and screams of men.
    One, two, three… ten… twenty… 
    A brief tea time later.
    Those fierce and fearsome guards of the Ghost Wind Valley sprawl face-down on the ground, not one of them could get up.
    Moreover, only one person mowed them down.
    It’s that delicate and pretty youngster in black, Ying Mei!
    “You… just who are you people?!”
    One of the Valley’s guards issues an indignant question, pinched in his hand is a signal flare he wants to fire.
    “Didn’t I say? I’m a doctor who was invited to come and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness.”
    Muyan slowly steps forward, chuckling as she looks at the Valley’s guards.
    Her countenance is exquisite and extraordinarily beautiful, smile lovely and brilliant, befuddling the guards for a moment.
    Soon after, a guard promptly yells out: “No… impossible! The people that are invited to come and treat the Ghost Lord, they are all outstanding and well-known senior doctors and apothecaries on Yanwu Continent. You’re just a young girl, how could possibly have that kind of consummate medical expertise?”
    “You doubt my medical expertise?”
    Muyan scoffs, turns to Dr. Wang, and curls a finger to beckon, “Then why don’t I make a demonstration right here, so you can take a good look.”
    At this time, Dr. Wang has his heart welling up with pure fear.
    He turns around and tries to run.
    Before he could run two paces, however,
    He’s subjected to what seems like a pull of an invisible force.
    He moves backwards in spite of himself.
    There’s an expression of alarm on his face, “She-devil, what did you do? Why… why can’t I control my body?”
    Muyan, who initially wanted to grab the guy back herself, turns her head to look at the man standing beside her.
    She can’t help but raise her lips up in a smile.
    Dr. Wang sees that he couldn’t struggle and get away at all, and a vicious expression suddenly appears on his face.
    All of a sudden, he whips around.
    Lifting his left hand up, a green light flares inside his firmly clenched fist.
    A cry rises up from his mouth, “She-devil, die!”
    Hand raised, the green powder, carrying a fishy smell along with it, diffuse everywhere.
    But at the same time, Dr. Wang also howls in pain.
    His hand, which was holding the green powder, has actually been severed just below his wrist.
   Falling to the ground, the hand gets smeared with blood and dirt. But it’s still twitching a bit, appearing particularly grisly.
    Clutching where his hand was cut, Dr. Wang ceaselessly rolls about on the ground, letting out miserable shrieks like a dying pig.
    Muyan unhurriedly walks over, picks up that severed hand, and comes before Dr. Wang.
    Those Valley guards are also frightened by this scene, their complexions turning green and pale.
    “What… what exactly do you want to do? Behaving atrociously at my Ghost Wind Valley, aren’t you afraid of the Ghost City’s death warrant?”
    Muyan tilts her head a bit, smiling naturally, her voice sweet and pleasant: “Weren’t you guys questioning whether I have the capability to treat the Ghost Lord? I’m thinking of proving it to you.”
    Saying that, she grabs the palm of Dr. Wang’s severed hand.
    She the gathers that hand, dripping with blood, up from the ground, and sticks it to the open wound.
    “What… what are you doing?” Dr. Wang comes to, bearing the sharp pain as he yells, “Stop messing around! You’ve already been exposed to my [Heart Piercing Powder]. Without the antidote, you’ll die without a burial site!”
    Muyan slightly raises her brows, with a mockery of a smile, she says: “Dr. Wang could really crack a joke. My person injured you, and I also feel very sorry about it. So now, why don’t I heal you up?”

EMHS – CH489

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Chapter 489: Pretense
    Even though her appearance is beautiful beyond compare, no matter how you look, she’s only an eighteen or nineteen year old girl.
    How is possible for her to be some famous doctor or apothecary?
    Such a person would dare to come to the Ghost Wind Valley to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness?  It is to vie for the Secret Method of Pill Condensation?
    Wouldn’t that be a joke?
    “Dr. Wang, please come in!” after the guard checks the the old man’s invitation card, he immediately hands it back respectfully, making a gesture invite him in.
    Taking the card back, Dr. Wang doesn’t go in right away, opting to look at Muyan in ridicule instead.
    He doesn’t believe that anyone in their group is qualified to come and treat the Ghost Lord.
    It must be known, that among the famous doctors of Yanwu Continent, he himself is already considered young.
    When he made his name, he had already been about forty years old as well.
    But in the next moment, Dr. Wang’s eyes widen with some measure of shock.
    That’s because the beautiful girl, whom he thought is the most unlikely one to be a doctor, actually takes out an invitation card that is exactly the same as the one in his hand.
    How… how is this possible?
    An eighteen/nineteen-year-old girl could actually be a famous doctor invited by the Ghost City?
    While he’s shocked, he suddenly hears the guard produce a soft sound of surprise.
    “This Miss Jun, apologies. Though there’s no problem with your invitation card, I don’t seem to have your name written here on the doctors invitation list.”
    Hearing what the guard said, Muyan raises her brows in surprise.
    “Ha… I don’t know which bumpkins have come, but to actually dare to pretend to be a senior doctor, do they think that the Ghost Wind Valley is just like any other place? Want to come in so just come in? A bunch of idiots!”
    The medicine boy by Dr. Wang’s side could see that his family’s Master doesn’t like Muyan’s group.
    Seeing their identities invalidated by the the guard, he immediately snorts out loud.
    Hearing what was said, Dr. Wang places both hands behind him, his face haughty as he says: “This old man was just wondering how the people of the Ghost City could be so stupid, unexpectedly inviting such silly little girl that’s still wet behind the ears, to come and treat the Ghost King. As it turns out, it’s a shameless fraud!”
    “Humph, how can they have an invitation card, knowing that this Ghost City invitation is only for, at least, senior level doctors of Xuan Medical Pavillion.”
    That medicine boy speaks while looking Muyan up and down. Seeing her flawless countenance, he couldn’t help but reveal a vulgar smile, “Master, maybe this woman is some respected doctor’s ** and furnace, so she only has an invitation on her hand, but no name registered…”
    Before he could finish what he’s saying, a figure suddenly appears in front of him.
    They hear two snaps.
    Two great slaps hit him on the face. He lets out a miserable shriek, suddenly spurting out a mouthful of foamy blood with broken teeth.
    Not knowing when, Ying Mei has already arrived in front of him.
    A sharp blade unsheathed, she slowly brushes it by his neck, “Wash your mouth! Believe it or not, I’ll cut your tongue off.”
    “Guards! Guards! What are you all doing just staring about?!” Dr. Wang abruptly comes back to his senses, immediately raving in hysteria, “This group of people forged an invitation card, pretended to be a doctor, and are now raising their hands here at the Ghost Wind Valley’s boundary, don’t tell me you people won’t handle this?”
    The guards’ faces turn cold, and it’s at this moment that they react and come over. To their surprise, Ying Mei is already starting in front of them.
    They don’t even see Ying Mei’s movements clearly.
    “Altogether, everyone, grab them!”
    “Bring them to the Ghost King for punishment!!”
    With a harsh shout, dozens of the Ghost Wind Valley guards rush out, seeming to appear out of nowhere.
    Each of them are at the level of Earth Stage peak or higher.
    Dreadful pressure oozes out from the entrance of the Ghost Wind Valley, making people feel terrified.