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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 155: Invite Him for a Meal

Muyan stirs the chicken soup. She says in manner which is neither fast nor slow: “It’s fine if you won’t speak, but I’ll just take it that your Jun Shang mistreated my darling son. Hehe, Han Ye, do you know the fate of the last person who wronged my son?”

Han Ye’s mouth twitches, saying to himself: How could I not!

Ghost City’s Lou Fei and Magistrate Xu, they simply said a few words of insult against Xiao Bao and now, their corpses have already begun to rot.

Wuuu… Jun Shang, it’s really not that your subordinate is an incompetent traitor, but Miss Jun is really too awful.

This subordinate thinks that Yanwu Continent is too dangerous, subordinate wants to return to Xiuxian Continent.

After a quarter of an hour.

Muyan is still calmly stirring the chicken soup like before, with a light and clear smile on her face. The light in her eyes doesn’t show, completely hiding her mood from other people.

Han Ye gulps down: “Miss Muyan, you… you’re not angry?”

Muyan curls up her lips and smiles sweetly: “How could I be?”

How could I be angry?

I am very furious!

Di Ming Jue, he actually dared to bully her darling Xiao Bao, even made her baby unhappy.

Hehe, good good, this is really very good!

Han Ye sees her blooming smile, and she really doesn’t look like she’s mad. He promptly speaks with relief: “Miss Muyan, by no means can say that this subordinate is the one who told you of this matter! Or else I will surely die very miserably!”

Muyan nods. She rests her chin on both hands, drawing out her words as she says: “Don’t worry, I’m very grateful for your Jun Shang for rescuing me from the Ghost City! By the way, what about your Jun Shang?”

Han Ye hesitates on how he should answer her question about Di Ming Jue’s whereabouts.

But he hears Muyan continue without minding it: “How about this, you go back and tell your Jun Shang to come to my humble courtyard this evening. I’ll personally cook and invite him for a meal, just to express my gratitude for his kindness of saving me.”

Han Ye snaps his eyes wide open and stares at Muyan foolishly, simply unable to believe his own ears.

The situation changed too fast, he just can’t believe it!

Is Miss Muyan finally moved by Jun Shang, and is now willing to accept him?

Han Ye gets dizzy and exits giddily, leaving Muyan sitting on the same spot. The corners of her mouth slowly hooks up.

Her smile is like soft and balmy spring wind, but there’s a barely discernible flickering within her eyes.


In the evening, Han Ye anxiously guards outside a room.

The moment he hears some movement inside, he immediately bursts in, “Jun Shang, you’re finally back!”

There’s a man as handsome as a deity on the bed, slowly opening his eyes and sitting up.

A presence as majestic as a force of nature radiates out from his body.

This monarch that overlooks the land under the heavens, the grandeur of his disdainful sidelong glance, making each and every creature want to swear their allegiance and follow him,

This is Di Ming Jue, the king of the Polar Domain, as well as the strongest person in the Xiuxian Continent!

Seeing Han Ye rushing in without permission, Di Ming Jue coldly turns towards him.

One look and Han Ye trembles, promptly halting his impatient pace.

“Seeing Jun Shang!” he respectfully kneels to make his salutations, “Jun Shang has returned from attending to the Polar Domain this time, how was the upper bound?”

“Without inconvenience.” Di Ming Jue indifferently replies.

‘Without inconvenience’ should mean that Elder Chang and the others simply made some standard reports, and there weren’t any major issues that required delay before they could be dealt with.

Han Ye breathes a sigh of relief.

Jun Shang’s real body is in the Yanwu Continent right now.

If he separates his soul and returns to the Xiuxian Continent with an avatar, he can only do it for a short time. Moreover, his strength would even be less than ten percent of what it originally was.

It would be considerably detrimental if something happened in the Xiuxian Continent.

Fortunately, nothing big happened.

Han Ye doesn’t speak, so Di Ming Jue asks in a low voice: “You intruded here in a fluster, what happened?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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