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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 156: Unidentified Substance

“Oh!” Han Ye pats his forehead and hurriedly says, “How can I forget this number one priority! Jun Shang, Miss Muyan has woken up and already returned to her courtyard.”

“What?!” Di Ming Jue suddenly stands up and looks at Han Ye with a bloodthirsty glare, “Why didn’t you stop her?”

“No, that’s not it!” Han Ye is entirely unable to deal with fear as he continues to say, “Miss Muyan said that in order to express her gratitude for Jun Shang’s kindness of saving her, she will specially cook and prepare dinner for you. It’s already time for the meal, Jun Shang, would you like to…”

“Wait until Ben Jun come back and punishes you for your crime!!” Di Ming Jue throws him this sentence, and the figure immediately a flashes away.

Such an important matter and he only says it now!

Han Ye is left with a bitter expression on his face, silently sighing as he looks at Di Ming Jue’s disappearing back.

Xiuxian Continent is still better, Yanwu Continent is too awful, let him go back!



As the night falls, the setting sun emits a fiery glow.

The courtyard next to the Junji Drugstore is extremely quiet, there’s not a shadow of even a single person.

However, there’s one room that already has a lit candle inside. The candlelight flickers, casting shadows of graceful silhouette.

Di Ming Jue composes himself, and pushes the door open.

Inside, he sees a round table with some drinks, and a young lady gently strumming on the zither strings with a distant look in her eyes.

The moment he sees Muyan, Di Ming Jue sucked in a mouthful of cold air, his heartbeat and breathing slightly becoming chaotic.

Muyan usually dresses herself to deliberately appear more mature.

But tonight, she seems to have just taken a bath.

Her limp, ink-black hair drapes behind her, there’s mist framing her skin, making her absolutely beautiful countenance even more ethereal.

Like a wild orchid from a deep valley, otherworldly, yet there’s a fragility that makes people yearn to cherish, there’s an allure that tempts others to pluck.

She’s casually wearing a white dress as well.

The same colored belt is tied around her midsection, hugging waist and making it look as delicate as a willow bending to the wind.

Those exquisite clavicles slightly peek through the collar of her clothes, her luminous skin snowy and almost translucent. Di Ming Jue could feel his mouth go dry, and a burst of heat frantically rushes down to the lower parts of his body.

Hearing the door open, Muyan lifts up her eyes, the candlelight flickering in and out of her pupils, “Jun Shang has come at last?”

Di Ming Jue steps forward, ignoring everything to come closer in front of her.

The door behind him closes by itself, without the aid of wind.

Two people, one looks up while the other looks down. There seems to be a strange flame burning where their gazes intersect.

“I said, you should call me by my name!” Di Ming Jue opens his mouth, only to say these words.

Muyan can’t help but want to laugh from that spoiled tone and childish willfulness.

“Alright, Di Ming Jue. Didn’t you come to have a meal? Why don’t you take a look at the food that I’ve personally prepared for you?”

Di Ming Jue purses his lips, inwardly saying: Ben Jun wants to eat you more!

But Muyan went out of her way to prepare some food with her own hands, and he naturally mustn’t let her down.

There’s a round table in the room, and aside from the drinks, there are several dishes laid out on top of it.

All the food are in porcelain dishes with lids on top them.

There’s still some faint steam coming out of their covers. As Muyan said, it’s quite clear that they were prepared just recently.

However, as Di Ming Jue lifts up a lid–

The usually calm and stern Jun Shang-daren can’t help but become flabbergasted at this moment.

He only sees that the food within isn’t some fine delicacy that smells, looks and tastes great. Instead, it’s some sort of burnt lump, like black lacquer, an unidentified substance.

The most frightening thing is that juice gathered at the bottom of the dish, it’s actually a terrible dark green color.

All the bowls have their covers removed one after the other.

The dishes inside, none of them should be presented to people.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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