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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 154: Say, What Happened?

When the rabbit has finished swallowing the jade, it scuttles to Xiao Bao’s side, sticking its tongue out to lick him.

As if its assuring its little master that it will definitely keep this piece of vermilion jade safe.

Xiao Bao strokes the rabbit, and the taut lines on his melancholic face finally loosens. A faint smile flashes through his eyes.

He will definitely defeat that man!

Then afterwards he will give niangqin that jade ornament with his own hands.

When that moment comes, niangqin will surely be very happy!


Muyan leaves the Space and returns on the bed, coincidentally seeing Han Ye coming in while he’s carefully carrying some chicken soup.

Han Ye is startled when he sees Muyan appear out of thin air.

But he very quickly returns to normal.

In the Xiuxian Continent, a portable Space is common, so it’s not that strange.

Even though it would stand to reason that it’s simply impossible for a portable Space to appear in the Yanwu Continent,

But Miss Muyan is the heir to the Shen Musician after all!

And just who were the Shen Musicians?

When in those days, they have turned over the sky and the earth of the Three Realms, making all the high and mighty clans in the Xiuxian continent become fearful and panicky upon hearing them!

If such a frightening and formidable legend were to leave a Space of inheritance in the Yanwu Continent, what would be strange about that?

“Miss Muyan, this is the Black-Boned Chicken Soup that Jun Shang had specially instructed to kitchen to stew for you. You have excessively consumed your Internal Force in the Ghost City, and you’ve also lost too much blood. It would be best to drink this chicken soup to recover your strength!”

Muyan stirs it for a bit and takes a sip. She says with a smile: “Thank you.”

“Miss Muyan, please don’t mention it. Also, this is what Jun Shang specially instructed this subordinate to stew for you…”

Han Ye is very long-winded in his words, trying to give their Jun Shang a more favorable impression.

But the listening Muyan suddenly asks heedlessly: “Yesterday, when I was asleep, did something special happen?”

Hearing that, Han Ye immediately trembles all over, shaking his head like a conditioned reflex, “Nothing, absolutely nothing special happened!”

He regrets it as soon as he finished talking.

He really wishes that he could slap himself in the face!

His attitude, isn’t it a dead giveaway?

Sure enough, Muyan lifts up her eyes and the corners of her mouth slowly hooks up into an enchanting smile. She curls her fingers to beckon him.

Han Ye looks at her expression as she does this, and all the hairs on his body are suddenly raised. His mind grows cold.

“Tha-that, Miss Muyan, if there’s nothing else, this subordinate will… go back first!”

Muyan just smiles at him. She doesn’t say a word and just drinks the chicken soup leisurely.

Han Ye hesitates for quite a while, but in the end, he doesn’t have the courage to go out and escape.

With a suffering expression, he finally obediently walks in front of her.

Secretly thinking: while Miss Muyan was sleeping… he will die before he admits that Jun Shang bullied the little gongzi. Miss Muyan mustn’t know!

Who knows that when he hears Muyan’s next words, he would almost pee in fear.

“Then let’s talk about it. While I was sleeping, what did your Jun Shang do to my son?”

Han Ye flinches, he’s already howling in grief within his mind.

Hold on, he didn’t say anything of the sort. How did Jun Muyan know!

Muyan curls her lips, and a trace of iciness flashes across her eyes, “Did he mistreat my Xiao Bao?”

“Did not, did not! Absolutely not!” Han Ye hastily says over and over, “Jun Shang treats the little gongzi like his own son, how could he mistreat him? Just… just a little friction, that’s all… a small friction… hehe…”

Muyan says “Oh”, and looks at him meaningfully, “If that’s the case, just tell me what kind of little friction was it!”

Han Ye has a pained expression, and he really very much wants to make a run for it.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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