EMHS – ch125

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 125: How Scary

How can Old Tao not be wild with joy?

But the surrounding audience hears an important point.

“What?! Old Tao, you took the Philter of Barrier Breaking to help you with your bottleneck?!”

“You mean that miraculous draught circulating in the Ghost City, the Philter of Barrier Breaking that was valued higher than the Elixir refined by Master Jian Feng?!”

“Quick, quickly tell us where we can buy that draught!”

“My God! The Philter of Barrier Breaking can really make someone break through a bottleneck, I must buy it even if it costs me ten million gold coins. Quickly tell me where can I buy it?”

They soon learn from Old Tao’s mouth that the draught was purchased from this small and unremarkable pharmacy right next to them.

Moreover, he bought it when it was set on the cheap cabbage price* of four million gold coins.

Everyone’s eyes turn green!

Each and every one of them stare at Chen Qingfeng, who’s standing by the doorway, like tigers watching their prey.

The Philter of Barrier Breaking that was just auctioned in the Ghost City sold for a total of twelve million gold coins a!

But Old Tao actually bought it for four million gold coins from this Junji Drugstore.

Three folds cheaper!

Aargh, so enviable to the point that it’s hateful!

Chen Qingfeng has a pale face as he takes a few steps back, he swallows his spit and says: “Calm, everyone please calm down! Today’s Philter of Barrier Breaking is already sold out! If the guests would like to buy it, please come back early tomorrow!!”

Finishing his lines, he doesn’t dare tarry and immediately slams the door close, running away like he’s flying.

Wuu wuu, Miss Jun, these people that want to buy the special draught are so scary!

If you don’t put up a few more draughts for sale, this humble one won’t be able to keep this head!


Unfortunately, Chen Qingfeng’s wish is a beautiful one, but Muyan’s inclination on refining draughts seems to be the same as it was before.

It’s just that, looking at Chen Qinfeng’s pitiful look, Muyan ends up giving him a huge mercy. She lends him Yan Haotian in order to “maintain public order”.

Sure enough, Yan Haotian, with his scarred face and his fiendish appearance, immediately reduces those daring people by more than half- only by standing outside.

On this day, Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin are both hurrying towards the Junji Drugstore first thing in the morning.

Each is determined that today, he must be the first one to grab that special Mysterious Energy Philter instead of the other.

They initially thought that once they get there, they would see the same deserted scene as in the past.

Just as they turn at a corner, the two people are stunned at what they see.

That’s because there’s a dense and overflowing crowd right at the door of Junji Drugstore.

Everybody has their necks stretched, their heads suspended up as they desperately try to peep inside the pharmacy.

Someone couldn’t help but knock on the door, yelling loudly: “Open up, hurry and open up! We’ve already been waiting here all night! Hurry and let us buy the draught!”

Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin are struck dumb, just what is going on?

Why are there so many people crammed in front of Junji Drugstore?

Could it be that the thing about the special Mysterious Energy Philter has been exposed?

Simultaneously, they both glare furiously at the other, “Did you babble?! Are you stupid?”

How would they be able to hog the special Mysterious Energy Philters when it’s existence is known by other people, and there’s only one bottle of it a day?

Once they finished asking, the men could only give each other the same blank stare, “Don’t tell me you didn’t babble about it?”

Wang Jia Qin has sharp eyes and finds someone he knows among the crowd. He immediately sucks in a mouthful of cold air.

He could see a gray-haired elderly man within the crowd, his eyes are glinting like a tiger’s, and he obviously has and extremely high cultivation.

It’s actually an elder of the great and famous Li family of Xia’an.

How could an elder from the great Li family come to this tiny Drugstore and line up at its door?

Isn’t this too extreme even for that special Philter?

As they are contemplating, the shop suddenly opens its doors.

T/N: *Cabbage price = low price. I just thought the term is funny so I kept it. I’ll use it again given the chance, hahaha…

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. thank you for the updates.

    Just selling one bottle of each elixir a day is enough. At this rate, Chen Qingfeng will be making more money than any shop in the city.


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