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Chapter 264: The crowd, like a pot boiling over

    “Is this for real?” there are still some who couldn’t believe it, “That’s intestinal blockage ah! Is it really possible to cure it? How did that doctor from Junji Medical Center treat it?”

    The middle-aged woman stares blankly, seemingly recalling yesterday’s events.

    It’s a good while before she slowly says: “That fairy doctor said that the intestinal blockage is only caused by improper diet, there’s inflammation from infected blood, and it decreases blood flow. The treatment is very simple, just cut the belly open and remove that inflamed appendix, and I’ll recover without drugs.”

    “What?! Cutting your belly open? Are you kidding? Wouldn’t you definitely die if you had your stomach cut open?!”

    The surrounding patients show aghast expressions one after another.

    The middle-aged woman shakes her head, “That’s what I also thought at first. To have my belly cut open, even if my intestinal blockage would get cured, wouldn’t I still die from pain? But… but it’s like that fairy doctor did magic. She just held a zither, played a very pleasant song, then I fell asleep.”

    “When I woke up, the pain in my abdomen has entirely disappeared, and only a very small scar is left on my belly.”

    The middle-aged woman says that as she lifts her clothes open, letting everyone see the cut on her abdomen.

    Sure enough, there really is a very small scar with stitches still on it.

    “The Fairy doctor said that these stitches can be removed in a few days, and it won’t leave a scar afterwards.”

    She has awe and gratefulness on her face, “Although I don’t know how the Fairy doctor did it, but I believe that her medical skills have reached perfection, I… I feel like I could really keep on living!”

    This remark, as well as the display of the middle aged woman who is currently weak but full of vitality,

    It’s making everyone there completely stunned.

    There are even those that have studied medicine and they couldn’t help but take the woman’s pulse, only to be surprised with their findings.

    That intestinal blockage is really gone, the woman is quite healthy now, she is very healthy!

    “Can you cure someone by cutting them open? This… is there really such a miraculous method in this world?”

    “Didn’t you guys hear about it? A few days ago, the Xuan Medical Pavilion let out the news that our Tianyuan City has produced its first Senior Doctor. Not only that, it’s a woman that’s less than twenty years old. It must be the Fairy-doctor that this big sister is talking about!”

    “Is it possible for my tumor to be cured?”

    “I’ve already spent thousands upon thousands of gold coins in the Hongfu Medical Center, but there’s no signs of my condition getting any better, I… I should also go and see this Junji Medical Center!”


    In an instant, the crowd seems like a pot boiling over.

    A patient with an incurable disease is like a person drowning in water. So long as they could grab a life-saving straw, they would frantically climb up.

    That’s why, even if they know perfectly well that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure their illnesses, they would still choose to spend a great amount of gold coins to go in and out of there everyday.

    All in order to grab their only remaining hope.

    Now that the Junji Medical Center has allowed them genuinely see hope at last, how could they not go crazy?

    Even Guan Hu and the others, these fiends that lick blood off the edge of a knife, they’re also stupefied by the surging crowd in front of them.

    “Wait… wait a minute! Our Miss will only see one patient a day!” 

    But how could these sick people care about him? They walk without paying heed to Guan Hu.

    They just directly ask that middle-aged woman about the Junji Medical Center’s address, and they rush towards it like a swarm of bees.

    As soon as the Hongfu Medical Center is done with its first batch of patients, they go outside to call the waiting people to enter.

    To their astonishment, they find that it’s completely empty outside, not even the shadow of a single person.

    “This… what is going on here? The people?”

EMHS – ch224

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 224: Marriage Contract

There’s an unconcealed cheerfulness in the pair’s appearance.

Behind Su Yuexiang, there’s a man who’s wearing a red wedding attire. Due to his obese stature however, he resembles a red pig – Lu Chengcai.

There’s also Master Lu and Madam Lu who are wearing celebratory clothes as well.

As soon as she sees Muyan, Shen Xiaoru immediately laughs heartily and says: “Muyan-sister, congratulations, congratulations!”

Shen Jinglin sees this scene and gets a bad premonition in his heart.

Hearing Shen Xiaoru’s words, he becomes even more anxious: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Haha, today is the day of Muyan-sister’s wedding. As the older sister, it’s only natural to congratulate her.” Shen Xiaoru looks at the disgusting Lu Chengcai behind her, and turns to look at Muyan. The smile on her face is even more unspeakably carefree.

Lu Chengcai sees Muyan and his drool immediately pitter-patters down, his mouth persistently calling out: “Fairy-sister, take a wife back… take a wife back, and sleep!”

Madam Lu immediately laughs and appeases him, “Very well, Chengcai should rest assured. We will send you the fairy-sister to take her back as wife, right away. Let you two sleep together, and give mother a big and healthy grandson!”

At this point, how could Shen Jinglin still not understand what’s happening?

In a split second, he is shaking from head to foot in anger, “You all… shouldn’t go overboard! When did my Shen family agree to have a marriage with the Lu family? If you want to have my sister married off to a fool, you’re all dreaming!”

“Who said that there isn’t an agreement!” Madam Lu coldly snorts, “The marriage contract is right here!”

Shen Jinglin takes a look at the document.

He sees that it’s indeed a marriage contract between the Shen and Lu families, but it only indicates to have a Shen daughter, and it doesn’t say which one.

“This only mentions a daughter from the Shen family. If you want to send one over, why not marry off your own daughter? Yanyan is not surnamed Shen – how could you decide her marriage?”

Su Yuexiang faintly smiles in the face of Shen Jinglin’s questions, seemingly helpless as she replies: “There’s also nothing I can do about it! Who’s fault is it that Muyan has a national grace, divine fragrance – that the Lu family’s gongzi has taken a fancy to her, but not to our family’s Ru-er?”

“Jinglin, why don’t you look at the power of the Lu family in the Tianyuan City, and just what is the cultivation of the Lu family’s Master? Now that your father is in this state, more dead than alive, if we don’t marry off Muyan today, then our Shen family will certainly be done for!”

Shen Jinglin’s complexion is deathly white in anger, his eyes are practically spurting out fire.

He doesn’t have the slightest bit of cultivation now, but he doesn’t hesitate to guard in front of Muyan.

“You’re not allowed to touch Yanyan! Su Yuexiang, you pack of beasts. Five years ago, you have already ruined Yanyan once, and you actually still want to ruin her now. This time, even if I die, I will absolutely not allow you to destroy Yanyan’s marriage!”

Shen Xiaoru snorts, “You, who’s a cripple and a waste, still want to protect Muyan? Haha, don’t make me laugh to death. Jun Muyan, I advise you to obediently get married to the young master Lu, okay? Although young master Lu is somewhat foolish, but the Lu family is great and wealthy. In the future, I believe that you will definitely be able to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor every day. What else could you ask for?”

“You–! All of you–!! Get out! All of you should get out! My little sister won’t be married off, absolutely not!!”

Shen Jinglin seems to have gone mad as he goes to shove this group of people out of the room.

However, his strides are unsteady and before he could commence doing anything, he almost slips down to the floor.

If Xiao Bao hadn’t been by his side from the beginning, helping him at the crucial moment, he would have already fallen down and cut a sorry figure.

Master Lu seems to annoyed by such a farce.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch217

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 217: Who would go back, I still haven’t acquired a wife!

Elder Ji trembles under Di Ming Jue’s Asura-like stare. He takes a hesitant step back and feigns a laugh, saying: “This old man is only thinking about marriage because their Qingwan-fairy has taken a fancy to you, Jun Shang!”

Di Ming Jue narrows his eyes, coldly saying: “Ben Jun sees that you have quite a lot of free time right now. Just as well, go and do something for Ben Jun.”

“That…that would be?”

“That kind of skirt on Leng Qingwan, Ben Jun wants fifty, no, a hundred bolts! Furthermore, it must be able to pass through the space barrier, and be taken along to the Yanwu Continent!”

“Ah–?!!” Elder Ji opens his mouth wide, dumbfounded.

Jun Shang, why are you picking on me!

Do you know what material that skirt is woven from?

Do you also know that the single bolt on Qingwan-fairy is already a lot?

And you want a hundred bolts! A hundred bolts a!

Where do you actually want this old man to go about and try to look for it!

What’s more, that Mysterious Ice-fringed pleated skirt is attached to Immortal Force, that’s why it can diffuse such a brilliant luster with every sway.

This thing, how can he ‘smuggle’ it into the Yanwu Continent?

Di Ming Jue snorts and turns his head to ignore him.

His mood worsens as he thinks of Leng Qingwan wearing that brilliant and vibrant dress.

But Di Ming Jue, his woman couldn’t wear such beautiful clothes – it’s simply unacceptable!

Oh… if he can personally put it on Muyan, it would surely be… very beautiful.

Just imagining it, Jun Shang-daren’s ears quietly turn red.

“Jun Shang, spare this old man…”

Elder Ji wails as he grovels on the floor, he’s just about to weep loudly and repudiate this impossible task.

Suddenly, at the main hall’s entrance, a familiar figure scrambles in.

“Jun Shang, Jun Shang! Not… not good!”

Recognizing who has arrived, Di Ming Jue’s pupils suddenly contract.

The figure flashes, and in a wink of an eye, he’s already in front of the others.

“Did Muyan have an accident?!”

The person he’s lifting by the collar is sullen and miserable, nothing less than sniveling with tears and snot falling down, “Jun Shang, Han Ye is incompetent, kill this subordinate!”

“Say it–!!! What happened exactly?!!”

“Miss Muyan, she… she’s gone.” under Di Ming Jue’s vicious and murderous look, Han Ye shakily says, “The Junji Drugstore next to our courtyard is… is completely empty!”

Di Ming Jue tenses, “Someone took them away?”

Han Ye once again trembles uncontrollably as he shakes his head, “It… it seems like Miss Jun herself… herself had left.”

‘Thump’, Di Ming Jue’s hand loosens.

Han Ye drops to the floor.

Di Ming Jue’s face reveals a sliver of absent-mindedness, a trace of grievance and pain.

Muyan left?

Without so much as informing him?

Without lingering, or even a little bit of reluctance to leave?

“Muyan, even by a thread, by a hair- are you not affected at all?”

When they saw their master reveal such a lonely and desolate expression, each one of them turns silly.

Even Han Ye gets upset as lowers his head, “Jun Shang, punish this subordinate for my incompetence.”

Elder Chang sighs softly as well, “Then… what would be the plan, Jun Shang? Should we return your main body back to the Xiuxian Continent?”

As soon as his voice falls, Di Ming Jue immediately sweeps a sharp glare over to him.

“Without bringing in Ben Jun’s woman as a wife? How could I return?!”

“Ah?” Elder Chang is struck dumb, “Then what does Jun Shang intend to do?”

Jun Shang just had the appearance of a wounded spring and sorrowful autumn, so he thought that the other’s dignity would be hurt, broken-hearted and disappointed.

But now, it seems… as if…

Di Ming Jue grits his teeth, laughing grimly as he says: “But of course, that would be to descend immediately and grab that woman back! Want to run out of Ben Jun’s palm, keep dreaming!”

Jun Muyan, you dare run away from Ben Jun.

Just you wait!!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch214

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 214: Shen Jinglin’s Leg Injury

The childish declaration from that crisp, milky voice makes the rims of Shen Jinglin’s eyes redden in a flash.

“Xiao Bao is good, Xiao Bao is really well-behaved. In a blink of an eye, you’ve grown so big. Uncle wasn’t there when you were born, nor could I watch you grow up…”

Shen Jinglin turns his back and wipes the tears off from his eyes.

“Big brother, let me take a look at your leg.”

Hearing that, Shen Jinglin shakes his head again and again, “Don’t look, don’t look, big brother’s leg is unsightly.”

Muyan stares at him unblinkingly.

Shen Jinglin slumps down and sits, conceding.

Since childhood till now, he’s completely unable to refuse any request from this little sister of his.

Muyan takes hold of the trouser of his injured leg and carefully rolls it up.

Seeing that the calf is twisted, atrophied, and covered all over in blue veins, Muyan’s breathing suddenly gets sluggish.

Shen Jinglin uncomfortably says: “I said that it’s unsightly… so don’t look, my leg is hopeless, it’s already a waste… the best doctor in Tianyuan City also declared it incurable…”

Muyan endures the pain in her heart, and she asks in a low voice, “How was it injured?”

“It… it was during my travels for experience, I was careless and got hurt.”

“I could see it, you know?” Muyan looks up, a dense chill in her eyes, “This bone was clearly broken by someone.” and it was also done several times, continuously.

“The jag on this leg muscle was clearly cut by a sharp blade.”

Muyan unblinkingly stares Shen Jinglin on the eyes, “Tell me, brother, how can you inflict this kind of injury on yourself by just going out for experience?”

Shen Jinglin abruptly turns his head to evade Muyan’s eyes.

However, both of his hands are tightly clenched into fists.

“Yanyan, don’t ask. This matter isn’t something that you can take on… brother is asking you, don’t pursue it.”

The room is quiet.

Xiao Bao could also feel that his mother is in a very bad mood.

Someone will definitely be unlucky.

Muyan takes a deep breath, and it’s only after a long while before she could hold her emotions down, “Okay, I can let this matter rest for now. But you’ll hand your leg over to me from now on. I will treat it.”

Shen Jinglin smiles bitterly: “Yanyan, don’t be so stubborn. Not only have you not studied medicine, even if you did, it would be impossible to cure my leg. The best doctors in Tianyuan City have all said that it’s already hopeless…”

“Brother, what you’re saying is that you won’t let me treat you!” Muyan doesn’t care in the least about what Shen Jinglin is saying, so she bluntly says that.

Shen Jinglin looks at his little sister’s ‘you won’t agree so I’ll get angry’ posture.

There’s nothing to be so tangled with.

Isn’t it just a leg? It’s already crippled anyway.

So what if he lets his little sister experimentally treat it as she pleases?

“Okay okay, I’ll let you treat it, I’ll let you treat it! But if you can’t cure it, you shouldn’t cry. It’s not your fault, you understand?”

Shen Jinglin’s impression of Muyan is still stuck from five years ago.

That lovable and agreeable little girl, who’s sometimes a little bad tempered, but still incomparably kindhearted and adorable.

He has no idea.

That the Muyan standing in front of him is already a demon that came back from hell.

Shen Jinglin’s leg can’t be cured in a day or two.

Muyan needs a detailed diagnosis before she could make a sound treatment plan.

What’s more, she also doesn’t have enough of the drug ingredients that are needed for the treatment.

Even if she’s unwilling, Muyan can only set this idea aside first.

Soon after, she asks about something else, “Brother, I heard that father has fallen ill? How is he right now? Why did Su Yuexiang refuse to let me see him?”

After that conversation, Muyan said that she wanted to visit her father.

Of course, she heard Shen Xiaoru saying that father had fallen ill, so she came.

She didn’t expect that Su Yuexiang would actually refuse.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch205

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 205: Departure

But this wish is something that he will never be able to realize it in this life.

His Sitong has left him forever.

Xiao Bao’s beautiful blue eyes sparkle, and he extends his little hand to wipe away the tears on Bai Yichen’s face. His childish voice has a rare moment that it isn’t cold, but it carries a touch of softness instead, “Uncle, don’t be sad, that big sister said… that what she’s most afraid of is her senior brother feeling sad…”

Bai Yichen abruptly straightens himself and no longer lingers, quickly departing.

Gao Chenyu is stumped, then he doesn’t think too much about it and just quickly tries to catch up, “Brother, wait for me!”

“Brother, why are you leaving?!” Before Shen Xiaoru could react, Bai Yichen is already leaving. She anxiously shouts, “Senior brother, aren’t you coming Tianyuan City with me to see my mother?”

The response that she receives is Bai Yichen walking farther and farther away, and within a blink of an eye, his back disappears into the distance.

Shen Xiaoru stomps her feet in anger, saying through gritted teeth, “Lin Sitong, that slut, even in death, my senior brother is still occupied with you. Serves you right to die without an intact corpse, to die far away from home!”

However, thinking that Lin Sitong is already dead, even if brother misses her now-

if she waits long enough, he’ll naturally forget about her.

When that moment comes, wouldn’t it still be her that will conquer Senior Brother?

Thinking of this, Shen Xiaoru’s state of mind finally gets a little better.

Nevertheless, she still fiercely glares towards Muyan, “Jun Muyan, if you didn’t blab so much, senior brother wouldn’t have left! Who told you to talk about that little slut, Lin Sitong?”

Muyan raises her lips a little, but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes, “You can follow after Bai Yichen and leave with them.”

Shen Xiaoru’s expression suddenly becomes sluggish, and she says with a forced smile: “Of course, I should deliver you back home first, Muyan-sister. Father and mother miss you dearly! Alright, without further delay, let’s hurry up and go to Tianyuan City right away!”

As soon as she turns around, Shen Xiaoru’s face reveals a malicious expression.

Jun Muyan, how can I leave without first sending you back into Tianyuan City’s pit of fire?

You didn’t die in the Wuwang Mountains, so wait until you enter that hellish fate, then those things that Ghost City sends you would still be mine!

Muyan watches her back figure hurrying to enter the carriage. She lowers her eyes and a mocking smile curls up on her face.


It’s approaching noon when Muyan’s party has finally entered Tianyuan.

Before she goes to the Shen family however, Muyan doesn’t have Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang go with her.

“You two will wait here for the Magistrate to come delivering the gifts, then you’ll hand him the special draughts that I refined just recently. After that, you don’t need to come to the Shen residence. Directly go inside the city to buy and set up a courtyard for me.”

Feng Haitang looks at the not-so-distant Shen Xiaoru, “If we don’t follow by Miss’ side, what if the people of the Shen family bully you, Miss?”

Muyan chuckles, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t place a mere Su Yuexiang in my eyes*.”

Su Yuexiang, she is the current mistress of the Shen family, in charge of managing the household, she is also Shen Xiaoru’s mother.

Feng Haitang still wants to say something, but Yan Haotian pulls her away leave.

Feng Haitang only knows that Muyan is very strong, but she doesn’t know to what extent that may be.

Who else understands Muyan’s strength better than Yan Haotian?

Feng Haitang’s small hand is grasped within Yan Haotian’s large and rough palm.

It jumbles her mind and all the words that she’s about to say are swallowed back down.

She just willingly allows him to hold her like that, obediently lowering her head as she follows behind him to go into the center of the city.

On the beautiful face that is usually as cold as ice and frost, a rare blush appears.

Muyan watches the pair’s departing figures and she can’t help but raise the corners of her mouth.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch203

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 203: What are you planning to do?

“Ah–!!” a pained cry rips out of Bai Yichen’s throat.

Powerful Internal Force surges out from his body, filling the air around them.

Shen Xiaoru and Gao Chenyu are both scared, their complexions turning deathly pale.

Even the Strange Beasts that are lurking around, they retreat one after another because of instinctive fear.

“Sitong! Sitong!” he could no longer hold the tears back as they slip down from the corners of his eyes, “You clearly said that you will always be with me.”

Suddenly, Bai Yichen snaps his eyes up towards Muyan, his mind is almost falling apart, “Who? Who killed Sitong? Who did it?”

Muyan calmly looks at him, and spits out the words, “Gong Qianxue.”


Gao Chenyu sucks in a mouthful of cold air, incredulously saying: “Gong Qianxue, could it be that… that princess of Jing Chen Country, a favored disciple of Heavenly Road Sect, advancing to the Heaven Stage younger than my senior brother, that Gong Qianxue?”

She’s also the current number one genius in Yanwu Continent!

Muyan slowly nods her head and gives a simple account of what she knew that day.

Lin Sitong was at death’s door and what she said about the matters that had just taken place was very vague, she has no way to say another word more.

But Xiao Bao witnessed the whole thing.

“Sacred Beast Egg!!” Bai Yichen squeezes each word through gritted teeth, “That woman, just for a sacred beast egg, she ravaged Sitong’s Dantian while she’s still alive?”

Muyan’s expression darkens, and she doesn’t say a word.

Xiao Bao suddenly opens his mouth to say: “That big sister said that she wanted to give the sacred beast egg to Yichen-brother, so she can’t give it to the bad woman. After that, the bad woman killed her!”

Bai Yichen firmly clenches his hands into fists, his body trembling violently.

Blood seeps out from the gaps of his fingers, falling down and pattering on the ground.

“Senior brother, since junior sister Lin is already dead, you shouldn’t think about her again. Of course, it’s just her fate, you can surely have someone better in the future…”

Shen Xiaoru was just hit by Gao Chenyu’s tackle, so she’s still dizzy with blurred vision and it has taken her quite a while to crawl back up.

It’s just in time to hear the news that Lin Sitong is already dead, and she’s immediately wild with joy.

Lin Sitong’s death, doesn’t that also mean that Yichen-brother is hers now?

But she still hasn’t finished talking when she suddenly meets Bai Yichen’s bloodthirsty eyes.

The jade-like warmth, that gentleman as elegant as a celestial, has become a mad wild beast at this very instant.

He will rip her apart at any moment.

Shen Xiaoru is so frightened that she stumbles down to the ground, unable to say anything anymore.

Bai Yichen turns towards Muyan: “Please tell me, where is Sitong buried?”

“Fog Forest…”

Upon hearing this reply, Bai Yichen doesn’t so much as ask where exactly in the Fog Forest, he just turns around and walks.

“What are you planning to do?” Muyan unexpectedly calls out to him.

Bai Yichen halts in his steps but he doesn’t answer.

Muyan slowly tells him: “I advise you, don’t act blindly without thinking. Your strength wouldn’t match up to hers.”

It’s not just because of Gong Qianxue’s cultivation, and her forces in the Heavenly Road Sect and the Jing Cheng Country.

More than that, not a lot of people know that Gong Qianxue has a lot of formidable powerhouses that she raises at her side.

With just a Bai Yichen, a Zi Yang Zong, there is absolutely no way to contend.

Bai Yichen suddenly turns back, both his eyes are bloodshot, and there’s a desperate madness in his gaze, “I don’t care who she is, or what kind of power she has, I only know that she killed Sitong! Even if I have a torn body and crushed bones, I will demand that she pay this debt of blood!”


In the end, Bai Yichen doesn’t leave immediately.

That’s because the nights of Wuwang Mountains are too dangerous, and he cannot abandon his junior brother, Muyan and Xiao Bao.

But the strange thing is that for some reason, after midnight, the Strange Beasts of Wuwang Mountains don’t coming out again.

Instead, they’ve disappeared without a trace.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch196

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 196: Return to the Shen Family

It’s been a few days and Shen Xiaoru’s wounds still haven’t completely gone away. She looks pale and sallow.

And unlike that arrogance from that day at the restaurant, seeing Muyan today, she immediately reveals an expression that looks like she’s about to cry, “Muyan-sister, older sister wasn’t good a few days ago, it was really just too unexpected and older sister was very pleasantly surprised that you’re still alive, that’s the reason why I got a little carried away. Can you forgive this older sister?”

Muyan unenthusiastically looks at her, then throws out the word, “No.”

Shen Xiaoru chokes.

Her face twists for a moment, and it’s quite a while before she could calm herself down. Her eyes become more tearful and distressed as she says: “Little sister Muyan, I know you’re still blaming this older sister but after all is said and done, we’re still one family. Daddy and older brother have continued to think about you all these years. If they know that you’re still alive, they would surely feel very happy! Muyan-sister, you should hurry and return to the Shen family with me!”

Hearing the words “Daddy and older brother”, Muyan looks distracted for an instant.

She spared this Shen Xiaoru’s dog life,

Precisely because she wants to know the situation of her brother and adoptive father.

And she still wants to know what her good foster mother had done in the past.

In her past life, because of the death of her unborn child, she hated the Su family, hated her foster mother, and thus, she also hated her foster father and brother.

Her adoptive father had still treated her kindly, so she didn’t exact vengeance. But since then, she didn’t hear or inquire about them, and they were estranged.

However, just three years later, she received news of her foster father’s death, then after another year, even her brother was unexpectedly killed during his travels.

It was a long time afterwards that Muyan also learned that her adoptive father and brother were looking for her.

In that previous life, what happened in the Shen family?

Shen Xiaoru sees Muyan’s apathetic appearance, and she can’t help but gnash her teeth.

She finally shows her biggest weapon, “Jun Muyan, you should know, father is seriously ill right now. In the end, you were still raised by the Shen family for so many years, shouldn’t you return to the Shen family and take a look at father, and offer your filial piety?”

“Father is seriously ill?” Muyan’s expression is indifferent, coldly looking at the other.

Shen Xiaoru is really afraid of that Muyan from a few days ago, and she suddenly shivers from head to toe.

But she soon adjusts her expression, and wipes the tears from her eyes: “Yes, father has been sick for a long time, don’t you want to go back and take a look? Jun Muyan, although father doesn’t have any blood relationship with you, he still raised you for so many years, you can’t be so cold-blooded and heartless!”

Muyan slowly relaxes. She leans back into her chair, and drawls: “Alright, I’ll go back with you.”

“You really agree to go back to the the Shen family with me?!” Shen Xiaoru excitedly jumps out from her chair.

“After three days, wait for me at the gates of Xia’an.”

Obtaining an affirmative reply from Muyan, Shen Xiaoru excitedly leaves.

As soon as she walks out of the Drugstore, the excitement on her face is replaced by bitter resentment and elation.

Hahaha… Jun Muyan, so what if you’re now beautiful and can do alchemy*?

I, Shen Xiaoru, can still run circles around you and deceive you.

Wait until you return to the Shen family with me, hehe… what’s waiting for you is a fate more miserable than hell!

Jun Muyan, your good days are over.

My hatred and humiliation a few days ago, I will return them back to you a thousand times!


Three days later, a carriage quietly parks in front of Junji Drugstore.

Ru Yan, Old Tao, Chen Qingfeng, and the Ink Camp are all respectfully standing in front of that carriage.

“Miss, after a few days, once we’ve finished dealing with the matters of the drugstore, we will catch up with you to Tianyuan City. During this period, only Yan Haotian and Haitang will be by your’s and the little gongzi’s side. Please take care!”

T/N: *It’s possible that Shen Xiaoru doesn’t know that making draughts is still not alchemy.

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EMHS – ch194

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 194: Body Odor

At the same time, Zhao Shan, as well as people of Yan Lie’s mercenary group behind him, also makes their move.

In the blink of an eye, a sword wrapped in thick killing intent is already closing in on Gong Qianxue’s back.

However, although it’s clearly a critical moment,

Gong Qianxue’s face doesn’t have the slightest bit of panic. The grief and compassion in her eyes recede, and only a callous viciousness remains.

Her body flashes a little, and she easily avoids Yan Lie’s poisonous hidden weapon.

She raises a hand and ruthlessly strikes Yan Lie’s heart.

There’s only a pounding sound, and Yan Lie’s heart disintegrates, something bursts out of the eye holes and just like that, he’s thoroughly dead.

Almost at the same time, Gong Qianxue whips around, and with one hand, catches Zhao Shan’s neck.

Her other hand seizes Zhao Shan’s blade, and ruthlessly slashes with it.

In a split second, blood sprays out, and both of Zhao Shan’s arms are cut off.

He produces a wretched howl like a dying pig’s.

Gong Qianxue sneers, slowly standing up while holding Zhao Shan’s neck.

At this time, there are more than a dozen corpses of the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group’s members, disorderly sprawled around her.

There’s a grave and stern man dressed in black. He walks to Gong Qianxue’s side then stands there respectfully.

Gong Qianxue coldly looks at Zhao Shan, “With just your group of wastes, you think you can kill me?”

Zhao Shan’s whole body is trembling, but he still glowers at Gong Qianxue, he snarls with wheezing voice: “You… that year… you deceived the Commander… deceived the entire mercenary group, you… you’re not allowed to have a good death!”

Gong Qianxue narrows her eyes, saying: “How do you know of matters from back then? Did Jun Muyan tell you?”

Zhao Shan opens and mouth and suddenly spews out a mouthful of thick spit mixed with foamy blood, right on Gong Qianxue’s face, “You… mustn’t have a good death!!”

A cold gleam flashes through Gong Qianxue eyes. Her hand suddenly tightens, then there’s a crackling sound, and Zhao Shan’s head limply dangles down.

She throws the corpse away with disgust, and takes the handkerchief proffered by the man in black. She wipes her face and her hands, and speaks with gritted teeth: “That Jun Muyan, I had still underestimated her.”

“Princess, do you want this subordinate to send people to kill her?”

Gong Qianxue narrows her eyes and slowly says: “First, don’t be hasty. Send someone to carefully investigate her background and identity once again. I always feel that this Jun Muyan is very significant, as far as I’m concerned… she shouldn’t be killed so simply.”

“Yes, Princess.”

Gong Qianxue glances at the members of the mercenary group on the floor, frowning: “I originally wanted to take this group of people for my own use, hmph… forget it, just a bunch of wastes. By the way, I instructed you to get in touch with a high official from Ghost City, and think of a method to have Jing Cheng’s Ghost City become part of our power, how are you handling it?”

“There are some difficulties.” the man in black mutters to himself for a moment, then he says in a low voice, “We’ve already bribed all the Magistrates of Jing Cheng’s Ghost City, but the Ghost King… anyway, the Princess should rest assured, it’s only a matter of time…”

Halfway through his words, the man in black suddenly frowns. He sniffs for a bit, then a slight change comes over his expression. He takes a step back.

Gong Qianxue sees his peculiar look, and she can’t help but knit her brows: “What’s the matter? Is it… ugh, what’s that smell? So repulsive?”

She inhales, and almost dies from the stench: “Gurgh~ where is that stench coming from?!”

The man in black covers his nose and smoothly takes another step back, hesitantly saying: “Princess, the smell seems to be coming from you.”

“What! Did! You! Say!!” a shriek that can overturn the roof resonates through the skies.

The next day, Jing Cheng Country’s Princess Gong Qianxue suddenly has body odor, a smell that can make people within three steps of her retch – this news spreads throughout the palace.

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EMHS – ch193

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 193: Xiao Bao has a Father?

At this moment, she feels an unprecedented hatred towards Shen Xiaoru

She detests that woman, demeaning her baby, making him feel deeply hurt.

Xiao Bao slowly lifts his head from the nook of her neck, a pair of deep blue eyes quietly look at her, “Niangqing, is Xiao Bao a bastard?”

Muyan immediately shakes her head, “Of course not, Xiao Bao is niangqin’s most precious treasure.”

Long eyelashes trembling, Xiao Bao clenches his little fists, “Then why do they always say that Xiao Bao is a bastard? Is Xiao Bao shameful to niangqin?”

To the niangqin that he loves the most!

To the niangqin the he wants to protect for a lifetime.

But because of his existence, she gets humiliated, harmed, and carelessly insulted by other people…

“Jun Mochen…” Muyan slowly calls him by his full name.

Her eyes are looking at him unblinkingly, there is no trace of hesitation or evasion, no trace of reservation or deception, “Niangqin doesn’t care what everyone in world says, whatever they do. Niangqin only cares whether or not Xiao Bao is well, whether or not Xiao Bao is happy, whether or not you’re by my side.”

The panic and uncertainty in Xiao Bao’s eyes slowly turns into softness and joy.

As if a bright beacon is shining over a boundless ocean.

Xiao Bao hugs Muyan’s neck and gently rubs against it, “Xiao Bao doesn’t care what everyone in the world says, or whatever they do. As long as niangqin is happy, Xiao Bao will stay together with niangqin.”

Muyan tightly holds his tiny frame, her face showing a smile so soft it’s almost melting.

However, her heart hurts like someone is stabbing it with a needle.

After all, she had let her baby suffer harm.


Xiao Bao is particularly clingy tonight. Even when they’re about to sleep, he’s sticks very close to her chest, then he clutches onto her hands.

Muyan gently pats him until midnight, until she feels that the little figure in her arms is soft and calm. Only then does she allow herself to fall asleep.

In her stupor, she hears Xiao Bao’s muffled voice, like he’s talking in his sleep.

“Niangqin, does Xiao Bao have a father?”

“What does it feel like… to have a father?”

Muyan’s closed eyelashes tremble, and it seems as if there are sparkling and translucent tears faintly discernible between them.

She gathers the child’s soft frame deeper into her embrace, like she’s clutching onto a life-saving straw. For a long time… for a long time, she doesn’t let go.


Jing Chen Country, Royal Palace.

In the middle of the night, Gong Qianxue hurriedly comes out of her bedroom, only wearing an unlined garment.

She sees Zhao Shan kneeling on the floor, and lying next to him is a limbless Yan Lie who is changed beyond recognition. She suddenly opens her eyes wide.

“What’s going on here?” Gong Qianxue lets out a pained cry, and she rushes to Yan Lie’s side, “How did Yan-brother become like this?”

Zhao Shan lowers his head, making it so others couldn’t have a clear view of his expression.

He only says in hoarse voice, “I went to Xia’an to assassinate Jun Muyan, without success. I barely managed to escape, but I discovered that the Commander didn’t die, but was instead reduced to be neither a man nor a ghost.”

“That Jun Muyan is too vicious!” Gong Qianxue shows a terrified and pained expression, sparkling and translucent tears trickle down from her eyes, “Killing is but a head touching the ground*, how can she have the heart to harm Yan-brother so cruelly?”

  • Once the purpose is achieved, don’t overdo it, don’t cause unnecessary pain.

While saying that, Gong Qianxue gets down to a kneel before Yan Lie, her face is filled with regret and compassion, “Yan-brother, I’m so sorry, it’s me…”

Before she could finish her words, Yan Lie’s eyes that were originally tightly shut suddenly snaps open.

From inside one of the gaping holes, a hidden weapon oozing with a blue-green poison, suddenly shoots towards Gong Qianxue’s face.

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EMHS – ch190

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Chapter 190: Come Rushing In Here

She must be taught a firm lesson today.

Just, not waiting for Ru Yan to do so, a dozen or so people enter through the door one after another.

Seeing these people, everyone in the audience simultaneously suck in a mouthful of cold air.

God, just who are these people coming in?!

Yan Haotian, Chen Qingfeng, Old Tao… just which one of them isn’t a bigwig in Junji Drugstore?

Then, there’s also a tall and handsome cool beauty,

as well as also several vicious brutes and fierce fiends, hulking men that would terrify people with one look.


Someone swallows down his spit, eyes turning into wide circles.

This… what is going on with this?

Why have the people of Junji Drugstore come rushing in here?

As soon as Ru Yan sees these people, she happily calls out: “Haitang, Old Tao, Qingfeng, Miss is over here!”

A dozen or so people speedily rush in front of Muyan and Xiao Bao.

Yan Haotian, Feng Haitang, Old Tao, and Cheng Qingfeng – all of them give a bow, “Greeting Miss!”

The members of the Ink Camp simultaneously kneel and bow: “Greeting Miss Jun, greeting Little Master!”

All the customers in the restaurant fall into a deathly silence, one would be able to hear it if a needle were to fall. Only the reverberating roar of those dozen or so people could be heard.

Gao Chenyu is struck dumb.

It’s only after a good long while before he could turn to look at Bai Yichen and grab the latter’s sleeves, saying with a trembling voice: “S-s-s-se-senior brother, that beggar actually-actually turns out to be that godly refiner?”

There’s a faint flickering light in Bai Yichen’s pupils, a touch of color finally flashes through his calm eyes.

He was already aware that Muyan is very strong and rather remarkable. However, he didn’t expect that she would be remarkable to this extent.

Shen Xiaoru is completely dumbfounded.

Her pair of eyes unwavering as they stare at all the respectful people from Junji Drugstore, then once again towards Muyan.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?”

The one who had nothing, driven to the Su family and suffered all kinds of abuse while she’s there; then with her and her female cousins’ design, ultimately had improper relations with a man, the one who conceived a vile spawn – Jun Muyan.

How could she possibly by the owner of Junji Drugstore? How could she be that godly apothecary?

Muyan swallows down her last bite of food. She brushes the dust off her clothes and gets up.

It’s just that her clothes have already been scorched from earlier’s explosion, so how can it get clean with just brushing?

Feng Haitang immediately turns towards the shopkeeper: “Can we trouble you for a basin of water and some clean cloth?”

Even though she’s making a request, there’s not even a little bit of expression on Feng Haitang’s face.

There is a coldness in her glamorous face but it further increases her charm and elegance.

The restaurant’s waiter gulps down and nods repeatedly. Lightning fast, he goes away for a bit and returns with clean, warm water and some cloths.

Feng Haitang and Ru Yan immediately step forward.

One attends to Muyan, while the other attends to Xiao Bao.

Chen Qingfeng and Old Tao are even more quick-witted. They directly rush out of the restaurant, get to the nearest store selling ready-made clothes, and buy two sets of clothes.

Washing their dirty faces a little,

Their burnt outer garments are thrown off, replaced by fluttering traditional clothes.

As Ru Yan and Feng Haitang move away, Muyan and Xiao Bao’s real appearance are revealed once more.

Everyone there, one after another, have their eyes about to pop out from staring!

“So… so beautiful! Xia’an’s famous godly refiner is actually such a glamorous and moving beauty!”

“God, that child is so adorable! Aaah, I want to take him home! I want to pinch his face!”

“I was just thinking, that female disciple from Zi Yang Zong looks pretty good, but now, compared to the owner of Junji Drugstore, she’s really… hey, not a match, shame!”

Standing next to Muyan, even Feng Haitang’s cool and elegant beauty loses some color.

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