EMHS – ch124

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 124: The Heavens Have Not Forsaken Me

Chen Qingfeng looks towards the door and sees that he’s just cultivating. He decides to not pay him any mind and just happily work on bookkeeping. He’s thinking that since they have some capital now, they should naturally stock up on some decent draughts.

They can’t just rely solely on Miss Jun’s draughts to support the store’s business, right?

Lost in his thoughts, he hears some unexpected noise coming from outside.

Chen Qingfeng looks up, only to discover that without him noticing when, the shop’s exterior is already surrounded by lot of people.

Everyone is pointing towards the edge of the door, having the expressions of shock and excitement.

What… what is going on?

Cheng Qingfeng walks over to the door and is surprised by what he sees.

He sees that the old man who was just sitting there is now completely surrounded by a fog.

The old man’s face is barely visible from within the mist that is around him.

As Chen Qingfeng approaches, he could feel the surging and churning of the immense and powerful Internal Force.

That Internal Force and pressure makes his complexion turn pale, and he unconsciously takes a step back.

“Breakthrough, he’s really going to breakthrough!”

“Is he breaking though the middle of Earth Stage into the high Earth Stage?”

“No, not really! He has already broken through the high Earth Stage, but the pressure of his Internal Force is still rising!”

“Are you kidding me? Does he want to breakthrough from the middle of Earth Stage directly into Heaven Stage? How could that be possible?!”

The crowd is continuously whispering their speculations, there’s no end to their surprise, envy and admiration.

Yet some people are quite puzzled, “Hey, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t he ‘Old Tao’, a Ghost Envoy from Ghost City? He was stuck in the middle of Earth stage, and it has already been thirty years since. How could he suddenly have a breakthrough now?”

“I’ve heard that Old Tao had already been driven out of Ghost City because he can’t make any progress in his cultivation. I never expected that he would be able to slowly deliver what he has accumulated*, when he wasn’t able to breakthrough then, he would surprise everyone by doing it all in one go!!”

idiom: good preparation is key to success.

While everyone is talking, a loud ‘bang’ is suddenly heard coming from Old Tao, who was sitting in meditation.

The Drugstore’s wall that Old Tao was leaning against is blasted through, creating a large hole.

The grey clothes on his body are blown away into tatters.

The people that are standing near him are even more shocked by the wave of energy, they are pushed several steps backwards.

Old Tao slowly stands up from the ground, there’s only a pair of tattered trousers on his body, and they aren’t doing a good job of covering the important bits.

After a moment of silence, he suddenly looks up at the sky and bursts out laughing, “Hahahahaha! I broke through, I finally broke through!! The Heavens have not forsaken me, actually letting me find the Philter of Barrier Breaking!! Hahaha, the Heavens did not abandon me!!”

It turns out that this old man is actually a Ghost Envoy from the Ghost City.

He had already been stuck in the middle of Earth Stage for thirty-two years.

If he can’t break into the high Earth Stage, he won’t have any hope of glimpsing into the realm of Heaven Stage during this lifetime.

But the more anxious he is, the more he loses his hope.

And along with him getting older, talented Ghost Envoys are getting promoted one by one.

His position is being seriously threatened as well.

If he doesn’t make a breakthrough, he will most likely be driven out of the Ghost City.

And so, after hearing that Ru Yan had taken a Philter of Barrier Breaking and advanced into the middle of Earth Stage, he immediately began to frantically search for it in Xia’an.

Today, he finally found it.

And the effect of this draught is more extraordinary than he had ever imagined.

Not only did it make him break through his bottleneck, it also cleared up the impurities within his Qi Sea, stimulating all of his body’s Internal Force.

After more than thirty years of bitter cultivation, he is finally able to deliver what he has accumulated. Not only did he break through the bottleneck of mid Earth Stage, he was directly promoted to the peak of Earth Stage. Even that high and distant Heaven Stage is only a single step away.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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