EMHS – ch126

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 126: Buy, Buy, Buy!!

In a split second, the crowd of people rush to go inside like a flood.

“Philter of Barrier Breaking, hurry and give me a Philter of Barrier Breaking!”

“I’m willing to give eight million big ones, sell me that Philter!”

“Step aside, your father has already prepared 12 million gold coins worth of banknotes, hurry and let me through!!”

Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin are simply flabbergasted.

What’s going on? There’s no need to be this crazy over buying that special Mysterious Energy Philter, right?

The store’s door has already been destroyed by the crowd.

There’s even someone who’s getting trampled over by the stampede. That person coughs out a mouthful of blood and he doesn’t stand up again.

This is just like they’re rabidly trying to tear down the Junji Drugstore.

When the pair was thinking that Junji Drugstore will definitely get thrashed, people from the crowd are suddenly getting thrown over.

Just then, they could see a strong-looking man with scars all over his face, and he stands outside the the door like a tower. He has a chilling expression and a pair of violent eyes sweeping over each person in the mob, making everyone no longer dare to act rashly.

Tian Yongjin couldn’t bear it in the end, and he grabs a person to ask: “Are you all here to buy the special Mysterious Energy Philter?”

“What special Mysterious Energy Philter?” that person asks in a clueless manner, “What claptrap Philter are you talking about? We’re all here to grab a Philter of Barrier Breaking, that’s the miraculous draught that can make people break through a bottleneck! Not only that, it’s only sold for 4 million gold coins, a full 8 million cheaper than the auction in the Ghost City! Only a fool wouldn’t scramble over it!”

“Ph… Philter of Barrier Breaking?!” Tian Yongjin snaps his eyes wide open, his trembling voice rises, “The Philter that costs 4 million gold coins? Are you saying that… that is the miraculous draught that can make you break through a bottleneck?”

“Yea, you mean you guys don’t know this?” the man looks at them like they’re idiots, “It’s that draught circulating from the Ghost city that’s all the hubbub, on that day when that Miss Ru Yan took a Philter of Barrier Breaking and had a breakthrough on the spot. Even Ghost City’s Old Tao, he had been stuck in the middle of Earth Stage for over thirty years, and yesterday, he bought the Philter for 4 million gold coins right here, ended up breaking though one the spot. He’s now at the peak of Earth Stage. This matter, nobody in the entire Xia’an isn’t aware of it, everybody knows!”

Just as he says that, Yan Haotian, who was standing at the door like a sentinel, steps aside to reveal Chen Qingfeng’s fearfully trembling figure.

He clears his throat, and looks at the surrounding crowd that’s glaring at him like a tiger watching its prey. With a trembling and faltering voice: “Everyone, I’m truly sorry, but the owner didn’t refine a Philter of Barrier Breaking, so we don’t have it for sale today.”

“Are you kidding me?! I’ve been lining up here since last night!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Today, I can’t just go without buying the Philter of Barrier Breaking!”

“My Li family is willing to pay 15 million gold coins, just asking for a bottle!”

Fifteen million!!

Chen Qingfeng gulps, quickly pressing down on the pain in his heart, he continues: “Everyone, although we don’t have a Philter of Barrier Breaking in our shop today, the owner had still refined some other special draughts. There’s a Mysterious Energy Philter, an Wound Healing Liquid, and a Speed Serum; one is priced at 40,000 gold coins…”

Before he could finish his words, he is interrupted by Elder Li: “These draughts that you mentioned, they were all refined by the master who made the Philter of Barrier Breaking?”

“Yes, all the special draughts that we sell in our shop, all of them are refined by the owner.”

“Buy, buy, buy!!” someone immediately shouts that, “As long as it’s a special draught refined by that master, I’ll buy it all!”

“Who are you kidding, I was here first, pack it up for me!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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