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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 95: Good Dogs Don’t Get in the Way

“Your master wants to see me?” Muyan mocks, “Just what kind of person is this master of yours? Wanting to see me so I’ll go and meet him? Haha, why don’t you make him go back and look at his own face, see if it’s bigger than a washbowl? ”

Muyan learned this way of insulting from Baili Liuyin’s notes.

Face as big as a washbowl!

The guard has never heard of such an allusion, but nevertheless, he can still hear the disrespect against his master from her words.

He is suddenly furious, but remembering what his master said, he still clenches his teeth and gets his temper under control: “My Master is from the “Jin Wangfu*” of Huang Yao Country. This girl should now know that it is your great honor to be invited by my master.”

  • Wangfu=Prince’s Residence.

In Yanwu Continent, Chi Yan is the lowest ranked country, while Huang Yao is ranked as the highest.

【Jin Wangfu】is a Prince’s official residence that’s very much revered even within Huang Yao Country.

So when the guard said these words, in his mind, he had already anticipated that the girl in front of him would be sincerely fearful and reverent. She would repent about her recent disrespect, and appeal to see his master right away.

However, what Muyan says next, once again renews his three views*.

  • Philo: worldview, concept of life, and values

“So sorry, I’ve never heard of that cat-or-dog-or-whatever Wangfu.” Muyan shows a somewhat derisive smile, “I only know that good dogs don’t get in the way. Or is it that, you can’t even do a good job as your master’s dog?”

“You dare to call me a dog!!” the guard could bear it no longer. In a furious rage, blue veins pop up on his forehead and his body emits a strong killing intent, “What a good whore, it is already a blessing as big as the sky that my master took a fancy on you. Since you can’t tell good from bad, don’t blame me for being impolite!!”

His words are barely over but his expression is already sinister. He makes a grab towards Muyan’s shoulder.

Muyan still doesn’t move, but Xiao Bao is already stepping forward. A small, fair palm unhurriedly pushes towards the guard’s Qi Sea.


With a resounding noise, the scene that the guard was expecting, of Muyan crying and begging for mercy, did not appear. On the contrary, he suddenly suffers a severe pain in his Dantian*, and the entire person is blown away.

  • pubic region, area where his qi sea is(?).

The sturdy body hits the lion stone statue near the front door of the teahouse. The lion statue shatters into small pieces, turning into powder.

The guard himself suddenly spurts out a mouthful of blood. His body twitches uncontrollably and he completely loses consciousness.

Inside the teahouse, a private room on the second floor-

The man sitting by the window witnessed the entire scene that just took place.

After knowing his identity, he had thought that this young woman would inevitably gladly come over to see him.

Who would have thought, that it didn’t take too long before he sees his guard getting taken out in one palm strike.

With his cultivation, he can clearly observe that the guard’s Qi Sea was forcibly struck into shattering, his Internal Force madly rushing out.

An elite guard of the early Earth Stage is actually turned into a waste, with just a brief direct confrontation.

Not only is the man without anger, but the interest in his eyes becomes even thicker.

Just at this time, the girl from below raises her head up. The enticingly indolent eyes are without passion nor warmth as they drift over. At the instant the two pairs of eyes make contact, he could see a sudden flash of coldness.

She lightly raises an empty hand, and he can’t see her actions, but the window frame immediately breaks into countless fragments.

There are even a few wooden splinters that spatter directly on the man’s face, leaving lines of blood there.

Blood dribbles down along his cheek, passing through the corner of his mouth.

The man doesn’t get angry nor scared. Instead, he licks the corner of his lips.

In a split second, the curiosity in his eyes changes, bursting into a blazing desire.

Towards this woman, he was initially only interested in a dispensable enjoyment of a plunder.

But now, he feels that he is truly affected.

Such an interesting woman must belong to him.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. This encounter with the guard wasn’t very good. He should have been able to realize he wasn’t there match by noticing he couldn’t see through Mu Yan’s cultivation. It just seems a little poorly thought out and careless.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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