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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 94: Don’t Be Rude to the Beauty

In a comfortable room, second floor of the teahouse not far from them.

A man of about thirty years old sits near the window, his eyes casually sweeping across the streets below. Suddenly, his eyes zero in on a spot.

The relaxed expression suddenly turns into a stunned one. The fan on his hands fold close as he gets up. He leans his body forward and out, even his breathing becomes rough and heavy.

“Master, what’s wrong?” the subordinate beside the man sees the latter’s condition and quickly asks.

The man doesn’t pay him any attention, but he beckons a waiter, calling him to come over, “Do you know who that girl is?”

The teahouse waiter takes a look, and also sucks in a cool breath.

He sees that among the people coming and going along this large street, a girl in white is walking while holding a small child. Even with the numerous people passing by, the girl in white is able to attract others’ attention at a glance.

Simply because the girl’s countenance is extremely beautiful, her skin is like snow, her eyes are like stars reflected on water, lips are like the pistil of a flower. Even looking from afar, people’s heart would throb, unable to shift their gazes away.

It’s no wonder that this private room’s master will forget himself and inquire like this.

However, the waiter quickly shakes his head, “This girl is so beautiful. If this lowly one had ever seen her in Xia’an before, I would certainly remember.”

He’s implying that this girl has just appeared in Xia’an recently.

The man wordlessly looks at the girl below, he can’t help but run his tongue over his lips. Blazing lust passes through his eyes.

When the waiter goes out, the man’s subordinate immediately asks: “Is the master interested in this woman? If so, this subordinate will immediately bring her to see you.”

As the subordinate sees it, his master’s identity and position is extremely honorable. For the master to take a fancy on her, be it as a wife or as a concubine, even as a Tong Fang* servant girl, it is a blessing as great as the sky for her.

  • A maid that the master sleeps with

This is taken for granted.

After he listens, the man doesn’t hesitate to promptly give a nod, but he gives a rare reminder, “Be courteous, don’t be rude to the beauty.”

The guard bows in response, but when he turns around to go downstairs, there’s actually a sneer on his face.

Merely a woman from the lowly Chi Yan Country, it is truly her blessing of three lifetimes that she can receive Master’s favor. If he’s still more courteous to her, won’t she want to fly to the heavens?


Muyan puts Xiao Bao back down, and once again continues walking with him on the street.

But she finds that the little guy keeps on looking around from time to time. The expression on his little face grows even colder.

Muyan can’t help but curve her lips up and laugh. Her gaze inadvertently flicks to the teahouse not far from them, carefreely asking, “Xiao Bao cares too much about those two jumping clowns?”

As Xiao Bao is about to answer, he sees a man wearing a guard uniform running out of the teahouse and quickly blocking their way.

The guard raises his chin and looks down, high and mighty as he says, “This girl, my master fancies you.”

Muyan raises her brows, “Your master?”

“Exactly, my master is already waiting for you,” says the guard, “Please go up alone, you mustn’t let the master wait. That’s right, you can’t bring this child along with you. The master wants to see you alone.”

When Muyan hears that, her face can’t help but bloom into a bright and beautiful smile.

Set off by the smiling expression, the originally romantic countenance becomes even more gorgeous and moving.

The guard’s breathing becomes slightly chaotic, saying to himself: really a stunning beauty; it’s also no wonder that the master can be moved.

In the next moment, the daze in his eyes is completely replaced by rage as soon as he hears the girl’s next words.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


6 thoughts on “EMHS – ch94

  1. Hey now, even if being bedded by your master truly was “a blessing as great as the sky for her” to reel her in would require announcing exactly who it is who wishes to “bless” her, right? I mean you just established not a minute ago she’s new here so you can’t expect her to recognize who your master is by seeing you, mister servant man.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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