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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 90: Rite of Lord and Servant

After purchasing the clothes, the well-to-do Muyan directly finds an inn and rents a whole courtyard.

Dinner and ablutions done, the newly outfitted Yan Haotian knocks on Muyan’s room.

The moment he opens the door, he sees a woman wearing a pleated Quicksand dress under the candlelight. Even Yan Haotian, who has already become numb from being a fighting puppet, can’t help but think it’s breathtaking.

When she had finished washing, Muyan has changed into the pleated Quicksand dress chosen by Xiao Bao earlier in the day.

Her original brilliant glamour is set off by the exquisite dress to make it even more radiant, more elegant and refined. People looking at her would be made to feel as if they have arrived in the world of Immortals.

Muyan’s expression on the other hand, is always so beguiling and indolent, beyond the reach of dust, further making it so lovely that it could stir people’s souls.

However, Yan Haotian is only momentarily stunned as he falls to his knees at once.

He couldn’t speak but he nevertheless performs a very standard ceremony of a servant greeting the master.

Muyan has a cup of tea in her hands, and leisurely takes a sip. She doesn’t step forward to help him up, but indifferently says: “Do you know why I helped you?”

Yan Haotian doesn’t get up, and he also doesn’t move. He just kneels patiently, as if the answer simply doesn’t matter to him.

Muyan answers on her own: “Actually, what I really wanted to accomplish is not to save you, but to hinder Gong Qianxue.”

“Because I’ve been made aware that Gong Qianxue wanted to acquire and make use of you, and that she wanted to buy you from Ghost City, I closely examined your history. That’s the reason why I inadvertently got to know of the things Yan Lie had done. I helped you, purely because I didn’t want Gong Qianxue to be happy. But in any case, you owe me a life debt.”

Muyan sets the cup down and looks at him with an electrifying gaze, “Now then, I will present you with two paths.”

“The first path is for you to become my subordinate, serve me for five years, and pay back the debt you owe me within those five years. After that, we will have nothing to do with each other. Wherever you want to go or whatever you do, I will not stop you.”

Yan Haotian looks up and fixes his eyes on her. There are no ripples in his expression.

Muyan quirks her lips up and she continues: “The second path, is for you to recognize me as Lord willingly and wholeheartedly. From then on, you will lose your personal freedom and you will have no choice but to throw in your life to me. If you dare to betray me one day, I will make you wish for death but won’t allow you to die. On the other hand, as my person, I will provide you with draughts, heal your injuries, and ensure that you won’t have the slightest problem reaching the peak of Heaven Stage.”

If ordinary people hears that they can advance to the peak of the Heaven Stage, they would probably be too excited to keep their calm.

From start to finish however, Yan Haotian’s expression has been very tranquil, almost a deathly stillness.

He gets up from the ground, and once again takes a knee. He clenches his right hand into a fist and presses it to his heart. Afterwards, he bows down and completely prostrates himself.

This is a very humble position.

It is also a the rite of a servant to his Lord, without the slightest oversight.

Yan Haotian places his head on the cold ground, no traces of shivering or trembling appears on his figure.

In fact, as early as Muyan when allowed him to settle his revenge on Yan Lie with his own hands, in his heart, he had already recognized Muyan as his Lord .

He had already lost interest in living his life when his whole family was destroyed.

Muyan has given him a new life, as well as the opportunity to take revenge.

Therefore, he doesn’t feel degraded or wronged to recognize Muyan as Lord, but he only feels very fortunate instead.

Only in this way can he find any meaning and significance to keep on living.

From her seat opposite him, Muyan reaches out her hand, “Sit over here, I’ll take your pulse.”

Yan Haotian silently does as told.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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