EMHS – ch89

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 89: Don’t Dislike

Muyan chuckles: “He is my subordinate.”

She is not interested in keeping slaves like Gong Qianxue does.

And yet, she is very much in need of loyal and capable helpers right now. And so, she racked her brains and took the opportunity to save Yan Haotian from the Ghost City.

This is also considered as ‘each takes what he needs’.

Muyan is bored to death from looking at Yan Haotian choosing clothes that fit.

Xiao Bao suddenly pulls her hand to go to a certain direction.

Muyan is surprised but she follows along according to where Xiao Bao is pulling her. Until finally, she sees that Xiao Bao has led her in front of a white dress with a pleated skirt. His small face turns towards the shop owner and says in deadly earnest: “I want this.”

The shop owner is startled as he looks at him, before he turns to Muyan again.

The shop owner watches as Xiao Bao pulls out a gold leaf from his chest pocket and casually tosses it to him, “Give it to me!”

Although it is only a four-year-old kid who spoke, the ‘as it should be by rights’ commanding tone that he uses, as well as those cold and sharp eyes… completely scares the shop owner.

He does as told and takes the white dress down it’s hanger, smoothly presenting it: “This little gongzi* truly has a good eye. This dress is indeed our shop’s best item. The whole piece is woven from Quicksand silk thread. After putting it on, the woman will not only have the ethereal elegance of a descended Immortal, but it also has the feature of keeping the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer.”

  • (honorific) Son of an official or someone affluent.

Xiao Bao gives him an irreverent glance, “A gold leaf is not enough?” Why is he saying so much nonsense?

“Enough enough! Very much enough!” The shop owner says repeatedly, and even humbly and reverently wanting return the gold leaf, “In fact, the gold coins that the girl provided is already enough.”

Xiao Bao doesn’t take it back. Instead, he holds the the dress up before Muyan. “Niangqin!”

Muyan’s eyes brighten with a smile. She lowers her body to gently stroke the soft and smooth texture of the dress. “Does Xiao Bao want to buy clothes for niangqin?”

Xiao Bao nods his little face, his pair of big, ice-blue eyes are more luminous than the sky after the rain.

Muyan’s eyes curve up, “Does Xiao Bao think that niangqin would look good in it?”

“Un.” Xiao Bao nods seriously, “Niangqin looks the best.”

Muyan is overjoyed from her son’s praise and happily takes the dress. Turning to the shop owner, “Wrap this up for me, and wrap up that one, this one, and this roll of cloth, wrap them all up.”

Muyan points to the cloths because there aren’t any ready-made children’s clothing in this shop.

“Xiao Bao, niangqin will buy several rolls of cloth and personally sew some clothes for you, okay?”

Xiao Bao woodenly shakes his head to refuse.

With his mother’s craftsmanship, it would already be an extremely great achievement to have two pieces of clothes stick together. At the beginning in the mountains, when they didn’t have a lot of things, just how many of those shabby clothes did Xiao Bao fix?

Muyan enjoys watching her son refuse, but at the same time, not want to hurt her feelings. Then she picks him up and asks in a disheartened way, “Does Xiao Bao dislike the unattractive clothes that niangqin makes?”

Sure enough, Xiao Bao immediately hugs Muyan’s neck and places his tiny head on her shoulder. He says in a whisper: “Don’t dislike. As long as niangqin made it, Xiao Bao will wear it.”

Even if it doesn’t look good, even if it’s shabby, as long as niangqin made it, he would feel very warm and very happy when he wears it.

The rims of Muyan’s eyes turn slightly hot, and she holds the little figure in her arms even tighter.

Xiao Bao, thank you, thank you for being at your mother’s side in this life.

It’s you who makes my life more than just a dark and bloody revenge, it’s also you who gives me the courage to keep on living.

Her mind suddenly recalls what Baili Yinlou had said — In Yanwu Continent, Xiao Bao can only live for ten years at most.

It seems that she must also think on how to search for a method to unseal the Tian Mo Qin.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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