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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 91 Muyan’s Order

Porcelain fingers make contact with his scarred wrist.

Feeling his pulse, Muyan slightly furrows her brows.

Sure enough, Yan Haotian’s injury is way more complicated than it appears.

When Yan Haotian was Gong Qianxue’s confidant in her past life, he ultimately achieved the peak of Heaven Stage.

However, he had side-effects from being treated with too many draughts and Elixirs.

That’s why after reaching the peak of the Heaven Stage, Yan Haotian suffered difficulties in making any progress, and eventually passed away at a young age from a serious injury.

At the time of his death, he did not know that his own mortal enemies were Gong Qianxue and Yan Lie.

Muyan takes her hand back and says, “Sit cross-legged on the floor, and for a while, don’t resist whatever I do.”

Yan Haotian sits cross-legged down on the floor.

The Tian Mo Qin is already on Muyan’s hands without him noticing when.

She closes her eyes and quickly mobilizes her Internal Force.

Xiao Bao stands up and goes to guard by her side, his little face tight as usual.

Along with her ten fingers slowly moving along on the ash black zither strings, the mellow and pleasant melody flows of out of her strumming

Yan Haotian’s fierce expression gradually softens into gentleness as he listens to the music.

His brows smooth over and his scarred face reveals a sweet and happy expression, like he’s recalling a beautiful memory.

Muyan softly sighs in her mind, but the movements of her hands doesn’t have the slightest pause.

The sound of the zither slowly changes from a touching sweetness, it gradually shifts into a mournful music, evoking a gut-wrenching ache.

Yan Haotian’s expression progressively changes from softness to pain and struggle.

Huge beads of sweat dribble down from his forehead.

The burly body cannot hold back some slight tremors.

And within the area of his Qi Sea, Mysterious Energy throbs along with the beat of music, and begins to flow in his five viscera and six bowels, as well as his Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

Wherever the Internal Force goes, what it brings with it is not the usual warmth and comfort, but the piercing pain of continuously tearing flesh.

Yan Haotian firmly clenches his teeth, blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth. His clothes are also completely drenched in sweat.

Be he doesn’t let out the smallest of groans, let alone any movement. Neither does he operate his Mysterious Energy to resist.

It’s because of Muyan’s order.

When the Internal Force, charged by the zither’s sound, passed through every inch of his meridians, the poignant music of mourning suddenly changes again to become a harsh and violent tune.

An even more severe pain racks Yan Haotian’s flesh and bones, throughout his whole body.

In the end, he opens his mouth, unable to suppress a suffering beast-like wail.

Fine beads of blood, mixed with a viscous black liquid, seeps out from the surface of his skin.

At this very moment, Yan Haotian looks a hundred times more miserable than he ever did in the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Red-black blood and tears flow out of his seven head apertures. The new clothes that he had just changed into are completely dyed by the black blood.

However, the sound of Muyan’s zither doesn’t halt or soften even by a bit.

The music continues for half an hour, until it slowly stops.

Muyan takes back the fingers that have gone numb, saying quietly, “Go back and take a shower first, change your clothes, and come see me afterwards.”

Yan Haotian struggles to get up from the floor. His whole body is like a fish that came out of a quagmire of black blood, It was foul and filthy.

The weak body is even more unsteady, nearly stumbling and falling just after he gets up.

But he bows respectfully and unsteadily walks out.

After Yan Haotian leaves, Xiao Bao immediately pounces over and clings to Muyan .

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Muyan asks quietly.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Eek, hopefully this isn’t a treatment he has to go through multiple times. Stay strong Yan Haotian. Fighting!
    Thanks for the chapter.


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