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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 68: Good news?

Gong Qianxue has spent the past few days recuperating at the Heavenly Road Sect due to the backlash from the sacred beast egg.

Because of Jian Feng’s medicine and treatment, eventually, her body slowly recovers.

Just as the anger displeasure in her heart had finally gradually abated however, she suddenly receives a shocking news that makes her unable to maintain self-control.

Jin Hong Men has been wiped out!

This nail that she had securely embedded in Chi Yan Country, how could it be uprooted like this?

Gong Qianxue just wants to split her anger. On that same day, she leaves for Chi Yan Country.


Xia’an State.

Several black-clothed men kneel before Gong Qianxue, silent as cicadas in winter.

Gong Qianxue presses down her surging anger and asks in a low voice: “Jin Hong Men’s matter, how did that come about in the end? Ge Changming is a peak Heaven Stage expert, and I’ve spent a lot of labor and resources to cultivate the killers in Jin Hong Men. How could it just be destroyed overnight?”

“Subordinate… this subordinate doesn’t know. At the time when we arrived, Jin Hong Men was already full of dead bodies. There wasn’t… wasn’t a single living mouth, Master Ge doesn’t even… have bones left. We have searched for a long time, but no traces of murderers have been found. We only know that they were injured by a peculiar sword energy, there was barely any struggle before they died…”

Hearing this, Gong Qianxue finally couldn’t restrain herself anymore and raises her foot to kick ruthlessly, “What’s the use of Bengong raising you, this group of waste?!”

“Princess, spare us, spare us a!”

The men in black are grovelling, trembling and begging for mercy.

It wasn’t until Gong Qianxue has vented enough of her anger, did one of the black men raise his head to say, while shivering in fear, “Princess, please quell your anger. Although Jin Hong Men was wiped out, there’s good news that came from the Ghost city.”

“Good news?”

Seeing Gong Qianxue’s interest, the man in black loosens up and quickly replies, “It was Division Head Yan that sent the message. He said, the talented individual that the princess fancies has been found, asking princess to come and receive him at your convenience.”

Sure enough, Gong Qianxue brightens up after hearing the news.

Now that she had lost Jin Hong Men, she urgently needs to add more strength.

It really can’t be better for her that Yan Lie had sent a message at this time.

As for the one who dared to destroy her Jin Hong Men, hmph, one day she will make this person pay a terrible price.


“This girl, are you going to enter Ghost city?”

Muyan is holding her son as they line up at the entrance to the Ghost city, waiting to pay the 100 gold coins entry fee.

She suddenly hears a man’s voice behind her.

Muyan looks back and sees that it’s a middle-aged uncle with a simple and honest appearance, she can’t help but give a light smile, “Yeah!”

“Ah, don’t you know what kind of place the Ghost city is?” the uncle shows a concerned and disapproving expression, “How can a sweet-looking little girl like you just come in here? I see that you don’t even have the slightest Internal Force fluctuations on you. You won’t have any room to resist if someone bullies you inside. Not to mention, you’re also bringing such a small kid… ah, listen to the uncle’s advice and quickly leave, okay!”

Ghost city, this is a mysterious, bloody, chaotic but formidable area.

Mysterious, because no one knows who the owner of the Ghost city is. Most People in the Yanwu Continent only know that Ghost city had already existed for as long as they can remember.

Formidable and bloody, because ghost city adheres to the principle that the weak are prey to the strong. In here, everything can be solved using force and money. The laws of the outside world do not apply here.

To the people that come inside, they simply mustn’t go against the rules in the Ghost City, and the ‘ghost envoys’ that are responsible for maintaining order within the city.


T/N: Ghost city is described like an autonomous area within another city. Somewhat like an embassy.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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