EMHS – ch69

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 69: Big Courage

For everyone who enters, they only should only avoid violating rules of the ghost city, as well as the “ghost envoys” that are responsible for maintaining the order within the the city.

So Muyan hears the uncle’s warning and knows that it’s definitely because of good intentions.

Since a lower ranked martial practitioner wouldn’t be able to see through the Internal Force fluctuations of those with a higher rank.

Muyan is at the Precelestial realm, Xiao Bao is also at the Heaven Stage, but the uncle behind them is just at the Profound Stage. Since the two of them are quite young, the Uncle must be thinking that they are ordinary people without Internal Force.

Muyan looks as mild as before, shaking her head, “Thank you for the reminder, uncle.”

Expressing her gratitude, she shows no intention to leave.

The middle-aged uncle originally wants to say a few more words of persuasion, but Muyan has already reached her turn in the line.

After paying a hundred gold coins, Muyan quickly leads Xiao Bao into the Ghost city.

The Ghost city of Xia’an is divided into two parts: the Trading Area and the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Once inside, one is greeted by the bustling extravagant atmosphere mingling with fluctuations of Internal Force.

A large part of the people that are enjoying the place and are on-the-loose, are men five points large, and three points rough*.
Large head, two hands, and two feet; thick thighs, waist, and neck. The expression could refer to other aspects (like knowledge, life experience, or personality) depending on the context and era.

There’s occasionally some women that don’t have that striking martial appearance, and they’re accompanied by a strong man for protection.

In this way, the appearance of Muyan and Xiao Bao’s peculiar combination has gathered a lot people’s eyes towards them.

One among the shirtless brutes, looking at Muyan’s tender and lovely face, couldn’t help running his tongue over the corner of his mouth, his eyes flashing with an ominous red fruit of greed.

He walks up two or three steps towards Muyan and blocks her path.

“Beauty, are you visiting the ghost city by yourself? Your courage isn’t small!”

Muyan sends him a bashful smile: “Yeah, my courage has always been big.”

“Hah… the little beauty is interesting. This uncle likes your little red mouth. How about this, as long as you sleep with me for a night, this uncle will guarantee that you can walk out safely from this Ghost city…”

Saying that, the perverted swine is already reaching out grab Muyan’s face.

The middle-aged uncle who entered after Muyan sees it and immediately has a bothered expression, but he’s going over his head.

He doesn’t understand why the little girl is so stubborn and insisted on going into the ghost city.

Speaking of persuading her to leave and go out while still in good condition, it’s still a question on whether she can come out of this alive.

But even If he can’t bear it, he absolutely can’t save these pair of “older sister and younger brother” with just his strength.

However, the perverted swine had yet to touch Muyan’s face,

When his stout body is suddenly up on the air.

Before anyone could react, he flies in a semi-circular arc and heavily crashes against a pillar.

There was a moment of deathly silence among everyone present, and everyone takes a look towards the unconscious burly man, and once again shifts their eyes to look at Muyan and Xiao Bao.

They only see that the young woman is still smiling gently like before, her body appears slender, as if too weak to stand up to the wind.

The little boy she’s holding still has that taut face. His peerless little features not showing a sliver of expression.

And so, what happened in the end?

Muyan doesn’t concern herself with the thoughts of the people around. She takes Xiao Bao to continue walking towards the direction of the Colosseum.

They barely take a few steps before another person pops up once again.

It’s a man of the peak Profound Stage, reaching out haughtily to block Muyan’s way.

However, this man is more tragic than that brawny man from earlier.

Because he didn’t even have the time to say anything, and he is immediately caught by an impatient Xiao Bao and is thrown aside.

Boom–! A crashing sound, pillars shake and it causes the dust on the beams to fall.

It also jolts everyone to regain their wits.

Soon after, each and every one widens their eyes in alarm, unable to believe what they had just seen.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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