EMHS – ch67

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 67: Rabbit, Play Dead

He watches as that pink jade-carved little boy jumps down from his chair, short little feet walk towards him, and raises his hand to give him a banknote.

While the waiter is surprised,

The cold, milky voice speaks with a touch of impatience, “No need for change, send some more drinks over.”

The waiter absentmindedly takes the banknote from the hands of the four-year-old child. He takes a look at the amount on the note and sees the largest silver denomination distinctly printed on it. He immediately gets dizzy.

Xiao Bao waits for the absent-minded waiter to walk away, only then did he run back to Muyan.

But instead of returning to his own chair, he climbs up on Muyan’s. Squeezing in the chair with her, intentionally or unintentionally snuggling as he sits.

Muyan’s lips quirk up. Might as well, she picks her son up and places him on her lap, giving him some food.

Since that time when Xiao Bao cried back in Jin Hong Men, he has been particularly clingy.

Even though his little face is always ice cold: but when they’re sleeping, he must nestle in her arms; when they’re eating, he must squeeze in with her . Every day, like three meals a day, he raises his tiny head for Muyan to kiss.

This adorable little appearance just makes Muyan’s heart melt, but she also feels a little distressed.

That’s why she just hopes to provide Xiao Bao with the best things in the world.

Muyan picks up a chicken leg puffing with a savory aroma, and she’s about to place it on Xiao Bao’s bowl.

A ray of white light suddenly flashes in front of Muyan eyes. Before she could react, the chicken leg has completely disappeared, bones and all.

Muyan blinks.

She doesn’t know when the white, long-haired rabbit got on top of the circular table.

The rabbit outwardly looks so stupidly adorable, people can’t help but want to cuddle it.

Its gaping mouth though, all the dishes directly in front of it are just instantly cleaned out.

In addition to the plates polished clean, not a single drop of juice nor any ingredients are left over.

While Muyan is stunned, the rabbit turns around and completely annihilates most of the dishes on the table.

That tiny mouth slightly opens to lets out a satisfied burp, and then continue –

Continue your sister!

Muyan catches the rabbit by its scruff and holds it right in front of her, coldly saying: “I see that you must be tired of living, yes? I ask my son to eat something, and you dare snatch it? You don’t believe that I’ll turn you into stir-fried rabbit?”

The rabbit’s eyes dart around looking for an escape, it’s hind legs give a twitch, then without further ado – plays dead.

Muyan laughs sardonically at it. She turns it on each side to take a better look, and asks Xiao Bao, “Did this stupid rabbit get bigger?

It was definitely only as big as about two palms formerly, but now it’s almost as big as three palms.

And the rabbit’s whole body is so plump, the silly face looks like it would feel so fluffy.

Xiao Bao nods, “The rabbit has been growing slowly after eating the sacred beast egg.”

Finished eating the sacred beast egg, it means that the sacred beast has already been digested by the rabbit.

According to Xiao Bao, Gong Qianxue has already signed a contract with the holy beast. She must have suffered the backlash now.

As she thinks of this, the corner of Muyan’s lips turn up into an ambiguous smile, and she also gives a more favorable look towards the rabbit that had one-upped her adversary.

But then she thinks of the rabbit eating a sacred beast egg whole, and only became a slightly fatter circle. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of change, it’s very discouraging.

Just how big is this guy’s appetite? Won’t she go bankrupt if she lets her son raise this thing as a pet?

Finished eating, Muyan takes Xiao Bao out of the restaurant.

As for the rabbit, after eating and drinking to its fill, it had already ran back into the space and is currently sleeping soundly in there.

Xiao Bao looks up and asks Muyan, “Niangqin, where are we going next?”

Muyan slightly quirks her lips up, and her eyes flicker once again. “Mother will take you to a fun place – the Ghost city.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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