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Chapter 264: The crowd, like a pot boiling over

    “Is this for real?” there are still some who couldn’t believe it, “That’s intestinal blockage ah! Is it really possible to cure it? How did that doctor from Junji Medical Center treat it?”

    The middle-aged woman stares blankly, seemingly recalling yesterday’s events.

    It’s a good while before she slowly says: “That fairy doctor said that the intestinal blockage is only caused by improper diet, there’s inflammation from infected blood, and it decreases blood flow. The treatment is very simple, just cut the belly open and remove that inflamed appendix, and I’ll recover without drugs.”

    “What?! Cutting your belly open? Are you kidding? Wouldn’t you definitely die if you had your stomach cut open?!”

    The surrounding patients show aghast expressions one after another.

    The middle-aged woman shakes her head, “That’s what I also thought at first. To have my belly cut open, even if my intestinal blockage would get cured, wouldn’t I still die from pain? But… but it’s like that fairy doctor did magic. She just held a zither, played a very pleasant song, then I fell asleep.”

    “When I woke up, the pain in my abdomen has entirely disappeared, and only a very small scar is left on my belly.”

    The middle-aged woman says that as she lifts her clothes open, letting everyone see the cut on her abdomen.

    Sure enough, there really is a very small scar with stitches still on it.

    “The Fairy doctor said that these stitches can be removed in a few days, and it won’t leave a scar afterwards.”

    She has awe and gratefulness on her face, “Although I don’t know how the Fairy doctor did it, but I believe that her medical skills have reached perfection, I… I feel like I could really keep on living!”

    This remark, as well as the display of the middle aged woman who is currently weak but full of vitality,

    It’s making everyone there completely stunned.

    There are even those that have studied medicine and they couldn’t help but take the woman’s pulse, only to be surprised with their findings.

    That intestinal blockage is really gone, the woman is quite healthy now, she is very healthy!

    “Can you cure someone by cutting them open? This… is there really such a miraculous method in this world?”

    “Didn’t you guys hear about it? A few days ago, the Xuan Medical Pavilion let out the news that our Tianyuan City has produced its first Senior Doctor. Not only that, it’s a woman that’s less than twenty years old. It must be the Fairy-doctor that this big sister is talking about!”

    “Is it possible for my tumor to be cured?”

    “I’ve already spent thousands upon thousands of gold coins in the Hongfu Medical Center, but there’s no signs of my condition getting any better, I… I should also go and see this Junji Medical Center!”


    In an instant, the crowd seems like a pot boiling over.

    A patient with an incurable disease is like a person drowning in water. So long as they could grab a life-saving straw, they would frantically climb up.

    That’s why, even if they know perfectly well that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure their illnesses, they would still choose to spend a great amount of gold coins to go in and out of there everyday.

    All in order to grab their only remaining hope.

    Now that the Junji Medical Center has allowed them genuinely see hope at last, how could they not go crazy?

    Even Guan Hu and the others, these fiends that lick blood off the edge of a knife, they’re also stupefied by the surging crowd in front of them.

    “Wait… wait a minute! Our Miss will only see one patient a day!” 

    But how could these sick people care about him? They walk without paying heed to Guan Hu.

    They just directly ask that middle-aged woman about the Junji Medical Center’s address, and they rush towards it like a swarm of bees.

    As soon as the Hongfu Medical Center is done with its first batch of patients, they go outside to call the waiting people to enter.

    To their astonishment, they find that it’s completely empty outside, not even the shadow of a single person.

    “This… what is going on here? The people?”

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  3. This is why I said fm cultivators are not as dedicated, she’s wasting too much time that could be spent on getyin g stronger


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