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Chapter 263: Heavens, Cured!

    The middle-aged woman hesitates for a moment, before finally clenching her teeth to say: “Okay, I will go with you to the Junji Medical Center!”

    Anyway, she has a terminal illness, already determined to be incurable.

    What’s the worst that could happen?

    Just give medicine to a dead horse!

    Hearing this, Guan Hu smiles even brighter, “Alright, we’ll receive today’s client. Brothers, let’s go back!”

    After he says this, the group immediately escort that middle-aged woman and they walk away in a grand manner.

    The patients that were initially starting to get restless, wanting to ask around, are struck dumb.

    Someone can’t help but call out: “I, I want to go and try it too. The doctors of the Hongfu Medical Center said that I could no longer be saved, but I don’t want to give up hope.”

    Guan Hu looks back, a sly smile showing on his ferocious features, “Sorry! Our Miss will only receive one patient a day.”


    Seeing the group of troublemakers walk away, the Hongfu Medical Center very quickly resumes order.

    Even that doctor who had fainted from anger has also woken up, once again taking his post and taking pulses.

    As for that Junji Medical Center or whatever, they simply won’t put it in their eyes.

    But what a farce!

    What a joke!

    Their Hongfu Medical Center is the largest and most powerful medical establishment in in Tianyuan City.

    If the doctors here determine that the illness can’t be treated, then it must be an incurable disease.

    In the end, the Junji Medical Center’s doctor is just boasting shamelessly, only capable of saying such big talk like “treating patients that they’ve determined incurable”.

    The next day however, just as the Hongfu Medical Center has opened for business,

    As the first patients are swarming in from outside,

    Someone suddenly starts a commotion while running there, “Cured, really cured! It’s a miracle! That doctor in Junji Medical Center is really godly!”

    As soon as these words are out, each and every one of the patients that have been standing outside the building are all stunned.

     “Are you joking? Really cured?” someone can’t help but question, “I’ve heard with my own ears, the Hongfu doctor said that the woman has intestinal blockage*, and it has already reached the point where any treatment would be in vain. It’s simply impossible to cure it!”
  • appendicitis

    “Right right, I also saw that the woman’s complexion was grey, very clearly almost on the point of death.”

    The person getting questioned is somewhat unhappy, “I saw it with my own eyes, if you guys don’t believe it, go and take a look yourselves!”

    Just as he says that, they see Guan Hu and the others holding up their signs, strutting as they come over.

    This group of people didn’t even change their lines.

    “Junji Medical Center, treating patients that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure.”

    “Don’t miss it when you’re passing by, as long you’ve been determined incurable by the Hongfu Medical Center’s doctors, please come to Junji Medical Center.”

    This time, everyone’s sight isn’t focused on them, but gathered on that woman behind them instead.

    They could see that the woman’s complexion is still a bit pale, and her figure is as emaciated as before.

    However, her pair of turbid eyes have become bright and sparkling, brimming with the hope towards the future.

    The hand that she was using to cover her belly has already been put down.

    Even the way she walks looks incredibly relaxed, not like before, when she looked like she would collapse at any moment. 

    “Big sister, you… has your intestinal blockage really been cured?” Someone can’t help but take a step forward and ask.

    That middle-aged woman laughs, her wrinkled eyes curving upwards, and there’s even a trace of absent-mindedness in her voice.

    “Yes, I’m healed! The Junji Medical Center’s young woman, no, that fairy, her medical skills are really extremely miraculous. I was already desperate, thinking that I was definitely going to die. But now, I… I feel light and relaxed from head to foot, like I could still live for several decades.”

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