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Chapter 265: The Enchantress of Medicine, Jun Muyan

    The small manservant, who keeps the order outside, has a sullen expression as he says: “The patients… the patients all went to the Junji Medical Center.”

    “What?!” says the doctor who came out to inquire. Stupefied, “How is that possible?!”

    Just then, Guan Hu, who has been staying in place, very slowly walks towards them.

    There’s an evil smile plastered on his mouth, “Oh hey, no clients! It seems that the Hongfu Medical Center is very unoccupied today, oh, I suppose you’d be very idle in the future.”

    “Did you people eat bear heart and leopard guts? Don’t you know that after offending our Hongfu Medical Center, you shouldn’t even think of mingling in Tianyuan City later!” that doctor’s entire body is trembling from anger.

    Guan Hu swats the finger that the doctor is pointing at him. He says with a sneer: “To mingle or not, just look at our capability. What qualifications do you have to be pointing around and lecturing, you old thing? If you dare to point your finger on Laozi again, believe it or not, Laozi will crush all your bones!”

    “You–! You–!!”

    “You what you?!” Guan Hu grasps the doctor up by the collar, holding him up like a chicken, sneering as he says, “Go back and tell your Master, daring to scheme against our Miss, making doctors and clients avoid coming to our Junji Medical Center?”

    “Hehe, then we also won’t let his Hongfu Medical Center have any patients in the future!”

    Saying that, he swings his arms and the doctor is thrown to the ground.

    Guan Hu waves his hand, “Brothers, our task is complete. Let’s end our work for the day!”

    Looking at the group of people leaving in a grand manner, then looking at the empty street outside their establishment,

    An unprecedented panic rushes forth in the hearts of everyone at the Hongfu Medical Center.


    In just a short period of about ten days’ time, the name “Junji Medical Center” is like squally showers sweeping through every corner of Tianyuan City.

    There’s even a topic that’s spreading out.

    Junji Medical Center’s doctor is called Jun Muyan, a Qin musician and a Senior Doctor.

    She has a superb artistic achievement with the zither.

    And her medical expertise can work on the flesh and bones of the living dead.

    Legend has it that as long as Jun Muyan wants to save someone, even if the King of Hell has already set the time of death, she could still use her pair of slender white hands to snatch back the life of that person.

    So many people that have been declared terminally ill by other medical establishments would go in there, and come out in a good condition.

    In this way, one becomes ten, and ten becomes a hundred.

    In Tianyuan City, Jun Muyan’s medical skills has already been mythologized to a legendary level.

    In the beginning, the sick people refer to Jun Muyan as “The Fairy Doctor”.

    That’s because this young lady doctor is no more than twenty years of age, and she has a pure, matchless and breathtaking appearance.

    In white clothes with her long her fluttering, just like a goddess from the Ninth Heaven that has fallen to the mundane world.

    Eventually afterwards, some people think that the tile of “Fairy Doctor” is not dignified enough.

    So everyone starts calling her “Music Healer”.

    That’s because Jun Muyan’s treatment always starts with the mellifluous song of a zither, and slowly ends with a mellow and lingering note.

    In the middle of this, patients won’t feel a lot of pain, but their minds and bodies would be in inexplicable bliss instead.

    It’s as if their souls are getting washed.

    There are also some people that secretly give Jun Muyan the tile “The Enchantress of Medicine”.

    Especially those patients that were personally saved by Jun Muyan,

    No one is more clear about it than them, the girl clothed in white, it’s like there’s an indolent and evil charm in her smile. Refined and free from vulgarity, but a turn of her wrist could pull back their lives from the quagmires of hell.

    Even if Muyan never receives more than ten patients a day,

    The entire Junji Medical Center is still packed with people.

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