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Chapter 262: No payment if you’re not cured

    Just a confrontation of skill, and they’ve already beat the other group unconscious.

     The other party didn’t even have the slightest bit of power to fight back.

     And these men holding the sign, men that look like devils and monsters… continue to hold their signs up, yelling as they’re walking back and forth. It’s as if they can’t see their audience at all.

    “You people, just who are you people?” A doctor of Huangfu Medical Center finally couldn’t bear it, shouting angrily as he walks out, “Do you know where this is? You actually dare to run amok here!”

     Hearing that, one of the men holding a sign walks over with large strides. He has a disdainful expression as he sweeps his eyes over the doctor, saying: “What’s it to you? Laozi is talking to these sick guests, what does that have to do with you, old fart?”

    This person is called Guan Hu.

    A member of the Ink Camp.

    It’s important to know that the Ink Camp are filled with people who have crawled of a mountain corpses and a sea of blood.

    Cunning, fierce, fearing nothing in Heaven of Earth.

    Just a mere medical establishment wanting to push the people of Ink Camp around,

    Why not just flatten it directly, consider each and every skull a watermelon, chop them up or smash them down. 

    Why does it have to be so troublesome?

    But there’s nothing to be done about it, who made is so that this is the female devil’s… *cough*… the Miss’ plan?

    They are the Little Master’s servants, and the Little Master is obedient to his mother.

    That said, the people of Ink Camp also fully understand what it means to survive by becoming stronger.

    Meaning, they can ignore the words of a noble and authoritative person,

    But if the words came from Miss, it must be carried out with scrupulous attention to detail, otherwise, they’ll definitely be damned.

    Not only that, but they would no longer have any opportunities to advance in the future.

    Guan Hu operates his body’s Internal Force, and he could feel the noticeable improvement with each day. His heart is brimming with hope and longing.

    That doctor had passed as an Intermediate Doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion.

    Except for Deng Hongfeng, he is the most respected person in the entire Hongfu Medical Center.

    When had he ever been angered like this.

    He immediately trembles all over because of anger, “You… you… you’re going too far! You and your master, are you all tired of living? You dare to come to our Hongfu Medical Center to snatch the patients!!”

    “Yeah, right!” Guan Hu snorts and slaps the sign he’s holding, “Old fart, don’t you know how to read? Laozi is looking for a sick person that your Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t treat. Your medical center had already determined them incurable anyway, we’re calling them to go to our Junji Medical Center. This is just what our Miss calls ‘saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda.”

    “Saying that we’re snatching patients, does our Miss need to snatch the crumbs of your patients? Old fart, you’re really going senile, have your brains already turned to paste?

    That doctor could no longer continue to support himself, as his eyes roll back from anger and he faints.

   No way Guan Hu would take care of him. He lifts up the sign and joins his companions in the Ink Camp to go on with tearing their throats yelling.

    No one cares at first.

    After all, they’ve never heard of the Junji Medical Center before, and it would be impossible to mingle in the Tianyuan City if they were to offend the Hongfu Medical Center.

    But there will inevitably be patients that have been sentenced to death by the establishment.

    Reading the words on the sign, and hearing what Guan Hu and the others are shouting,

    There’s a spark of hope in the heart that was originally as still as a grave.

    “You… are you guys saying the truth?” a very thin middle-aged woman unsteadily walks over to them, her eyes are filled with the brilliant rays of hope, “All illnesses can really be cured?”

    Guan Hu’s mouth splits open, revealing a mouthful of big white teeth, a very bright smile.

    But on that fierce face of his, it seems especially horrifying, “Big sister, whether or not it can be cured, why don’t you go over and check it out? Guaranteed that you won’t have to pay if you won’t get cured, do you think that we could still cheat you?”

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