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Chapter 261: Don’t miss it when you’re passing by
    As soon as he turns his head and spots Muyan, he immediately dives into her embrace.
    Muyan comes back to herself, hastily throwing those thoughts to the back of her mind.
    “Baby, did you sleep well last night?”
    Xiao Bao appears startled, then he tilts his little head to the side.
    Because he had just been lying down, the hair that’s usually combed neatly has become somewhat messy.
    There are even a few tufts sticking out.
   Like this, the tilted little head suddenly looks exceptionally soft and adorable.
   It’s an entirely different look compared to the usually cold little grown-up.
   The more Muyan looks at her baby, the cuter she finds him, the more she wants to hug and kiss him.
    However, she hears Xiao Bao’s crisp childish voice say: “Xiao Bao had a dream.”
    “Mn? What did you dream about?”
    Xiao Bao purses his mouth. There’s a flash in his big eyes but he doesn’t say anything.
    The base of his ears seem a little red.
    In his dream, it was like he finally saw his dad, and he even carried Xiao Bao in his arms.
    His father’s appearance was very vague, and he’s never seen his father before.
    However, Xiao Bao knows his father…
    What does it feels like to have a dad, would it be like in that dream?
    Hongfu Medical Center is the largest medical establishment in Tianyuan.
    It’s only because the owner of the establishment is Deng Hongfeng, a senior doctor from Xuan Medical Pavilion, as well as the disciple of Yanwu Continent’s famous Godly Doctor, Qian Qing.
    There are more than a dozen doctors keeping watch over the Hongfu Medical Center.
    Each one of them is at least on the level of a primary doctor.
    That’s the reason why it has the most number of patients going in and out of it every day. There’s even a lot of people from other cities who have come specifically to seek treatment there.
    But even if there are a lot of doctors in Hongfu Medical Center, even if they’re better,
    There would inevitably be cases that they couldn’t cure.
    That’s why there are times when patients would come out beaming with happiness, and others would look miserable.
    On this day, the Hongfu Medical Center is open for business as usual.
    Patients go in and out, some are crying and some are laughing, some are thankful while some are desperate.
    Suddenly, not far from the Hongfu Medical Center, there’s a load uproar.
    “Junji Medical Center, presided by the only Senior Doctor of Tianyuan City, treating the patients that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure.”
    “Don’t miss it when you’re passing by, if the doctor of Hongfu Medical Center had determined that you have an incurable illness, don’t lose hope, don’t despair, please come to our Junji Medical Center.”
    “Tianyuan City’s only Senior Doctor that had passed by relying on real ability and talent, one that will definitely be able to resolve your problems and leave your worries behind for you, medicines will get rid of illnesses!”
    Hearing these shouts, everyone’s line of sight gathers over.
   Many of the people going through the Hongfu Medical center can’t help but start asking around, where did this Junji Medical Center come from?
    And they said that it has Tianyuan City’s only Senior Doctor – is this true?
    The people in the Hongfu Medical Center are bursting with rage.
    Several burly strongmen rush out, towards the people yelling and holding up the ‘Junji Medical Center, peerless Godly Doctor, treating patients that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure’ sign*, and maliciously and unpleasantly saying: “Which dogs have come over, actually daring to come to our Hongfu Medical Center to behave atrociously, I see that you people are tired of living!”
    After saying that, the burly men release their Internal Force, fiercely charging towards the other group.
    The next moment, there are several slamming sounds.
    Before the crown of onlookers could come back to their senses, they once again hear those boorish yells.
     “Don’t miss it when you’re passing by, if Hongfu Medical Center had determined that you have an incurable illness anyway, why not go to Junji Medical Center and check it out. If you can’t be cured, you don’t have to pay!”
    Everyone is dumbfounded.
    Staring, seeing that that those Primary Stage guards of Hongfu Medical Center have been stacked together like sacks.
*Even in the raws, it’s a long sign.

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