EMHS – ch217

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 217: Who would go back, I still haven’t acquired a wife!

Elder Ji trembles under Di Ming Jue’s Asura-like stare. He takes a hesitant step back and feigns a laugh, saying: “This old man is only thinking about marriage because their Qingwan-fairy has taken a fancy to you, Jun Shang!”

Di Ming Jue narrows his eyes, coldly saying: “Ben Jun sees that you have quite a lot of free time right now. Just as well, go and do something for Ben Jun.”

“That…that would be?”

“That kind of skirt on Leng Qingwan, Ben Jun wants fifty, no, a hundred bolts! Furthermore, it must be able to pass through the space barrier, and be taken along to the Yanwu Continent!”

“Ah–?!!” Elder Ji opens his mouth wide, dumbfounded.

Jun Shang, why are you picking on me!

Do you know what material that skirt is woven from?

Do you also know that the single bolt on Qingwan-fairy is already a lot?

And you want a hundred bolts! A hundred bolts a!

Where do you actually want this old man to go about and try to look for it!

What’s more, that Mysterious Ice-fringed pleated skirt is attached to Immortal Force, that’s why it can diffuse such a brilliant luster with every sway.

This thing, how can he ‘smuggle’ it into the Yanwu Continent?

Di Ming Jue snorts and turns his head to ignore him.

His mood worsens as he thinks of Leng Qingwan wearing that brilliant and vibrant dress.

But Di Ming Jue, his woman couldn’t wear such beautiful clothes – it’s simply unacceptable!

Oh… if he can personally put it on Muyan, it would surely be… very beautiful.

Just imagining it, Jun Shang-daren’s ears quietly turn red.

“Jun Shang, spare this old man…”

Elder Ji wails as he grovels on the floor, he’s just about to weep loudly and repudiate this impossible task.

Suddenly, at the main hall’s entrance, a familiar figure scrambles in.

“Jun Shang, Jun Shang! Not… not good!”

Recognizing who has arrived, Di Ming Jue’s pupils suddenly contract.

The figure flashes, and in a wink of an eye, he’s already in front of the others.

“Did Muyan have an accident?!”

The person he’s lifting by the collar is sullen and miserable, nothing less than sniveling with tears and snot falling down, “Jun Shang, Han Ye is incompetent, kill this subordinate!”

“Say it–!!! What happened exactly?!!”

“Miss Muyan, she… she’s gone.” under Di Ming Jue’s vicious and murderous look, Han Ye shakily says, “The Junji Drugstore next to our courtyard is… is completely empty!”

Di Ming Jue tenses, “Someone took them away?”

Han Ye once again trembles uncontrollably as he shakes his head, “It… it seems like Miss Jun herself… herself had left.”

‘Thump’, Di Ming Jue’s hand loosens.

Han Ye drops to the floor.

Di Ming Jue’s face reveals a sliver of absent-mindedness, a trace of grievance and pain.

Muyan left?

Without so much as informing him?

Without lingering, or even a little bit of reluctance to leave?

“Muyan, even by a thread, by a hair- are you not affected at all?”

When they saw their master reveal such a lonely and desolate expression, each one of them turns silly.

Even Han Ye gets upset as lowers his head, “Jun Shang, punish this subordinate for my incompetence.”

Elder Chang sighs softly as well, “Then… what would be the plan, Jun Shang? Should we return your main body back to the Xiuxian Continent?”

As soon as his voice falls, Di Ming Jue immediately sweeps a sharp glare over to him.

“Without bringing in Ben Jun’s woman as a wife? How could I return?!”

“Ah?” Elder Chang is struck dumb, “Then what does Jun Shang intend to do?”

Jun Shang just had the appearance of a wounded spring and sorrowful autumn, so he thought that the other’s dignity would be hurt, broken-hearted and disappointed.

But now, it seems… as if…

Di Ming Jue grits his teeth, laughing grimly as he says: “But of course, that would be to descend immediately and grab that woman back! Want to run out of Ben Jun’s palm, keep dreaming!”

Jun Muyan, you dare run away from Ben Jun.

Just you wait!!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. She just thought he got angry and won’t come back lol she doesn’t know anything about you, mate, so calm the f down 😂


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