EMHS – ch218

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 218: Future Sister-in-Law

Early the next morning, Shen Jinglin promptly gathers the meager knick-knacks in his room, and limps his way to Muyan’s quarters.

When he thinks that his little sister has returned after going missing for so many years, a thriving vitality appears on his weathered face.

It’s at this moment however, that he suddenly hears Shen Xiaoru’s hateful voice from behind him.

“Big brother, please hold on. My future sister-in-law is visiting together with your future father-in-law. Aren’t you going to meet them?”

The content of her words makes Shen Jinglin suddenly go rigid.

That smile and vitality on his face fades away and disappears without a trace.

He leans on his cane and turns his body around with some difficulty. Saying through gritted teeth: “I will not!”

“You won’t?!” Shen Xiaoru exclaims, “Big brother, what do you mean by this? Don’t you care about father’s life and death? Mother also said that you’re the most filial person under the sun – it turns out to be a lie!”

Shen Jinglin’s hands are firmly clenched into fists, and it takes him a good long while before he could reply with a hoarse voice: “Fine! Then!”

A smug and contemptuous smile flashes through Shen Xiaoru’s eyes, leading Shen Jinglin to go into the anteroom.

Within the anteroom at this moment, Su Yuexiang is gracefully sitting upright at the seat of honor, sipping tea, with a soft smiling expression in her eyes.

Sitting below her is a white-bearded old man.

And there’s also an extremely ugly woman, with a wide face, crooked nose, and buck teeth.

As soon as she sees Shen Jinglin come in,

the woman’s small eyes immediately narrowed into slits from smiling, the depths of her eyes are filled with obsession and greed, “Jinglin-brother, you’re here! Not seeing you for three days is like being apart from you for three autumns, Nunu really misses you to death!”

Saying that, she rushes over to throw herself to Shen Jinglin.

Shen Jinglin wants to dodge in panic and disgust.

However, he’s completely without any Internal Force and his leg is disabled – how could he possibly dodge?

He stumbles and falls down to the floor.

His appearance is as pathetic as it can be.

At the sidelines, Shen Xiaoru and Su Yuexiang watch on, gloating at the other’s misfortune.

Completely without any intention to go and help him up.

But when the ugly woman saw him fall, she excitedly pounces over, pouting her thick lips to kiss Shen Jinglin’s face.

“Go away–!!” Shen Jinglin snarls and resolutely swings a palm to her face.

Getting hit by that slap, the ugly woman immediately makes a ridiculous scene as her butt plops down to the floor, crying loudly with her limbs flailing about.

The expression on the white-bearded old man suddenly turns severe, and he ferociously slams his palms on the table: “Shen Jinglin, what do you mean by this? You’ve already agreed to enter my Zhou family, and my family’s daughter is your wife and mistress. To raise your hand against your Mistress, you really have quite the guts!!”

Shen Jinglin’s face swells into a purplish red, eyes filled with indignation, “I did not agree to that!”

“Jinglin, stop babbling that nonsense, or do you want to ruin your father’s only chance to survive?” Su Yuexiang lays her teacup down with a thud, interrupting Shen Jinglin’s words, “Don’t forget that in Tianyuan City, Doctor Zhou is the only one who can cure your father.”

“But father is… he’s still lying on a sickbed, life and death in a quandary!!” Shen Jinglin bellows.

“Humph, so you’re unconvinced about this old man’s medical expertise?” Dr. Zhou sneers, “Fine then, today, this old man will exhibit my skills so you can take a good look. Let’s go, follow me to see the patient.”


The group quickly arrives to a room in the basement.

The door to the room is layered with about a dozen locks.

When the last lock is opened, the sound of frenzied yells bursts from within.

Under the dim light inside the room, there’s a man with disheveled hair, covered all over in bruises and filth. He’s flailing his limbs incessantly, and beastly roars comes out of his mouth from time to time.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. And the bitcch mc is still ignorant about this matter even though she already arrive there and nobody cant beat her .. She is the most OP but do nothing like searching her father straigth away .. What a useless pig mc .. And she already know how those people are so evil .. All this bullshiit cant be avoided if she take action immediately and not waiting to play games with those family ..


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