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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 216: Unreasonable

“But… what if it’s true? What if Shen Musician’s heir has really appeared once again? Di Jun, you should be very clear that if the school of Shen Musician ever recovers, it could bring about a great disaster to the Xiuxian Continent.”

A heavy killing intent flits across Leng Qingwan’s cold countenance, “As long as it concerns the Shen Musicians, we ought to kill one to warn a hundred, eliminate the dangers forever…”

Leng Qingwan still hasn’t finished her speech, when the chair that the man is sitting on suddenly disintegrates into powder under his hand.

A dreadful pressure spreads within the main hall, making Leng Qingwan tremble involuntarily.

Di Ming Jue towers over and looks down, coldly looking at her, “Since when was it Tian Yi Men’s turn to come and remark on Ben Jun’s affairs? Get out!”

“You–!!” Leng Qingwan’s complexion turns pale from anger, her chest can only heave up and down.

Very quickly however, she calms herself down.

That’s because in the entire Xiuxian Continent, there’s no one who’s unaware that the Polar Domain’s Di Jun is notoriously uncompromising under force or persuasion, an antisocial and icily arrogant character.

No matter how much other women want to see Di Ming Jue, even standing in front of him would be impossible!

She, however, could still see him from time to time.

This is the greatest difference about her and Di Jun, it also shows off her friendship with him.

Leng Qingwan’s expression slowly resumes its tranquility, she softens her voice as she says: “Why is Di Jun so eager to cover up the news about the Shen Musician? Could it be that Di Jun knows something?”

Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, the desire to commit murder looms in his mind.

At the other side, Elder Chang suddenly laughs and says: “In that case, Qingwan-fairy is so insistent to make sure that the Shen Musicians are killed to the very last one – is it because Tian Yi Men was completely suppressed and overwhelmed by the Shen Musicians back then, having been the second best for a very long time, so you now have an unbalanced mentality as a result?”

“Stop your nonsense!!”

Those words seem to have stabbed Leng Qingwan where it hurts, making her lash out in fury, “My Tian Yi Men is currently the number one sect of Immortal Medicine, fully deserving and without any reservations- not afraid of anyone, and absolutely not afraid of anyone’s provocations!”

“Hehe… it’s naturally for the best that you’re fearless. This old bones thought that Qingwan-fairy and the people of Tian Yi Men are particularly afraid of the consequences if there comes a day when the Shen Musicians would rise again!”

Leng Qingwan’s chest continuously moves up and down, there’s obviously vain shame and unwillingness in her eyes.

Unfortunately, no matter how she refutes, it only seems to reveal what’s supposed to be hidden.

In the end, she has no alternative but to leave out in a huff.

As soon as Leng Qingwan leaves, the old man at the side speaks: “Jun Shang, why should you be so cold and not amenable to reason towards Qingwan-fairy? Looking at the entire Xiuxian Continent – be it on cultivation, appearance, or identity – it could be said that Qingwan-fairy is the only one that could match Jun Shang and be your wife.”

Di Ming Jue frowns and a trace of impatience flashes through his eyes.

At the other side, Elder Chang is unusually considerate as he promptly helps Jun Shang with his difficulties, “Elder Ji ah, you couldn’t have forgotten that Jun Shang has been given a decree by fate, his marriage has been bound by heaven to the woman of destiny.”

Hearing these words, Di Ming Jue’s brows immediately relax.

He turns to look at Elder Chang and inconspicuously nods.

Well said! There will be a reward later!

Elder Chang then strokes his beard, old face brazenly wrinkled in laughter.

Yet Elder Ji knits his brows, his face filled with disdain, “What woman of destiny, it’s nothing more than some crazy and unfounded ravings! I think that Qingwan-fairy is pretty good. If she’s married to Jun Shang, then it would be as if entire Tian Yi Men would belong to my Polar Domain.”

Di Ming Jue icily looks him over, “If you like her so much, why don’t you take her back as a wife? Then it would be as if the entire Tian Yi Men would belong to our Polar Domain.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

5 thoughts on “EMHS – ch216

  1. Thanks for the chapter
    I will call these big sects chicken no something worse than that
    These short-sight people cannot think properly
    I can be 99% sure later on there would be something the Shen Musician could do to save their sect and the world.
    The other people would go against her would regret


    • I think she’s delusional. He didn’t even want to let her in. She probably thought her entering must mean she’s special or something.


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