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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 215: Tian Yi Men’s Leng Qingwan

A change comes over Shen Jinglin’s expression, then he guiltily avoids Muyan’s gaze.

“Father… father is alright… he’s just recuperating right now so he can’t see guests. You just got back home, so why don’t you go and see father after first taking a rest for a few days?”

Muyan frowns, “Brother, are you hiding something from me?”

Shen Jinglin hurriedly shakes his head, “There’s nothing! Yanyan, big brother just wants you to take good care of yourself, live properly and happily. By all means… you shouldn’t be like big brother…”


Watching Shen Jinglin’s departing figure, Muyan’s grows even more suspicious.

When she asked about their father just now, she sensed that the heavy atmosphere of death returned on Shen JInglin again.

This… what is going on in the end?

“Niangqin, Xiao Bao can explore the Shen Residence at night.” Xiao Bao says as he looks up.

A little bean sprout who’s less than a meter high, little face taut as he says that he wants to explore the Shen Residence at night.

Muyan very savagely snickers.

Xiao Bao immediately feels gloomy.

He turns his little body away, cheeks bulging as he ignores Muyan.

Muyan promptly gathers him back, coaxing her darling baby for a while so Xiao Bao’s grievances would disappear.

But Xiao Bao still feels indignant.

After all, niangqin still thinks of him as a little child.

“If only Xiao Bao could be as powerful as that lecher already.”

The mutterings spilling out of Xiao Bao’s mouth draws out a blank stare from Muyan.

That lecher… Di Ming Jue…

Without noticing it, they haven’t seen this man for almost a month already.

Then from now on, will they never see him again?


Xiuxian Continent, Polar Domain.

“Reporting to Jun Shang, the Fairy Leng Qingwan of Tian Yi Men seeks an audience!”

Di Ming Jue doesn’t lift his head as he coldly says: “Declined!”

The person below respectfully replies, “As you bid!”

That said, he turns around to go out.

“Wait a moment!” an old voice calls out from the side, “Jun Shang, Qingwan-fairy must have something important for her to seek an audience! It must be known that lady Qingwan is the main disciple of the head of Tian Yi Men, and she is also the most-likely candidate to be the next head. Her medical skills are the best in the world, and no matter how powerful the people of my Polar Domain are, we still couldn’t do without the assistance from Tian Yi Men in the future.”

Di Ming Jue contemplates to himself for a moment, yet he still doesn’t raise his head, “Let her in then!”

After a short period of time, a figure wearing snow-like white clothes confidently walks into the main hall.

Her appearance is quiet and exquisite- national grace, divine fragrance*, yet her overall temperament is ice-cold and withdrawn, there is a noble and graceful bearing that makes other people unable to profane.

  • outstanding beauty

The old man that had just spoken out, looks at Leng Qingwan then turns to take a look at their Jun Shang. He strokes his beard in satisfaction.

“Leng Qingwan sees Di Jun*”

  • A title.

The fluttering figure slowly bows in ceremony. Her skirt sways gently, colorful rays waving and glimmering on its surface.

It makes Leng Qingwan’s overall temperament become even more splendid and ethereal.

Di Ming Jue looks up to see this image, and his gaze immediately focuses and stays on that skirt, as it reflects colorful light with every move. He slightly creases his brows.

“Di Jun, do you see something?” Leng Qingwan raises her small and cold face to look at Di Ming Jue. There is no humbleness on her face, no inferiority nor defiance. But within her bright eyes, a hint of sweet and tender sentiments rush forth, “Is there something wrong with Qingwan’s dress?”

“Hmph!” Di Ming Jue lets out a cold ‘hmph’, his face expressionless as he says, “You wanted an audience with Ben Jun?”

“Di Jun, I’ve heard that some people had a divination that the Shen Musician’s heir has come into being, but these people were either killed or captured by the Polar Domain within a mere fortnight. Di Jun, were those done under your commands?”

“What if they are?” Di Ming Jue indifferently says, “Those people mislead others with rumors. Should they not be killed?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Thanks for the chapter
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  2. I hope something happen to the father before muyan taking action coz she is fuccking stupid … She has all the power but did not use it immediately to settle the revenged .. Stupid bitcch .


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