EMHS – ch214

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 214: Shen Jinglin’s Leg Injury

The childish declaration from that crisp, milky voice makes the rims of Shen Jinglin’s eyes redden in a flash.

“Xiao Bao is good, Xiao Bao is really well-behaved. In a blink of an eye, you’ve grown so big. Uncle wasn’t there when you were born, nor could I watch you grow up…”

Shen Jinglin turns his back and wipes the tears off from his eyes.

“Big brother, let me take a look at your leg.”

Hearing that, Shen Jinglin shakes his head again and again, “Don’t look, don’t look, big brother’s leg is unsightly.”

Muyan stares at him unblinkingly.

Shen Jinglin slumps down and sits, conceding.

Since childhood till now, he’s completely unable to refuse any request from this little sister of his.

Muyan takes hold of the trouser of his injured leg and carefully rolls it up.

Seeing that the calf is twisted, atrophied, and covered all over in blue veins, Muyan’s breathing suddenly gets sluggish.

Shen Jinglin uncomfortably says: “I said that it’s unsightly… so don’t look, my leg is hopeless, it’s already a waste… the best doctor in Tianyuan City also declared it incurable…”

Muyan endures the pain in her heart, and she asks in a low voice, “How was it injured?”

“It… it was during my travels for experience, I was careless and got hurt.”

“I could see it, you know?” Muyan looks up, a dense chill in her eyes, “This bone was clearly broken by someone.” and it was also done several times, continuously.

“The jag on this leg muscle was clearly cut by a sharp blade.”

Muyan unblinkingly stares Shen Jinglin on the eyes, “Tell me, brother, how can you inflict this kind of injury on yourself by just going out for experience?”

Shen Jinglin abruptly turns his head to evade Muyan’s eyes.

However, both of his hands are tightly clenched into fists.

“Yanyan, don’t ask. This matter isn’t something that you can take on… brother is asking you, don’t pursue it.”

The room is quiet.

Xiao Bao could also feel that his mother is in a very bad mood.

Someone will definitely be unlucky.

Muyan takes a deep breath, and it’s only after a long while before she could hold her emotions down, “Okay, I can let this matter rest for now. But you’ll hand your leg over to me from now on. I will treat it.”

Shen Jinglin smiles bitterly: “Yanyan, don’t be so stubborn. Not only have you not studied medicine, even if you did, it would be impossible to cure my leg. The best doctors in Tianyuan City have all said that it’s already hopeless…”

“Brother, what you’re saying is that you won’t let me treat you!” Muyan doesn’t care in the least about what Shen Jinglin is saying, so she bluntly says that.

Shen Jinglin looks at his little sister’s ‘you won’t agree so I’ll get angry’ posture.

There’s nothing to be so tangled with.

Isn’t it just a leg? It’s already crippled anyway.

So what if he lets his little sister experimentally treat it as she pleases?

“Okay okay, I’ll let you treat it, I’ll let you treat it! But if you can’t cure it, you shouldn’t cry. It’s not your fault, you understand?”

Shen Jinglin’s impression of Muyan is still stuck from five years ago.

That lovable and agreeable little girl, who’s sometimes a little bad tempered, but still incomparably kindhearted and adorable.

He has no idea.

That the Muyan standing in front of him is already a demon that came back from hell.

Shen Jinglin’s leg can’t be cured in a day or two.

Muyan needs a detailed diagnosis before she could make a sound treatment plan.

What’s more, she also doesn’t have enough of the drug ingredients that are needed for the treatment.

Even if she’s unwilling, Muyan can only set this idea aside first.

Soon after, she asks about something else, “Brother, I heard that father has fallen ill? How is he right now? Why did Su Yuexiang refuse to let me see him?”

After that conversation, Muyan said that she wanted to visit her father.

Of course, she heard Shen Xiaoru saying that father had fallen ill, so she came.

She didn’t expect that Su Yuexiang would actually refuse.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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