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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 193: Xiao Bao has a Father?

At this moment, she feels an unprecedented hatred towards Shen Xiaoru

She detests that woman, demeaning her baby, making him feel deeply hurt.

Xiao Bao slowly lifts his head from the nook of her neck, a pair of deep blue eyes quietly look at her, “Niangqing, is Xiao Bao a bastard?”

Muyan immediately shakes her head, “Of course not, Xiao Bao is niangqin’s most precious treasure.”

Long eyelashes trembling, Xiao Bao clenches his little fists, “Then why do they always say that Xiao Bao is a bastard? Is Xiao Bao shameful to niangqin?”

To the niangqin that he loves the most!

To the niangqin the he wants to protect for a lifetime.

But because of his existence, she gets humiliated, harmed, and carelessly insulted by other people…

“Jun Mochen…” Muyan slowly calls him by his full name.

Her eyes are looking at him unblinkingly, there is no trace of hesitation or evasion, no trace of reservation or deception, “Niangqin doesn’t care what everyone in world says, whatever they do. Niangqin only cares whether or not Xiao Bao is well, whether or not Xiao Bao is happy, whether or not you’re by my side.”

The panic and uncertainty in Xiao Bao’s eyes slowly turns into softness and joy.

As if a bright beacon is shining over a boundless ocean.

Xiao Bao hugs Muyan’s neck and gently rubs against it, “Xiao Bao doesn’t care what everyone in the world says, or whatever they do. As long as niangqin is happy, Xiao Bao will stay together with niangqin.”

Muyan tightly holds his tiny frame, her face showing a smile so soft it’s almost melting.

However, her heart hurts like someone is stabbing it with a needle.

After all, she had let her baby suffer harm.


Xiao Bao is particularly clingy tonight. Even when they’re about to sleep, he’s sticks very close to her chest, then he clutches onto her hands.

Muyan gently pats him until midnight, until she feels that the little figure in her arms is soft and calm. Only then does she allow herself to fall asleep.

In her stupor, she hears Xiao Bao’s muffled voice, like he’s talking in his sleep.

“Niangqin, does Xiao Bao have a father?”

“What does it feel like… to have a father?”

Muyan’s closed eyelashes tremble, and it seems as if there are sparkling and translucent tears faintly discernible between them.

She gathers the child’s soft frame deeper into her embrace, like she’s clutching onto a life-saving straw. For a long time… for a long time, she doesn’t let go.


Jing Chen Country, Royal Palace.

In the middle of the night, Gong Qianxue hurriedly comes out of her bedroom, only wearing an unlined garment.

She sees Zhao Shan kneeling on the floor, and lying next to him is a limbless Yan Lie who is changed beyond recognition. She suddenly opens her eyes wide.

“What’s going on here?” Gong Qianxue lets out a pained cry, and she rushes to Yan Lie’s side, “How did Yan-brother become like this?”

Zhao Shan lowers his head, making it so others couldn’t have a clear view of his expression.

He only says in hoarse voice, “I went to Xia’an to assassinate Jun Muyan, without success. I barely managed to escape, but I discovered that the Commander didn’t die, but was instead reduced to be neither a man nor a ghost.”

“That Jun Muyan is too vicious!” Gong Qianxue shows a terrified and pained expression, sparkling and translucent tears trickle down from her eyes, “Killing is but a head touching the ground*, how can she have the heart to harm Yan-brother so cruelly?”

  • Once the purpose is achieved, don’t overdo it, don’t cause unnecessary pain.

While saying that, Gong Qianxue gets down to a kneel before Yan Lie, her face is filled with regret and compassion, “Yan-brother, I’m so sorry, it’s me…”

Before she could finish her words, Yan Lie’s eyes that were originally tightly shut suddenly snaps open.

From inside one of the gaping holes, a hidden weapon oozing with a blue-green poison, suddenly shoots towards Gong Qianxue’s face.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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