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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 190: Come Rushing In Here

She must be taught a firm lesson today.

Just, not waiting for Ru Yan to do so, a dozen or so people enter through the door one after another.

Seeing these people, everyone in the audience simultaneously suck in a mouthful of cold air.

God, just who are these people coming in?!

Yan Haotian, Chen Qingfeng, Old Tao… just which one of them isn’t a bigwig in Junji Drugstore?

Then, there’s also a tall and handsome cool beauty,

as well as also several vicious brutes and fierce fiends, hulking men that would terrify people with one look.


Someone swallows down his spit, eyes turning into wide circles.

This… what is going on with this?

Why have the people of Junji Drugstore come rushing in here?

As soon as Ru Yan sees these people, she happily calls out: “Haitang, Old Tao, Qingfeng, Miss is over here!”

A dozen or so people speedily rush in front of Muyan and Xiao Bao.

Yan Haotian, Feng Haitang, Old Tao, and Cheng Qingfeng – all of them give a bow, “Greeting Miss!”

The members of the Ink Camp simultaneously kneel and bow: “Greeting Miss Jun, greeting Little Master!”

All the customers in the restaurant fall into a deathly silence, one would be able to hear it if a needle were to fall. Only the reverberating roar of those dozen or so people could be heard.

Gao Chenyu is struck dumb.

It’s only after a good long while before he could turn to look at Bai Yichen and grab the latter’s sleeves, saying with a trembling voice: “S-s-s-se-senior brother, that beggar actually-actually turns out to be that godly refiner?”

There’s a faint flickering light in Bai Yichen’s pupils, a touch of color finally flashes through his calm eyes.

He was already aware that Muyan is very strong and rather remarkable. However, he didn’t expect that she would be remarkable to this extent.

Shen Xiaoru is completely dumbfounded.

Her pair of eyes unwavering as they stare at all the respectful people from Junji Drugstore, then once again towards Muyan.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?”

The one who had nothing, driven to the Su family and suffered all kinds of abuse while she’s there; then with her and her female cousins’ design, ultimately had improper relations with a man, the one who conceived a vile spawn – Jun Muyan.

How could she possibly by the owner of Junji Drugstore? How could she be that godly apothecary?

Muyan swallows down her last bite of food. She brushes the dust off her clothes and gets up.

It’s just that her clothes have already been scorched from earlier’s explosion, so how can it get clean with just brushing?

Feng Haitang immediately turns towards the shopkeeper: “Can we trouble you for a basin of water and some clean cloth?”

Even though she’s making a request, there’s not even a little bit of expression on Feng Haitang’s face.

There is a coldness in her glamorous face but it further increases her charm and elegance.

The restaurant’s waiter gulps down and nods repeatedly. Lightning fast, he goes away for a bit and returns with clean, warm water and some cloths.

Feng Haitang and Ru Yan immediately step forward.

One attends to Muyan, while the other attends to Xiao Bao.

Chen Qingfeng and Old Tao are even more quick-witted. They directly rush out of the restaurant, get to the nearest store selling ready-made clothes, and buy two sets of clothes.

Washing their dirty faces a little,

Their burnt outer garments are thrown off, replaced by fluttering traditional clothes.

As Ru Yan and Feng Haitang move away, Muyan and Xiao Bao’s real appearance are revealed once more.

Everyone there, one after another, have their eyes about to pop out from staring!

“So… so beautiful! Xia’an’s famous godly refiner is actually such a glamorous and moving beauty!”

“God, that child is so adorable! Aaah, I want to take him home! I want to pinch his face!”

“I was just thinking, that female disciple from Zi Yang Zong looks pretty good, but now, compared to the owner of Junji Drugstore, she’s really… hey, not a match, shame!”

Standing next to Muyan, even Feng Haitang’s cool and elegant beauty loses some color.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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    • Oh I don’t know about that. It’s been a while since I read any GDBBM but I seem to remember elaborate plans involving poisons, humiliations, corporal punishments and revolutions. Meanwhile over here wasn’t it just Muyan quietly eating without intention to respond until someone more recognized showed up and bailed her out? Gets a solid meh on my slap scale.
      Thanks for the chapter.


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