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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 189: Fatally Stupid

As soon as these words come out, the way the surrounding people look at Shen Xiaoru is like they’re watching an idiot.

That Philter of Barrier Breaking was auctioned off in Ghost City for ten million gold coins, and this person actually wants to buy it by offering a million gold coins?

She can’t be dreaming, right?

Gao Chenyu feels his face go pale, wishing he could find a hole to squeeze into.

This Shen Xiaoru has always been ignorant and incompetent, yet arrogant and haughty.

Clearly fatally stupid, but stubbornly believes that she’s very smart and very beautiful.

Wanting to buy other people’s draught, but actually didn’t ask around to be clear about the price. Making him and Yichen-brother also lose face as casualties.

At this time however, Ru Yan is clearly not in the mood to bother with any of them.

There’s a glimpse of anxiousness on her beautiful face. She pushes away Shen Xiaoru who’s blocking her path, and hurriedly walks past.

When she sees Muyan and Xiao Bao sitting in the corner, delight immediately rises to the tip of her brows, “Young lady, little gongzi, you really are here, thank goodness. We couldn’t find you in the house so we were all desperately worried!”

Then Muyan and Xiao Bao raise their heads, and she catches sight of their current sorry appearance.

Ru Yan is struck dumb: “Mi… Miss, little gongzi, how did you two get this way?”

Each of them is a lump of black, only their eyes are still as bright and moving as before.

If she wasn’t familiar with their figures and breaths, she almost couldn’t recognize them.

A thought suddenly flashes through her mind, “That, Miss, it can’t be that the smoke from your room…”

*cough*, *cough*…” Muyan coughs a few times to interrupt Ru Yan’s words.

She awkwardly rubs her nose.

Her furnace exploded when she was trying alchemy inside the space. She felt too ashamed about it so she didn’t change her clothes, or even wash her face. She just took Xiao Bao and ran away.

She didn’t expect that Ru Yan and the others would still come here to find them.

Clearing her throat, she’s just about to speak,

then Shen Xiaoru’s shrill yell suddenly inserts itself like a slanted thorn, “Miss Ru Yan, did you identify the wrong person? Why would you call her your ‘young lady’? She’s just a fickle woman, nothing more than a lowly beggar who gave birth to a bastard after having improper relations with a wild man. How can she be your Miss?”

Ru Yan’s face immediately sinks. She raises her hand and gives Shen Xiaoru a fierce slap: “Who gave you nerve to humiliate our lady?”

This palm directly smacks Shen Xiaoru to fall back for several steps.

One side of her cheeks immediately swells up.

But she still has a sluggish face as she looks at Ru Yan incredulously.

It’s not just Shen Xiaoru, all the customers in the restaurant have turned foolish.

Ru Yan said, that Muyan is her Miss?

Then, isn’t she the owner of Junji Drugstore?

So she’s the godly refiner who makes those extremely expensive special draughts?

But how is this possible?

For about half a month, it’s the most sought-after person in Xia’an, the most mysterious, miraculous apothecary that people desperately long to seek connections with!

How can it be such a… such a sloppy beggar?

And even having an early affair with a man, a licentious woman who got pregnant out of wedlock and gave birth to a vile spawn?

Shen Xiaoru suddenly comes back to her senses, and immediately loses control of her emotions. She loudly shrieks, “What are you playing at? How could this slut possibly be that god-level apothecary? Jun Muyan, do you think that you can just find someone to pretend and raise your identity, then you can cross the sea with a trick? I’m telling you, stop dreaming! Everything about you, I already have a very clear grasp about it. If you really are a god-level refiner, then I, Shen Xiaoru, will crawl out from inside this restaurant today!”

Ru Yan is livid, practically spouting smoke through her seven orifices.

This woman actually dares to insult the Miss this much.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. All this time waiting for this slap but don’t we have more important and interesting things to worry about? I mean we’ve been on this scene for like six chapters now.
    Thanks for the chapter.


    • Hurry up and kill or cripple this bitch already, I seriously don’t understand how one can have the patience to deal with being called all this


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