EMHS – ch191

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 191: Crawl Out! Crawl Out!

More than Jun Muyan’s beautiful countenance however, her whole body seems ethereal, a charming and alluring temperament.

That is an enchantress that only needs to show slight frown or a shallow smile, and she can already completely steal your soul away.

As for Xiao Bao, what more can be said?

His exquisite facial features resemble Muyan’s, carved out from the same mold.

But beyond that exceptional beauty, there’s an inherent dignity and prestige.

He’s definitely overly cute, but with those ice-blue irises coldly looking around, they will rattle people’s senses so they no longer dare to be rash.

Muyan helps Xiao Bao clean the oil from his hands, wiping with the cloth that she got from Feng Haitang.

Soon after, she looks towards Shen Xiaoru with a smile that isn’t a smile: “Didn’t you just say that you would crawl out of here if I’m the owner of Junji Drugstore? Shen Xiaoru, are you planning to fulfill your promise now?”

Shen Xiaoru’s eyes are bloodshot, fixedly staring at Muyan like she’s looking at a ghost.

Only when Muyan’s face is completely revealed does she remember, that this countenance had once overwhelmed her that she was unable to breath easily, a time when she was so jealous she was going crazy.

Five years have gone by and not only is Jun Muyan not in dire straits, neither has she become ugly.

She’s become more beautiful instead, even becoming a godly apothecary.

How can this be?!

“You… you can’t be Jun Muyan, you can’t possibly be Jun Muyan!” Shen Xiaoru frantically shakes her head as if she’s gone mad, raving hysterically, “Jun Muyan should have completely fallen from grace, miserable and dejected, that slut Jun Muyan, she cannot have a good death!”


Shen Xiaoru’s racket isn’t done yet when Yan Haotian pounces over, aiming a kick towards her chest.

The pain of fractured bones in her chest makes Shen Xiaoru screech wretchedly like a dying pig.

Before she could get up, Yan Haotian presses a foot down on her, not allowing her to move.

Yan Haotian chillingly looks her.

Just a glance and Shen Xiaoru goes deathly pale from fright, her whole body uncontrollably shaking.

The malevolent devil that emerged out of Ghost City’s Beast Fighting Colosseum, it’s not just a facade to scare people.

Yan Haotian lifts his head towards Muyan.

His meaning is very clear, whether or not to kill her!

The corner of Muyan’s mouth hooks up, slightly smiling as she gets up: “Haotian, although crude, this is still my good sister. What’s more, I’m still waiting for her to fulfill her promise. If you were to break her, how could she still crawl out?”

Hearing that, Yan Haotian quickly retracts his foot, and he retreats to the side.

Several guys from the Ink Camp are afraid that the world is not chaotic enough, so they immediately shout: “Crawl out! Crawl out!”

“Hahaha, stinky brat, if you’re not going to crawl out obediently, I, your father will make you crawl out from under my crotch!”

Shen Xiaoru fearfully looks towards the surrounding diners in the restaurant.

It’s just a pity that her manner and words just a moment ago were really too sharp and unkind, appalling others.

So now that she’s receiving punishment and humiliation, not only is nobody helping her, there are even some people who rejoice in her misfortune and join the Ink Camp’s chanting instead: “Crawl out!”

Shen Xiaoru has tears in her eyes, and her face is filled with humiliation.

There’s a glimmer of hope in her mind as she turns towards Bai Yichen and Gao Chenyu, “Brother, are you going to stand by unfeelingly and watch me, your junior sister, be humiliated?”

“Hmph, didn’t you bring this on yourself?” Bai Yichen still hasn’t said anything when an extremely angry Gao Chenyu is already talking, “Just a moment ago, senior brother has already told you to exercise restraint. You didn’t listen, and now you’re getting humiliated. Doesn’t this serve you right?”

Relying on her connections to the sect elders and her family, this Shen Xiaoru has always been selfish, shameless, and usually unscrupulously runs amok.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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