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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 97: The Space’s Cheat

At that time, Yan Lie had sold her to the dirtiest and most horrible place in the world. She was about to be defiled, left to be violated.

When she was at her most desperate moment, a youth in this Wan Ren Ku saved her from such a fate.

The young man was also in a very bad situation, but he hid her away and she managed to escape the crisis.

Muyan didn’t even know the young man’s name. She just heard him talking to himself, and learned that the young man was originally a shop owner of a family pharmacy in Xia’an. Because his mother’s illness needed a very expensive draught, he had to sell his shop, and he ended up selling himself as a slave in the Ghost City.

Then, Muyan promised the youth that she will visit his mother in his stead, after she gets out of the Ghost City. But when Muyan was taken away by Gong Qianxue, and she was able to go and visit his mother, she found that his mother had already died of illness.

Even the young man, after getting into a fight in Wan Ren Ku, had a violent death.

In her heart, Muyan has kept the unpaid kindness of her past life. And now, she finally has the opportunity to repay this benefactor.


Three days later, Muyan opens her eyes inside the space. She beholds her son’s splendor.

Opposite from her is a pink, jade-carved milk doll that has his eyes closed and his legs crossed as he operates his Internal Force.

With the Internal Force running faster and faster in his Dantian, there’s a faint indication that he is about to have a breakthrough in his cultivation, from the early Heaven Stage to the middle of Heaven Stage.

Xiao Bao is only four years old now a!

And he’s already about to break through into the mid-Heaven Stage. Who’ll believe if she says that, just who could believe it?

Muyan looks at her darling boy with pride and satisfaction in her eyes.

Soon after, her eyes inadvertently shift to the side to look at the fat rabbit, lying on the grass as it sleeps.

Her lips smoothly curve up.

No wonder this stupid rabbit likes to stay in the space, except for when it wants food.

It turns out that aside from the beautiful scenery and the fresh air, the space has such an advantage.

The speed of one’s cultivation inside here is unexpectedly a lot of times faster than the outside.

In a short period of three days, Xiao Bao has already perfected the early Heaven Stage, and even her own cultivation has progressed.

Xiao Bao slowly opens his eyes after a while.

Those blue eyes, clear as the sky, fix themselves on Muyan.

Muyan’s face instantly blooms in a smile, “Baby, why didn’t you continue your cultivation?”

Xiao Bao shakes his head and pulls a long face, “Niangqin wants to go and do something.”

Muyan beams even brighter, “Does Xiao Bao want to accompany Niangqin?”

The fine, ice-cold little face in front of her becomes focused to a point, “Xiao Bao wants to protect niangqin!”

“Mn.” Muyan picks her son up and kisses him, “With Xiao Bao’s protection, niangqin isn’t afraid of anything.”

The pair exits the space, and before long, a knock comes to their door.

It’s extremely quiet outside, as no one gives voice to their presence. However, from the breath and the footsteps, Muyan immediately determines that it must be Yan Haotian.

“Come in.”

As soon as she says that, Yan Haotian enters through the door and pays his respects to Muyan.

Muyan looks at him and raises her brows, “You’ve properly stabilized in your realm.”

Yan Haotian takes a knee, bowing down with his right fist over his heart, as he once again performs the rite of pledging his loyalty and devotion.

Muyan stands up and says, “Just in time, as I have somewhere to go today. Since you’ve already stabilized in your cultivation, come along with me.”

Yan Haotian nods without hesitation. He gets up and follows behind Muyan.

After checking out from the inn, Muyan takes Xiao Bao, with Yan Haotian following behind them, and they all head straight towards Chenji Drugstore.


Chen Qingfeng, the owner of Chenji Drugstore, has been dithering at the doorway for several days, hoping to see a familiar beautiful figure.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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