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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 98: The Chen Mother and Child

Three days have already gone by, and the young woman who said she’ll find him tomorrow didn’t appear.

Today as well. Since early morning, Chen Qingfeng once again opens shop, going to and fro in front of the doorway until the sun has set.

Suddenly, he catches sight of two familiar figures.

At the far end of the street, there a beautiful young woman in a long dress, slowly coming over while holding a small boy that’s more beautiful than any other child.

Following behind them is a man, five points large and three points rough, a brawny man with scars all over his face. Even looking from such a distance, one could feel the threatening atmosphere of the brawny man.

But Chen Qingfeng is unable to dwell on fearing the big guy. He runs, almost like a gallop, “Miss, you’ve finally come! I even thought that you’d never show up again! Miss, you… you’ve really helped me so much! The draught that you gave me… all along, for the past few days, I was afraid that you won’t appear anymore; and your kindness to me, I won’t be able to repay it anymore…”

As he says that, he bends his knees to fall into a kneel.

Muyan reaches her hand out to gently help him up, easily lifting up the man’s seventy or eighty-kilogram body.

“Let’s put off the discussion until we go back inside the shop.” the young woman’s voice is as clear as the sound of flowing water, and as pleasant as the singing of an oriole. It seems to have an indescribable magic that renders others to be unable to resist.

Chen Qingfeng hurriedly replies: “Right, right, right. Look at me, foolishly getting carried away by my excitement. Let’s go back first and talk. Benefactor, this way, this way!”

The few people soon arrive in front of the shop. Before they could come inside, they could see a gray-haired old woman standing at the doorway, constantly looking around.

Upon seeing Chen Qingfeng coming over, the old lady immediately asks, “Feng-er, how is it, is our benefactor coming?”

“Niang, why’d you come here?” Chen Qingfeng hurriedly rushes over to support the old woman, “Your body had just gotten a little better, what if you catch a cold?”

The old woman brushes Chen Qingfeng’s hand away, and walks straight to Muyan and the others.

Her dim eyes sweep from Yan Haotian’s face, then Xiao Bao’s face, and finally falling on Muyan.

An astonished light flashes inside the cloudy eyes.

She did not expect that the one who gave her son such a valuable draught, and had saved her life, is actually this budding maiden.

One that has such an outstanding appearance at that.

The old woman slowly breathes out, bending both knees to kneel towards Muyan, “Benefactor, thank you for your grace to help this old woman!”

Muyan usually has a very careless attitude towards other people, but in front of such an elder, she is absolutely unable to receive this huge rite without any qualms.

The romantic laziness on her face disappears, and Muyan quickly reaches out to the old lady, and says softly: “Auntie, no need to be so courteous. I’m really not your benefactor. It’s just an fair transaction with your son, that’s all.”

Mother Chen shakes her head again and again, “This old woman’s eyes are no good, but my senses aren’t blind. How could our family’s shop be anywhere near the value of that draught? If not for this girl, your heart’s kindness, this old woman’s death would not be a pity. The only pitiful one would be this foolish son of mine, as he would certainly be dragged along and whittled down by my illness.”

Mother Chen knows her son all too well.

As long as there’s a sliver of hope for her to be saved, Chen Qingfeng will absolutely never give up – even if he loses all his properties, or even if he loses his own life.

But Mother Chen only has this one son, how could she be willing for him to suffer hardship, and how could she be willing to simply pass on and leave him?

Chen Qingfeng’s outcome in the previous life is also consistent with Mother Chen’s speculation.

Speaking ‘til here, Mother Chen’s eyes are red, on the verge of tears. She beckons Chen Qingfeng to come over: “Feng-er, still not coming over to kowtow to this girl!”

Chen Qingfeng exclaims, stumbles over, and immediately crashes down to kneel.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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