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Chapter 278: Deng Hongfeng’s Plot
    “No, you’re mistaken.” she didn’t expect that Muyan would shake her head, “This time, I don’t want people from Wan Ren Ku. I want those who look unremarkable, those that can blend into a crowd and not be discovered. These people can have low cultivation, but they must be good at camouflage and concealment. I want you to use a period of three months to train them, and after that, have them infiltrate Jing Cheng and Huang Yao.”
    At first, Ru Yan was still somewhat disappointed when she heard Muyan’s words.
    See, if Yan Haotian can pick all the elite, those who emerged from a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood; and she can only pick some unremarkable people… wouldn’t they be immediately inferior in comparison?
    Yet the more she hears of it, the brighter Ru Yan’s eyes become.
    That’s because she already understands.
    The group of mercenaries that the young lady wants her to establish isn’t meant for fighting, but they’re meant to spy and gather intelligence.
    After realizing that, Ru Yan nods again and again, and listens carefully to Muyan’s instructions.
    The more she listens, the more she admires her Miss’ wisdom and foresight. 
    Moreover, for this specialist group to be formed, it all depends on whether or not there’s enough loyalty, and there’s not one bit of doubt on Ru Yan.
    Don’t forget just who Jun Muyan is.
    Not only is she the enchantress who can wrestle the life out of the King of Hell’s hands, she is also a godly apothecary that can refine miraculous draughts.
    When all that should be explained have been completely made clear,
    Muyan’s eyes sweep over to Fang Jingya, slowly saying: “This camp is called Enigma*, you will be the head, and Jingya will assist. I will cure Fang Jinya’s bodily injuries tonight, and at dawn tomorrow, you will take her to leave and prepare for your task.”
    “Yes, Miss!” Ru Yan leaves pleased.
    And Fang Jingya puts on proper clothes, and respectfully kneels towards Muyan in ceremony, “The Lady has given the grace of a new lease of life, Jingya will never forget this even as my teeth fall out. I will definitely go through water and tread on fire to serve my lady.”
    Muyan’s mouth quirks up. She slightly narrows her eyes and says: “Rest assured, I will certainly let you see your enemy’s miserable end.”
    “Be it the Xuan Medical Pavilion that brought a calamity to your entire Fang family, or Deng Hongfeng himself!”
    But what Muyan didn’t expect is that before she could move against Deng Hongfeng,
    Deng Hongfeng is already plotting against the Junji Medical Center.
    Due to Muyan’s reputation getting bigger and bigger, there’s now a large number of doctors who are splitting their heads, wanting to get into the establishment – compared to previously when those doctors don’t want to receive it’s offer to have them work there.
    That’s because, if they work in the Junji Medical Center, they might be able to see with their own eyes the transcendent medical skills of that “Enchantress” and increase their knowledge.
    And since Muyan herself is busy with so many things,
    She ultimately chose a few with solid medical skills and honest characters to sit on the hall.
    Not everyone who come to the Junji Medical Center is terminally ill.
    These doctors are more than enough to treat common illnesses, so even if Muyan only treats a small number of patients every day, it doesn’t affect the Junji Medical Center’s popularity.
    On this day, the medical center is open for business as usual.
    People come and go, and it’s unusually lively.
    Suddenly, not far from the doctor in charge, a woman’s scream could be heard.
    “Husband, husband, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me!”
    Hearing her cries, everyone looks over.
    They see a beautiful married woman supporting the figure of a tall middle-aged man.
    That middle-aged man’s complexion is pale. He coughs up some blood, sways unsteadily, and collapses to the floor.
    “Husband! Husband!” the beautiful woman’s voice becomes even more anxious, “Doctor, quickly come and see my husband. Didn’t you just say that my husband’s injury isn’t serious and it only needs a few stitches?”
*”Heaven’s intentions” is the closest translation but doesn’t really fit, as it is a reference to “the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed”. Let’s just say “Enigma”.

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  3. Lame so it’s one of these plots that’s been seem a million times. Also she waste a so much cultivation time, shouldn’t she be absorbing more spiritual energy


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