EMHS – ch244

Chapter 244: Randomly Scribbling?
    As it turns out, Yanyan is doing this for him.
    Not only to acquire the Dragon Bone Grass and the Smelted Marrow Flower for him,
    But also to give him faith.
    Yanyan is telling him: she can easily pass the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s senior doctor examination, so naturally, it’s not a problem to treat his leg injury.
    Shen Jinglin slightly lowers his eyes. He takes a deep breath, letting the warm wetness in his eyes retreat.
    In this life, the most fortunate thing about him is that he has Yanyan as a sister.
   The second floor of the Xuan Medical Pavilion is a place dedicated for written exams.
    It’s divided into three areas: Primary, Intermediate, and Senior.
    In the Primary and Intermediate areas, there are doctors going in and out to take the exam every now and then.
    But there isn’t a single shadow on the Senior’s area.
    The examiner who’s in charge of proctoring the exam is sprawled on the desk, sleeping soundly.
    Muyan walks over to that examiner and lightly taps on the table.
    “Who’s being so noisy?” the examiner wipes the drool off his beard, impatiently saying, “If you want to take the exam, go left, walk till you reach it.”
    “I’m sorry to bother, I want to take the examination for senior doctors.”
    The crisp and sweet-sound voice finally pulls back some of the the examiner’s consciousness.
    He skeptically looks up. As soon as he sees that young, poetic and picturesque appearance of Muyan, he can’t help but snicker, “Where did this little miss come from, do you know what a senior doctor is? Go, go, go, quickly go to the side and cool off, don’t disturb this uncle’s sleep.”
    Muyan doesn’t have a faint smile as she hands over her application form, “I’m here to take the Senior Doctors’ examination.”
    The long-bearded examiner takes the paper and takes a look at its seal. He furrows his brows, “Do you have the seal of an Intermediate Doctor?”
    The examiner’s complexion turns darker, “Primary Doctor?”
    “Also no.”
    He gets furious, “You still dare…”
    “What? Does the Xuan Medical Pavilion have a provision that one cannot directly apply for the senior doctors’ assessment?” Muyan lifts her brows, “That being the case, in accordance to the provision during application, repay me ten times the gold coins for registration.”
    The examiner’s face immediately goes stiff.
    The Xuan Medical Pavilion receives gold coins to preside over the doctors’ assessment, and it’s doctor’s seal is also acknowledge by everyone in the Yanwu Continent.
    But if they approve of the profile after a review, and then refuse to let the doctor take the examination,
    They have to give a refund that’s ten times the registration fee.
    It must be known that the registration fee to take the senior doctors’ exam is not a small amount.
    “Very well, I would like to see what kind of result you, a little girl who hasn’t completely grown her hair, would have after checking the test!”
    The Senior Doctor’s examination room, which had been quiet for many years, becomes brightly lit.
    The questionnaire is already prepared and ready.
    The one who made it is Yanwu Continent’s famous Godly Doctor, Qian Qing.
    All the examiners of Tianyuan City’s Xuan Medical Pavilion had taken a look at the questions inside, but no one could answer it completely.
    No, there are only a few who could answer even half of it.
    The long-bearded examiner who had been drowsy just a moment ago, is now glaring with bright eyes at Muyan, who is sitting not far away.
    Humph, he’d like to take a look!
    How could an 18 or 19-year-old little girl answer the questions that these examiners couldn’t. 
    Half an hour has gone by, and Muyan has a natural expression as she’s wielding the pen like it’s flying. There is no trace of hesitation or nervousness on her face.
    The long-bearded examiner’s heart begins to beat like a drum.
    Could it be that she can really come up with the answers to those questions?
    Or maybe she is simply pretending to be calm and collected, and just randomly scribbling?
    No! How could she possibly come up with the answers, it’s definitely just random scribbles!
    Although he’s thinking like this, he still couldn’t help but approach with every step, wanting to take a look at what Muyan had written.
    Just when the examiner’s head is stretched forward for a peek, 
    There’s suddenly a thud.

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