EMHS – ch242

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Chapter 242: Inhumane
    Shen Jinglin simply doesn’t dare believe it, that the younger brother who once seemed honest and gentle, would actually have such a vicious and unkind aspect.
    He charges over, knocking against Zhao Chunming first, then he stumbles down to help Fang Jingya to get up from the ground.
    “Jingya, let’s go, I’ll take you to treat your injuries!”
    At this time, Fang Jingya has blood all across her face, her appearance is unspeakably miserable and wretched.
    As Shen Jinglin helps her up, he accidentally lifts her sleeves.
    He sees that her there are green and purple bruises all over her fair skin.
    This is simply… simply too horrible to look at!
    “These… these are all from that beast’s beatings?!!” Shen Jinglin bellows in disbelief.
    But Fang Jingya just cries, crying while shaking her head. She struggles out from the arm that he’s using to support her, “Shen-brother, I’m fine, don’t worry about me and quickly go, hurry up and go!”
    Shen Jinglin’s chest is heaving up and down from anger.
    He and Fang Jingya could also be considered as childhood sweethearts, and once had ambiguous sentiments in their hearts. After Fang Jingya married Zhao Chunming however, it has already faded away and disappeared without a trace.
    There’s no ambiguous friendship, but that doesn’t mean that he can just look on unfeelingly, as the little girl that he had watched growing up falls to such a fate.
    It’s at this moment that they hear Zhao Chunming’s cold and resentful voice from behind them.
    “You pair of adulterers, still dare to say that there isn’t anything illicit!”
    Shen Jinglin is caught off guard as he feels a sharp pain from behind him. He is already getting kicked down to the ground.
    Fang Jingya sees that Zhao Chunming wants to start on Shen Jinglin, so she immediately cries and throws herself over, holding him back by his thigh, “Don’t fight, please don’t fight. I’ll go back with you, I wouldn’t wander around anymore, please?”
    Zhao Chunming grabs her hair, pulling up to force her to lift her face as she cries out in pain.
    He raises his hand and ruthlessly slaps her face several times.
    Fang Jingya’s pale features immediately swell up.
    Tears of despair mix along with the blood from her mouth and flows down. It’s incredibly tragic.
    Shen Jinglin struggles to stand up, “Zhao Chunming, don’t you have any humanity?!”
    His whole body is trembling from anger, “In the first place, weren’t you the one who was so desperately asking Fang Jingya to marry you? Why is it that after you’ve taken her back as your wife, this is how you treat her?”
    “She is my woman, I believe that however I treat her is my freedom!”
    Zhao Chunming snorts, “Why, you want her? Hahaha, why don’t you ask this bitch if she wants to go with you?”
    Saying that, he tightens his hand on Fang Jingya’s hair, “Why don’t you hurry up and tell your old sweetheart whether or not you want to go with him? As long as you say that you want to, how about I let you go?”
    Shen Jinglin frowns: “Jingya, don’t be afraid of him. As long as you want to break away from this beast, no matter what or who you want to leave, Shen-brother will stand by you!”
    Fang Jingya’s body is like a weak willow in the wind, unable to stop herself from shaking.
    But in the end, she slowly closes her eyes. Tears roll down her red and swollen cheeks.
    “Shen-brother, don’t worry about me. Marry a chicken, follow the chicken; marry a dog, follow the dog*. Since I’ve already married this man, this is just my fate. You… just quickly leave!”
  • The idiom is still less insulting to the man, as it’s directed to ‘teach’ the woman, instead of berating the man for being a chicken or a dog.
    Her trembling voice is choking with sobs, boundless sorrow and despair within it.
    Hearing what she said, Zhao Chunming bursts out laughing, “Shen Jinglin, didn’t you hear, even your old sweetheart is also turning her back on you. Now that you’re a useless person, she doesn’t want you, hahaha!”
    Afterwards, he cruelly drags Fang Jingya by her hair and directly leaves.
    He’s still being foul-mouthed as he walks, “You fickle bitch, next time, if I see you fool around and consort with another man again, see if I won’t skin you alive!” 

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3 thoughts on “EMHS – ch242

  1. I doubt the b*****d ever loved her..
    He most likely only married her to humiliate her because she only looked at Shen Jingling and not his oh-so-awesome self, and to humiliate Shen Jingling by taking his beloved right in front of his eyes, while he was able to do nothing about it..


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